December 2, 2016

Player of the Week: Tharon Knoetze (AdventureTharon)

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. This week’s Player of the Week is Tharon Knoetze (AdventureTharon).

Who are you?

I’m Tharon Knoetze, known as AdventureTharon. I wanted a name connected with the other passion/hobby I have, my motorcycle, an 1150 BMW Adventure.

Where in the world do you live?
In Dunedin – New Zealand,  the second-largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the principal city of the Otago region (so I’m more “down under” than Australia)

Also, I’m pleased to say that I had the opportunity to meet the king and queen of Munzee, Marie (Hunnies) and Tim (dt07751), and was able to catch-up with them while they were on a trip here.


How long have you played Munzee?
I started playing the game in August 2011.

How did you find Munzee?
I’ve been an avid cacher since before getting hooked on Munzee and had several caches hidden around the area I live in. Whilst on a finding spree, I discovered a QR code on the inside of a container lid. I took down the webpage that was printed below the QR code and couldn’t wait to get home to see what this is all about.  This scavenger hunt sounded like a lot of fun, and I was in any way looking for an excuse to upgrade my cell phone to a smartphone.  The more caps I got the more hooked I became..

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
Well, it has taken me to places that I have never visited before. Since I started playing, I have found munzees on a holiday in Sydney, Melbourne and 6 different States in the USA.

I’ve had my fair share of 20 hour days (ranging from very cold, snow covered days, to very hot 105F days) to get my Winner, First Loser, Lucky 7, and 100k Day badges.

I have also gotten to meet Matt along with Scott at Munzee HQ whilst visiting McKinney on our USA trip in 2016. The photo of me in the featured image with them was taken in the shop whilst stocking up and moaning and groaning about sizes of the t-shirts (LOL).

I am a member of a clan —Creed.  We all enjoy the game, but with no pressure

I enjoy deploying munzees as well and as I’m the only active player in my region at the moment I have to travel a 400km round trip to deploy so most of the time these days I concentrate on deploying virtual munzees as it’s easier for me to put it out quicker than wait a month to do the trip to Southland.  I do love to support special munzees especially the ones for a very valuable and good cause e.g. Breast Cancer Ribbon etc.  ( The alarm setting for 2am in the morning to get at least a special munzee in the shop does not always work out and I miss the time frames ..) And I also appreciate fellow munzee’ers sharing their info on gardens in other parts of the world as I do love supporting those gardens too.

It’s also a fun and easy game to play and suitable for all ages. I really like being in the outdoors, and it’s great to meet players from other parts of the country and the world.

What is on your wish list?
Well I’m way passed my 1000 days, almost at 2000 days and am a member of the Millionaire Club, so next target must be to double those numbers. I enjoy the way Rob and his team keep coming up with new ideas to keep the game fresh, so I’m always looking out for their new challenges and it was fun helping with some translations into my mother tongue which took the game for me personally into a new direction, thank you Rob, appreciate.

I would like to see some of the other States in the USA, especially Florida where I could probably triple my points (LOL).  I would also like to recruit more players for the game as it is really a fun game with lots to do and to see especially once it’s grown on you and you are as passionate as I’ve become.

Tell us about yourself!
I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to New Zealand in 2006.   I’ve been in the South African Police Force for more than 20 years and the past 10 years in Dept. of Corrections as a Principle Corrections Officer.  I love to travel and although only having one weekend a month off, I make the most of it by travelling away from home for as far as the road can take me.  I also enjoy participating in an endurance motorcycle event that is held once a year in New Zealand, this year was my 7th year participating.  The past 3 years my planned holidays were overseas trips to Countries/Cities with plenty of Munzees to cap.  Work secondments sometimes keeps me absent from the game for longer periods than I would like to be.

Other hobbies include:
So besides Munzee, as mentioned before, I’m a keen motorcyclist and I also like tramping (hiking), and when time permits, I’ll try and find some caches or do  maintenance on my own caches. These all keep me pretty busy because time is a scarce commodity being full time employed.

Any last words?
A big thank you to my friends who put my name forward to be POTW, and of course to Munzee HQ for trying to keep the game entertaining. Finally, a thank you to all players that put out their munzees for me to find. MHQ, do not forget NZ!!!

AdventureTharon also included some socials, so cap away!

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December 1, 2016

Christmas Parties Are About to Begin!

‘Twas the month of December and planning was in full swing.
Holiday parties were starting, which made Louise sing.

The events were lined out, on the calendar for all to see.
If yours isn’t on there, submit it so others can join in on the glee.

Dodgy Jumpers were dusted off for their yearly wear.
The dodgiest of all earn a special badge for their flair.
Remember Hosts, to submit your best.
We want to award the winners who show the most fest.

Santa’s Sack was loaded to the brim with prizes,
For Hosts it’s just an extra $20 for rewards of all sizes.
It’s never too late to add in this present,
Just email Louise, because it’s money well spent.

So as we begin this glorious time of year,
Here’s a little sneak peak of a badge-worthy reindeer!

TRANSCRIPT (for those not rhyming inclined)

It’s December, let’s get the parties started!
We are so excited to see all the events on the calendar, we hope you’re all getting your Dodgy Jumpers ready!

Hosts please remember to submit your winner with their username and photo to Louise after the event and both the winner and the hosts will get the Dodgy Jumper 2016 badge.

We’re excited for you to see the prizes in Santa’s Sack too. Most events have that added extra ($20), but if you don’t and you’d like it please contact Louise.

It’s not too late to get your event on the calendar either: Just submit your event on!

Here (see above) is a sneaky preview of the Attendee badge that you will all get if you go to a Christmas Party this month!

Munzee on, and have fun!

Thank you,


Louise x

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November 30, 2016

Munzee 3.3 is Here!

Our development team is always working to improve Munzee and add new features. We’re proud to announce the release of Munzee 3.3! This update includes:

  • Multi Blast Support: When using Blast Captures, a pop up menu will appear asking how many blasts you would like to use. You can choose a number between 1 and 10. When you tap “Fire!”, a second pop up will appear asking you to confirm the number of munzees being blasted and the number of Blast Captures you will be using. You then have the choice to either use the blasts or not. This feature will automatically adjust to how many Blast Captures you have and how many blastable munzees there are. E.g. If you originally choose to use 3 Blast Captures, but there are only 125 blastable munzees within the mile radius, the app will automatically change the number of Blast Captures to 2.
  • In-app Quick Deploy: You can now long-press the capture button on the main map to pull up a list of virtual munzees to Quick Deploy. You can scroll through the pop-up list and choose a munzee you would like to deploy. Once you tap on the munzee of your choice, you will be taken to the normal deploy screens to edit information and location.

  • Improved Geolocation Handling
  • Updated Scanner
  • Reconstructed Tools View
  • Minor Fixes

The app has been pushed to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. If you don’t currently see an update, please be patient. There may be a delay in propagation to your area, but it is on the way! We hope you enjoy this new update!

Munzee on!

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November 29, 2016

Scheduled Maintenance This Thursday!

On Thursday (December 1st) at 10:00 MHQ time, we will be switching over to a new server with improved infrastructure and the ability to scale. While there should be no interruptions or down time, we want to you to be aware of this change. We will post on the Announcements page when the move begins and ends as well as if there are any known issues.

Thank you for understanding.

Munzee on!

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Clan Wars header

November 28, 2016

December Clan Requirements

Level 1

Individual Greenie Deploys: 2
Individual Greenie Caps: 10
Clan Total Deploys*: 35
Clan Total Caps*: 200

Rewards: 1 Mace, 2 Virtuals, 1 Color

Level 2

Individual Greenie Deploys: 4
Individual Greenie Caps: 20
Clan Total Deploys*: 75
Clan Total Caps*: 400

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 1 Virtual, 1 Ruby, 1 Color

Level 3

Individual Greenie Deploys: 6
Individual Greenie Caps: 30
Clan Total Deploys*: 125
Clan Total Caps*: 600

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Diamond, 1 Prize Wheel

Level 4

Individual Greenie Deploys: 8
Individual Greenie Caps: 40
Clan Total Deploys*: 200
Clan Total Caps*: 800

Rewards: 3 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Hotel, 1 Motel

Level 5

Individual Greenie Deploys: 10
Individual Greenie Caps: 50
Clan Total Deploys*: 300
Clan Total Caps*: 1000
Clan Total Event Indicator Captures: 1 — At least one player must capture ONE Event Indicator pin to earn Level 5

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 3 MVM, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Motel, 2 Hotel


No point requirements.

*Socials DO NOT count for Capture or Deploy Totals.

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November 25, 2016

Cyber MunzDay 2016!


Well, we finally wrangled that shadowy figure from the MHQ security tapes, and it was just in time for Cyber MunzDay! This Monday (November 28th) at 10:00 MHQ time, our Cyber MunzDay sales will go live for 24 hours until 10:00 MHQ time on Tuesday, November 29th! Without any further ado, here’s our lineup:

The Yeti


This mysterious, shadowy Mythological Munzee is finally stepping into the light now that the Ice Mystery Munzees have cooled down the map. The Yeti bounces on greenies and Ice Mystery Munzees. When capped on an Ice Mystery Munzee, it freezes the surrounding area.

There will be 1500 Yeti Mythologicals available. These are first come, first serve at 10:00 MHQ time. Unlike the Dragon and Leprechaun, there are no restrictions on purchase time in regards to previous ownership, i.e. it doesn’t matter if you already have any of the previous Mythologicals. Anyone can purchase a Yeti at the start of the sale. You may only purchase 1 Yeti per account, and they are $20.


Name: The Yeti


  • The Yeti Munzee bounces around on greenies and Ice Mystery Munzees every 12 hours or when captured. Each is numbered and owned by a Munzee player. Only 1 Yeti Munzee is allowed per player.


  • Deploy: 100
  • Capture: 100
  • CapOn: 100

Unicorns, Dragons, and Leprechauns

To match the 1500 Yetis, there will also be 250 Unicorns, Dragons, and Leprechauns available as well. Similarly to the Yeti sale, there will be no restrictions on purchase time in regards to ownership. You may only own 1 of each Mythological. They will be $20.

LandingPak ($30)

The LandingPak consists of:

  • 10 Shamrock Munzees
  • 10 Fire Mystery Munzees
  • 10 Ice Mystery Munzees

Munzee Grab Bag ($20)

The Munzee Grab Bag consists of:

  • 1 Munzee Bottle Opener
  • 1 Munzee Patch (1 of 5 styles)
  • 50 Assorted Munzee Stickers (game pieces)
  • 1 Die Cut Munzee Sticker (game piece)
  • 1 Die Cut Munzee Decal with Referral Code

BadgePak ($40)

The BadgePak consists of a collection of Munzees (Zodiac, Mini Mystery, etc) which, when all are deployed, can award over 10 Munzee badges.

JewelPak ($40)

The JewelPak consists of assorted Munzee Family Jewels (Diamonds, Rubies, etc).

Surplus MunzPak ($10)

Surplus MunzPaks from September and October will be available.

20% Off All Credits and Virtuals

25% Off All Physical Stickers

At 10:00 MHQ time, these products and deals can be found in the Munzee Online Store. Make sure to use that link to get the correct prices! Full details for each Pak will be available on the product page. Mythologicals will be available until they are sold out.

Monthly purchase limits for Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Prize Wheels, and Ice Mysteries will be reset and increased to 15 each.

Don’t miss out!

Munzee on!

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November 23, 2016

Featured Munzee Toolkit: Chris Fleming (Zork)

One of the best parts about Munzee is that you can play how you want. Everyone goes about playing a bit differently, and that leads to some very creative and innovative uses of objects. From containers to bags to maintenance, we always encounter something new when we meet players. We want to showcase your Munzee Toolkits to see how you play the game and possibly even inspire other players who may need help. This week’s featured Munzee Toolkit comes from Chris Fleming (Zork).

“Zork” from New Plymouth, New Zealand

What’s in your Munzee Toolkit?

  1. LEDs for Front Camera: Attaches into the headphone socket and can light up a munzee in a dark place while using the from camera. Enables you to see the Munzee on the screen when capping in dark places such as under park benches.
  2. Small AA Battery Drill: Useful for drilling into wood and attaching munzees with screws but small enough to carry in your pocket.
  3. High Quality Glue: Handy for attaching munzees to metal, wood, or concrete as well as for repairing munzees that are coming unstuck.
  4. Cable Ties and Loop Cables: Very handy for making dangler munzees. Quick and easy to attach to wire fences or tree branches.
  5. Power Packs: You always need extra power for your phone when on the trail for munzees. These keep you capping longer.img_3255
  6. Leatherman: Handy, tough, versatile. Be prepared for anything. An all-purpose tool for cutting, clamping, and repairing munzees and their attachments.
  7. Business Card Holder: Great for keeping your munzees all together and in their own compartments. Light and easy to carry.
  8. Special Munzees: Preprinted at home with their own icons. Makes for an interesting find to Munzee hunters. These are on metal and printed with the Dye Sublimation system.

If you have a Munzee Toolkit that you’d like to show off, you can email us at [email protected] with the subject “Munzee Toolkit”. Make sure to include:

  • Your username.
  • A few high quality photos.
  • A list of what each item is and how you use it.
  • What made you decide to use those items.
  • Any other relevant details.

We want to see your creativity and learn how you play. Show us what you’ve got!

Munzee on!

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November 22, 2016

Player of the Week: Annika Pedersen (Annika)

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. This week’s Player of the Week is Annika Pedersen (Annika).

15101938_994749250635693_808149177_oWho are you?

In both real life and Munzee, I’m Annika, and I was born Oct 1976 just in time to enjoy Halloween (if we had it here).

Where in the world do you live?
My postal address is in a small town in Denmark (33,000 in the country, 21,000 in the town).

In fact, the area is double the size of McKinney (where MHQ is located), but we only have 20% of the population. It’s located 60km from Copenhagen.

In my heart, I live in the whole world. My home is in a suitcase. Well… that’s where I feel my home is at least.

How long have you played Munzee?
My profile is almost 2,000 days old, and my first capture was November 2011. Then, Denmark had almost no munzees and I gave up/forgot it… I came back in spring 2013, and I’m still going strong.

How did you find Munzee?
Some other caching geeks mentioned Munzee on a Danish forum, and of course, I created a profile and looked around only to find nothing nearby. I wasn’t sure how to do it then, so…

My sister-in-law had just started in Spring 2013 when she was on a visit, and that’s what made me start again. In face, we are seeing each other much more now that before thanks to Munzee.

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
The thing I love most is that I can do it by myself. When I have my wheelchair wheel with helping motor (like the bike with batteries) on, I can drive around myself and cap/deploy without help. Well… some of them 😉 In out town, many/most of them are accessible with my selfie stick if I can’t get them without it.


Another thing Munzee has done for me is allow me to see many of my family members more. I hate to sit and drink coffee and just small talk when we are meeting, so getting out and doing something is great. Several (most) of us are in clans (not all in one, though! I don’t want a family clan!), so we can get out and work on our levels together 🙂 Clans are nice – they make you go on and continue.

What is on your wish list?
I love to travel, so I really wish Munzee could make some offline support. In Tokyo, Barcelona, Beijing, and Lisboa, I didn’t have internet – and wasn’t so smart then… so no munzees capped or deployed from me. In Europe, it started getting better, but it was pretty expensive to cross the borders or you have to find a local SIM card, activate it (in a language you don’t understand) etc.. pretty hard 😉

annika1Tell us about yourself!

Well, I’ve chosen to use my regular name as my Munzee name.

I have a disease called Morquio (or the long term is Mucopolysaccharidosis IV). So I look pretty different from “regular” people, BUT I’m lucky… I can use my brain, I can communicate (talk) and my arms work (most of the time). I started to sit for real in my wheelchair in about 2001. Until then, most of my life was walking.

Other hobbies include:
Other hobbies are one other GPS game…

I try to keep my hands on scrapbooking, but not with success all of the time :$ But I use some of my tools to create Munzee stickers and cut them out 😀

On some events, when I have energy and time, I also create gifts for participants (like the glass and houses).


Annika also included some socials, so cap away!

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November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Holiday Closure

We hope you are all enjoying the current Thanksgiving special. As you know, this Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US. MHQ will be closed Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th so that the staff can spend time with their friends and families. This may affect the following:

  • Shipping: Items ordered after Tuesday will be shipped on Monday, November 28th. This includes Munzee Online Store and Physical MunzPak purchases.
  • Response Times: While we try to be as quick as possible when responding to issues and questions, there may be a larger delay during this holiday.

We all have many things to be thankful for, and one of those is having and being a part of such a wonderful community.

Thank you for your understanding, and Munzee on!

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November 18, 2016

MHQ Bash 4 Dates

It’s only been a month since Lone Star Bash, but we’re already planning for MHQ Bash 4! While we don’t have full details quite yet, we do have the official dates for it.

MHQ Bash 4 will be taking place September 22-24, 2017 here in McKinney! We’re excited to continue this tradition and see players from around the world!

We will have more information regarding accommodations, schedules, packages, and everything else out soon. We can’t wait!

Munzee on!

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