October 26, 2015

Announcing the #DontTellRob Sale!

Rob has gone missing!

Well not really. Our faithful Munzee President Rob Vardeman is just taking a much needed vacation and left the rest of us in charge. So while Rob is away, MHQ will play! The power has gone to our heads though, and we’ve decided to have a #DontTellRob sale in the Munzee store all week. Starting NOW until Saturday at midnight MHQ Time we’ll have exclusive sales on a variety of items. Get to the store now, before Rob finds out!

flatbobFlat Rob Pins

Flat Bob had his fun masquerading around for Eventzee, but now Flat Rob is taking his rightful place on the Munzee map. Flat Rob pins will be virtual munzees available for $5 in the online store until Saturday at 23:59 MHQ time. Once they’re gone, they won’t be available for purchase until Rob leaves again- and he doesn’t do that very often!

These unique virts can be deployed anywhere without having to worry about proximity to other types of munzees. Proximity rules will be in effect regarding other Flat Rob pins (i.e. 50ft between other players’ deploys). These munzees will earn you 19 points for deploy and a 76 point split for capture and cap-on. You’ll also get a badge for capping or deploying a Flat Rob.

There’s a slight catch, though. Flat Rob pins can only be deployed and captured while Rob is out of the office (vacations, Munzee events, holidays, etc). So make sure you deploy these pins before Saturday. These will count toward personal streaks and can be capped by a blast cap.

Be sure to share your Flat Rob location on social media and include the #DontTellRob hashtag as well. So let’s see Flat Rob all across the map until the real Rob gets back on Saturday!

These are available for purchase and will be visible on the map until 23:59 MHQ time on Saturday, October 31st.


Hot off the heels of the Family Jewels Badge we have a Jewel Credit Pack available in the store for $15. These four jewel credits would normally cost you $21- so it’s like getting an Amethyst for free! Who could pass up that offer? 

This includes:

  • 1 Diamond credit
  • 1 Ruby credit
  • 1 Aquamarine credit
  • 1 Amethyst credit.

This is available until 23:59 MHQ time on Saturday, October 31st.

Blast_720 (1)Blast Off

Starting today you will be credited a free Blast Capture for spending $50 or more in the Munzee store. So bombs away!

This is available until 23:59 MHQ time on Saturday, October 31st.

Surprise Sacks

Starting Wednesday Oct. 28th at 09:00 MHQ time, randomized Virtual Grab Bags will be available in the Munzee store. These grab bags will be $15 for a minimum of $20 value. 

Items that they may include are:

  • Blast Captures
  • Virtual Colors
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Jewels (Diamond, Ruby, Aquamarine, Amethyst)
  • Socials
  • Secure Socials
  • Rovers

To top it off, random purchases will be chosen to receive Double Grab Bags which feature double the goods!

This is available until 23:59 MHQ time on Saturday, October 31st.

So get to the store and remember, #DontTellRob! Let’s give him a nice surprise when he comes back from a week of rest and relaxation!


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October 22, 2015

The Future Is Now!

Well October 21st has come and gone. Still no self lacing shoes (yet!), no flying cars, and the Cubs won’t be winning the world series… But, we did have hover boards! For one gleaming day, hover boards were a reality in the Munzee world, and you guys went out and got them! During the 48 hours in which it was October 21st throughout the world, players captured 87,116 hover board icons!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize Rob Steer and the Back to the Future Day event he hosted in Shepparton, Australia. The badge for capturing the hover board icons was a variation on the badge our designers created for his event.

To everyone who participated in Back to the Future Day events over the past few days, thank you! We hope you all enjoyed the special. We’ve got more exciting things coming!

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October 19, 2015

Back to the Future Day Special

On October 21, 1985, Dr. Emmett Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer Parker travelled forward in time using Doc’s (slightly) modified DeLorean DMC-12 to October 21, 2015 in an attempt save Marty’s son. We may still be waiting for Jaws 5-19, flying cars, and barcode license plates, but Back to the Future 2 did get some things right. October 21, 2015 is a day people have been waiting on for decades. Now that it’s finally arriving, we’ve got to celebrate accordingly.

Hoverboard128From 7am CST on October 20th to 7am CST on October 22nd, every greenie on the map will be a Hover board…er… Munzee Board.. icon. That’s fun and all, but we wanted to take it a step further. During this time period, you will able to go back in time, so to speak, and recapture any of these icons for the same points as the original greenies. Essentially, you will be able to recapture any greenies you’ve captured before!

As with any munzee, you cannot capture one you’ve deployed. These icons will be able to be captured by more than one player so you don’t have to worry about being the first person to capture them. So get your Flux Capacitors ready, and go back in time!

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October 17, 2015

Munzee Videocast Episode 37: We’re Baaaaaaaaack

The Munzee Videocast is back, and this is Episode 37!

You can also re-watch the videocast HERE.
This videocast we talked about:

  • General Updates About the Videocast
  • MHQ Bash 2015
  • Our 5th Birthday
  • Munzee 3.0
  • Personal Munzees
  • Back to the Future Day
  • A New Special Leak
  • Holiday Events
  • Zee Ops

Though we won’t be doing weekly videocasts, we will update you before the next videocast so you can interact with us, ask questions and see us stumble over our words! To learn more follow us on Google +.

We’ve also created a NEW WEBPAGE strictly for the Videocast. Here you can watch the past and present podcasts anytime and it also allows downloads to iTunes! If you’d like to subscribe to the Munzee Podcast on iTunes go to File > Subscribe to Podcast > enter If you want to interact live with the Videocasts and ask questions, you will still need to join us on our Google+ page.

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October 15, 2015

Videocasts? Well…

Rob is going to be on Episode 116 of Caching in the NorthWest tonight from 11-11:30pm CST! Make sure you tune in at the link below as he talks about Munzee 3.0.

On another note, the Munzee Videocast is starting back up (with a few changes). Tune in tomorrow at 2:00pm CST to find out what’s going on!

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October 15, 2015

Personal Munzees

The time has arrived! Personal Munzees are now available through several of our authorized resellers. Read more about the Personal Munzee here before you purchase and find an authorized reseller here.

We remind you not to buy any product from anyone other than authorized resellers to ensure Munzee quality and official products.

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October 14, 2015

Email issues

Over the past 48 hours we’ve had some issues with our email client. We are working to figure this out. If you have a pressing need or you’ve already sent an email and have not received a response please visit for an updated email list. This will allow you to directly email the appropriate department. We hope to have the issue resolved soon. This has effected all outgoing email as well; clan, nearby deployed, daily email, etc.

Thanks for your patience as we work it out.

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October 13, 2015

Munzee Referral Codes

Growing the map doesn’t only mean deploying munzees. Getting other people interested and out playing is a huge part of growing our game. As an incentive to get others involved, we’re introducing a referral program. If a player with less than 10 captures scans your referral code, you’ll immediately be awarded 10 points and they’ll be awarded 50 points to get them going. If they continue to play, you’ll receive 10 points again with every 100 caps of the introduced player.

To learn more about the referral program and to see your referral code, visit and get started!

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September 30, 2015

Goodbye September!

September is leaving us in just a few hours so we wanted to remind you of a few things that are leaving the Munzee game as well.

  • The old app. Wave farewell to the 2.x version of the Munzee app. On October 1st, it will be disabled, and Munzee will only exist in the 3.0 app. Read more about the reasons in our previous blog post.
  • Mystery Virtual Munzees. Adios to this fun item. It is retiring to make way for fun, new products in the future. Don’t worry, the current MVM will always remain in play and so will those in your undeployed list. A limited number will remain in the store until October 1st.

October Clan Wars center around the Munzee family jewels. Get your hands on some jewels to deploy today. Also, don’t forget about our clan transfer market if you are interested in finding a new clan or filling your current clan.

MHQ Bash 2015 and MHQ EuroBash 2015 are going on during the October 9-11 weekend. In honor of the Bash taking place in the UK, a VERY limited number of emerald pins will be sold today at 3:30pm MHQ time. They will appear in the store at this link. Limited to 1 per player. Check the calendar for any other local events you might be interested in attending. Also, don’t forget about the special Christmas events during the month of December.

We’ve got a lot more things coming soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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Clan Wars header

September 28, 2015

October Clan Requirements

Looking to join a clan? Check out our clan market.

Level 1: Individual members must each capture 1 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees. Combined clan must capture 20 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees. 1000 minimum clan points *combined.
Reward: 1 Aquamarine Munzee

Level 2: Individual members must each capture 5 of any type of Family Jewel Munzees (combine any types together). Combined clan must capture 100 of any type of Family Jewel Munzees. 7000 minimum clan points combined.
Reward: 2 Mace Munzees, 2 Virtual Munzees, 1 Aquamarine Munzee

Level 3: Individual members must each capture 15 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees (combine any types together). Combined clan must capture 250 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees. 35000 minimum clan points combined.
Reward: 3 Longsword Munzees, 2 Diamond Munzees, 2 Aquamarine Munzees, 1 Virtual Munzee

Level 4: Individual members must each capture 30 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees (combine any types together). Combined clan must capture 450 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees. 75000 minimum clan points combined.
Reward: 4 Mace Munzees, 3 Longsword Munzees, 2 Battle Axe Munzees, 2 Diamond Munzees, 2 Aquamarine Munzees, 1 Hammer Munzee, 1 Ruby Munzee

Level 5: Individual members must each capture 50 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees (combine any types together). Combined clan must capture 700 of any type of the Family Jewel Munzees. 100000 minimum clan points combined.
Reward: 1 Hammer Munzee, 1 Amethyst Munzee, 1 Battle Axe Munzee, 2 Longsword Munzees, 2 Ruby Munzees, 3 Diamond Munzees, 4 Mace Munzees, 5 Aquamarine Munzees

If you need a refresher on the types of Family Jewels, you can go to for more information.

* Total clan points are from ALL activity during the month on ANY munzee type. This is cumulative from all 10 members.

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