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October 14, 2014

Podcast Episode 33: Video Killed the Podcast Star

This week on the Munzee Podcast we talk about the Munzee Munch pellets and ghostzees, discuss the future of videocasting the podcast and talk about Haunted Hotels arriving tomorrow morning.

This week’s topics:

  • The arrival of the Munzee Munch.
  • Looking back on the Videocast and what to expect next.
  • Haunted Hotels launch tomorrow (Oct 15 at 10am CST) — NOT a limited supply so there is NO NEED to set your alarms.  Find all the information on the blog and in the help manual.  Details: $4 each, premium members only.


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October 10, 2014

Munzee Videocast Details

Today we’re testing the first Munzee Videocast on Google Hangouts On Air and we want YOU to join us! Starting at 2 PM MHQ Time we’ll be answering your questions about Munzee. You don’t have to have a Google+ account to watch via the Youtube link, but if you want to interact and ask us questions you’ll have to sign up. Learn more about Google+ Hangouts HERE.

To simply watch the videocast go to:

To interact with Google+ follow this link:

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October 9, 2014

Munzee Player of the Week: Adam Moritz (ActMoritz)

Munzee encourages our players to get outside and explore to find Munzees. The combination of technology and exercise is perfect for anyone, but we especially love to see families join together and Munz. Whether your children play a lot or a little, or your wife encourages your Munzee fandom, the family that Munzees together stays together. Family man and Early Bird Adam Moritz (ActMoritz) may not live in the most populated Munzee area, but he works hard to get his family moving and in turn grow the map. This week’s Player of the Week is a shining example of Munzee and we’re proud to have his family as part of our community!

908718_10151879790758228_421229760_nWho are you?
ActMoritz but, most people call me Stud Muffin!!! Others people call me Adam Moritz

Where in the world do you live?   
Just past BFE on the corner of Nowheresville right next to Carman Santiago and Waldo. In the Booming town of Longview, MO with a population of 4 Munzees, 3 of witch are mine.

How long have you played Munzee?
Since the beginning of time!! All 3 years got the badge to prove it! Early bird baby…

How did you find Munzee? 
At an event “TNT” introduced me way back when the app SUCKED (:-P Rob). I capped like 5 at the event and didn’t play again till the same event a year later then I got hooked!! The app was 100X more gooder!


What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
That they are everywhere and that it’s super easy to play. But, mostly the COMPETITION of competing with friends mostly made through Munzee. This is kids odd as I HATE sports and I am not usually competitive. My Wife finds it funny how obsessed I get if someone passes me or I get close to someone. Making friends that I am closer to than most of my family.

1900047_10152152583020067_1258173558_nWhat is on your wish list?
Number one on my list would have to be leveling up after 100!! Ability to change your username at least once. (That ones for my wife ;-) Rob)

Tell us about yourself!
I am pretty awesome, or so they tell me, and I love long walks on the beach. I love traveling as one could probably tell by looking at my Munzee account.  I am a steel building detailer and own a small sign shop on the side. I have two boys that are nothing but trouble (they might get that from their momma;-))  several of you guys have probably met them. The oldest loves Munzee the youngest not so much he would rather go hiking and hunt for one of those treasure box GPS game things. Been married to the most smoking hot, beautiful, amazing, and successful woman in the world for 12 years. She Munzees (that’s pretty hot itself) a little. But, I think just to make me happy and pretty sure she really only likes the VM’s and MVM’s.


Other hobbies include?
I may maybe a little obsessed with my hobbies! ;-) Saltwater and Reef aquariums!! Reptiles snakes and lizards, Scuba, Custom show trucks, Hunting, fishing and I little thing called Munzee.hobbies

 ActMoritz was kind enough to share his social, so cap away!


If you know a player that should be nominated for Munzee Player of the Week, shoot us a message at and let us know just why this person is outstanding in the global Munzee community!

-Please note, this is a super active campaign. We may not be able to get back to everyone, but you’re helping to grow the list of amazing people in the Munzee community!

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October 2, 2014

Munzee Player of the Week: Judy Matras (doggonefun)

Munzee is a worldwide scavenger hunt. Emphasis on the word “world.” We see players travel far and wide to play munzee and we’re proud to say many of our players are world travelers, which takes our game to even greater levels. Be it by planes, trains or automobiles, our players will do whatever it takes to munzee at their destination. This week’s Player of the Week isn’t afraid to have her pilot husband fly her to her munzee destination and hopefully soon she’ll make it abroad for an all new Munzee experience. Read on to learn more about Man’s Munzee’s Best Friend Judy Matras AKA doggonefun.

doggonefun1Who are you?
I’m doggonefun otherwise known as Judy Matras.

Where in the world do you live?   
I live in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia is primarily a college town, Go Gamecocks! The fanbase for college sports in the southeast US is as passionate as football in Germany.

How long have you played Munzee?  
Since November, 2012.

How did you find Munzee?  
My BFF SpriritDogs showed me the app. She said “Check this out…” I said “But there are only 6 in our area…” She said “uh huh… just wait…” I blame her for my addiction to the game.

doggonefun3What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
This was the hardest question to answer since there are so many things I love about Munzee. I love playing Munzee for “a cause” such as the Ronald McDonald House or Munzember.  I love the international fellowship and the player community. I love my clans and the fun we share. I’ve made many friends through this game. I love that I can play for 5 minutes or play for several hours. I love that it gets me out and moving.

What is on your wish list?
I asked for a custom Rover with a border collie head, but Rob has already vetoed this. I would like to have a locationless mystery munzee social. A visit abroad is high on my bucket list. I also wish my BFF would upgrade her old “smart” phone so she can resume game play with me.

doggonepilotTell us about yourself!
I enjoy games. Card games, board games, GPS games, you name it. I love dogs and dog training. I compete in the sport of dog agility. My goal is to compete at the national level. I work full-time so I can enjoy my hobbies. My husband (doggonepilot) often indulges my enthusiasm for Munzee. Especially if he has the opportunity to fly us from point to point.

Other hobbies include;
Reading, dabbling in creative stuff like painting and photography, outdoor recreation including boating, biking and kayaking.

doggonefun was kind enough to share her social, so cap away!


If you know a player that should be nominated for Munzee Player of the Week, shoot us a message at and let us know just why this person is outstanding in the global Munzee community!

-Please note, this is a super active campaign. We may not be able to get back to everyone, but you’re helping to grow the list of amazing people in the Munzee community!

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September 30, 2014

Podcast Episode 31: Eventzee lands soon, Ghosts will haunt the map and Clan Wars are looking green.

Coming off a long weekend Team Munzee discusses the MHQ Bash, announce our terrestrial new app Eventzee and hint at some ghastly October game specials.

This week’s topics:

1. MHQ Bash Wrap-up

2. Eventzee – The new app, powered by Munzee

3. Clan Wars

4. New Subscription Service

5. Some hints about October specials

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September 18, 2014

Munzee Player of the Week: David Berenguer (xptwo)

We may limit it to Player of the WEEK, but Munzee could easily make a Player of the Day, Hour, Minute, etc. Our players show a unique combination of dedication and togetherness that makes our game so lucky. Whether it’s banding together for Clan Wars or helping out new players via social media, Munzee players continue to impress. This week’s POTW is David Berenguer (xptwo) and he is a prime example of a rookie player turned coach. When he first started his fellow players helped him figure out the game and now he has turned around and done the same. As we grow the map we also grow the experience of Munzee and it is players like David that exemplify the success of Munzee’s player camaraderie. Read on to learn more about xptwo!

DandL 20140228Who are you?
My name is David Berenguer. My Munzee user name is xptwo.

Where in the world do you live?
My wife, Lowell, and I live in Montgomery, Alabama, the capital of the state of Alabama.

How long have you played Munzee?
We signed up on August 30, 2011, using the same name as another hobby. While we did some playing for the first two years, we really got serious about Munzee in the fall of 2013. I decided to learn more about the hobby and discovered some folks on Facebook when I signed up for the “Happy Munzee” group. Ken and Tammy (KFL200 and TheRealGigi) were so gracious in providing advice. That led to the discovery of the Mustache garden in Franklin, Tennessee. While there, we met Tammy and Jay (ThePiedPiper), who helped us expand our horizons. Tammy and Jay helped us get into a clan in December, and it has been a fun ride since.

How did you find Munzee?Lowell and Tammy Nov 2013
A local friend and fellow cacher, strumminalong, told us about it. I decided to give it a try and signed up using the same joint name we used in another geolocation game. Though we had a joint account, I was the one more interested in Munzee and have been the primary user.

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
The people. Locally we started with strumminalong and OHail. In recent months others have gotten active in the hobby, and we have had joint runs from time to time. We really had a grand time at the Munzee event in Franklin, Tennessee, in April, 2014. A lot of the fun was meeting all the folks, including the fearless leader. The Worlds Collide event in St. Charles, Missouri, was another great time to meet wonderful folks.

Franklin Munzee Bash 2014

I have also really enjoyed interacting with others on several Facebook pages. It seems like most of the players are great folks who are really willing to help where they can, something I experienced when I was working on creating the Eastchase Garden here in Montgomery.

What is on your wish list?
Besides trying to figure out how to find the discipline to stay on a diet? It would be nice to see smaller mystery Munzees, either mini or the new one inch size Rob showed us in Franklin. I would also like to find out how the unicorn came to play such a large role on the Facebook pages!xptwo Franklin TN Nov 2013

Tell us about yourself!
We are retired and are very active in our church. I served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force. My last duty station was in Montgomery, and after I retired, we stayed here. I worked in other jobs before retiring for good a couple of years ago. I was born in New York, but finished growing up in Florida. After high school, I went to college in Tennessee and graduate school in Georgia before starting my Air Force career. Lowell and I met in graduate school. This year we celebrated our 44th anniversary.

Other hobbies include:
We still participate in other geolocation games, but I find myself preferring this one. Reading is also big for us. My most recent reads have been on history, which I enjoy.

David was kind enough to share his socials, so cap away!


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September 17, 2014

Introducing the Official Munzee Virtual Garden!


Inspired by the beautiful virtual gardens our players have grown across the map, Team Munzee is proud to announce the first official Munzee Virtual Garden! Located approximately 5 miles from MHQ, we hope for this to be a highlight when players visit us in McKinney, Texas. Like all of the other gardens out there we want our players to be a part of this monument, so Munzee is offering a very limited amount of pins in the store until supplies last.

For $10 you can be a part of this virtual garden, which will spell the word “Munzee” on the map. No work is necessary on your part to deploy this virtual pin, it will be assigned coordinates and deployed at time of purchase. You may edit the name and notes if you choose. LIMITED TO ONE PER PLAYER ACCOUNT.

When you purchase the Munzee Virtual Pin you get:

  • Limited Edition badge, only available to those who purchase a pin.
  • Points: 10 to owner on deploy. 10 to owner as residual on each cap. 10 to capper.
  • A limited edition pin permanently deployed automatically by Munzee on your account.

These pins will be very popular especially with the Garden’s proximity to MHQ and the upcoming Oktoberfest, so what if they all sell out? No worries, Munzee has plans for additional official gardens to be deployed all over the world in the coming months. More details soon. Team Munzee was so impressed with the unofficial virtual gardens built by players that we simply wanted one of our own. Unofficial gardens are greatly appreciated and will continue to be an integral part of the overall game. This is intended as a nod to the creativity of our players in an official manner.

Oh and before we forget, this garden will also serve as the introduction of a new shimmering pin you’ll only find somewhere over the rainbow. Remember, you’re not in Kansas anymore…









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September 16, 2014

Podcast Episode 29: Greenie Schmidt Apple

In this episode of the podcast we revel in the glory of the greenie, update the upcoming German-esque MHQ Bash, and take a bite out of Apple’s NFC announcement.

This week’s topics:

1. The New iPhones: What they mean for Munzee

2. MHQ Bash, again: Updates for the event next week

3. Clan Wars: Clans hitting 1+ Million points, and hints for next month

4. We get off topic and talk about food and the good ol’ days

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September 11, 2014

Munzee Player of the Week: Markus Gillgen (zeusi)

Since it’s inception, Munzee has been about conquering goals and reaching new heights (sometimes literally). Munzee and our players have proven time and time again that we are limitless and with every achievement a new standard has been set. This week’s Player of the Week really has had an excellent week. Markus Gilligen (zeusi) is currently living up to his mythological username as he has become the first Munzee player to reach 2 million points! We know this strike of lightning is far more than coincidence and zeusi will continue to wow, so read on to learn more about Markus!

meandtherobbrothersWho are you?

My name is Markus Gillgen aka zeusi.

Where in the world do you live?

I live in Bonn, Germany, the former capital. That is 25km south of Cologne, one of the biggest Munzee hot spots around.

How long have you played Munzee?

I started playing in June 2012, so that’s more than 800 days now, but I was too late for the “early bird” Badge. We traveled some kilometers for a handful of greenies, 100 points was an amazing day score. Then the birthday cakes popped onto the map and or score exploded to over 1.000 points… yeah!

How did you find Munzee?

We played another Scavenger game like many other players did and found a blue plate with “Mystery ?” on it while searching the stash of a mystery cache. I thought I had found it and looked for log book, but found none. Made a picture and we continued our journey. Home again we looked at the picture and googled “munzee mystery” since we expected a new log solution or another step in solving the mystery.

We found the Webpage and installed the App on the same evening. A guy named Louboey deployed a lot of greenies around the place where we live so we went out to capture one of his stickers. Some days later we started with our first deploys in our homezone.

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

There are many things that I enjoy, but here’s a selection :

I love the fund raising charity actions like Movember, RMH and ALS. The idea is really awesome and I supported all three charities. And not to forget: Munzee is unique and your deployment work is honored in points, the more you do, the more points you get day by day. Brilliant.

Being a team player it’s wonderful for me to be part of a clan, one of the best things Munzee established were the clan battles. We have a wonderful clan with great team spirit, from CW#1 till now.

And last but not least : 2014 my friend Robje64 and me hosted the 2nd European Munzee Event with more than 100 players in Cologne and CoachV and Dafi87 were our special guests – that was soooo awesome and everybody had a lot of fun. RobV was under siege from the first second. Everybody wanted to scan, take selfies, and touch him to see if he’s real – just like a pop star. That spirit was unbelievable. Thanks for being part of it!

outintheparkWhat is on your wish list?

Since I love badges, definitely badges for blasts (20,50, 250) and the Clan War medals should be switched to badges soon.

I’d love to get credits right out of the App via Paypal or InApp purchasing & to see the amount I have left for blasts.

A “repair overview” filter on the map would be nice to see my own “yellows” not to miss them.

And if you could extend the Early Bird Badge counter by let’s say 50 days – wonderful :)

Tell us about yourself!

I’m 42 years old, married and we have four kids, all of us are active players with dedicated accounts. We found lots of friends and mates over several different countries. That is so amazing. I like to walk, but I need a target. With Munzee I walk a lot to move from code to code. I got my first Fitbit device two years ago and was very happy about the cooperation and integration of Fitbit. I love being out to grow the map!!!

I was addicted since the map around my hometown started to grow and my family and I deployed a lot in Bonn and Cologne and many other spots. Before we decide a destination for holidays we look first, if there are enough Munzees on the way or at the destination. And I have always some stickers with me :)

Other hobbies include:

Yes, there is time for other hobbies: family, time with the dogs, collecting and painting Warhammer fantasy miniatures with the kids.

Markus was kind enough to share his socials, so cap away!

777days 2miopoints

If you know a player that should be nominated for Munzee Player of the Week, shoot us a message at and let us know just why this person is outstanding in the global Munzee community!

-Please note, this is a super active campaign. We may not be able to get back to everyone, but you’re helping to grow the list of amazing people in the Munzee community!

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September 8, 2014

Meet Munzee Munday: TJ Ogroske

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing members of Team Munzee so our players can get to know us a bit better. So each Munday (see what we did there?) check in to see a new member of Team Munzee and you decide if you trust the game in our hands. This week we highlight a man of few words who keeps the cogs of the Munzee machine moving. It’s Munzee VP of Operations TJ Ogroske!

photo(1)Name and Title:
TJ Ogroske
VP of Operations and Marketing

Where are you from?
Perham, MN

How did you find Munzee?
The one and only… Rob Vardeman.

photo(2)How long have you worked for Munzee?
1 Year

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
How Munzee brings people together.  It promotes such a great sense of community, the people are great.  Also the Munzee virtual gardens and the virtual art, it is so cool opening up the map to see all the art!  I really wish there was one that we could do here at MHQ! (Editor’s Note: Interesting idea… more on that soon!)


Famous last words?
I try not to talk too much (Editor’s Note: We can tell) however I am so very impressed by the outreach of our player community.  It absolutely amazes me how much effort is given to the charity events and the amount of money that is given.  One day we will raise over $100,000 and even $1 million dollars, even though every dollar amazes me!  A big thank you to all the players from the bottom of my heart!



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