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June 21, 2018

Hybrid MunzPak Badge

We’re happy to announce that there is now a badge for the new Hybrid MunzPak! Similar to the other MunzPak badges you can earn this by purchasing or subscribing to a Hybrid MunzPak from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

You can purchase a Hybrid MunzPak here:

The badge is retroactive, so if you have purchased a Hybrid MunzPak in the past you should have been awarded the badge.

Remember that you can also earn badges for purchasing Physical and Virtual MunzPaks as well. Each of the MunzPak subscriptions are delivered monthly and feature a variety of different game pieces.

Thank you all for your continued support! Munzee on!

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June 19, 2018

International Yoga Day Specials!

Are you ready to reach ultimate Zenlightenment? We are pleased to announce new Specials in connection with International Yoga Day on June 21st!

Now although we may not be your run of the mill yogis, and “Zenlightenment” is totally a made up word, Munzee is proud to promote health initiatives that better your mind, body and spirit. So starting at 00:01 MHQ on Wednesday June 20th 1,728 yoga pose icons will be on the map until Sunday June 24th at 23:59 MHQ.

There are four different Yoga Pose specials that will be on the map. 432 of each type will bounce on greenies every 6 hours or when captured.


  • Capture: 108
  • CapOn: 18

All four Yoga Pose specials will only land on greenies and will be attracted by Munzee Magnets. Each unique icon will count toward the Specials Hunters badge line as well. You can earn a badge for capturing one Yoga Pose special of any kind, but to reach true Zenlightenment you’ll have to capture at least one of each type.

Since you’ll be exercising your body by going out and capturing these specials, we also want to see you all take a moment to work on your mind and spirit.

Upload photos to social media practicing a yoga pose of any type for a chance to win Munzee Prizes! Simply take a photo performing the pose, then add the name of your pose, tag @Munzee and use #MunzeeMeditations and #YogaDay2018 to be eligible.

We’ll draw several names from each of our active social pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Winners will be drawn and announced next week!

The official theme for the 2018 International Yoga Day celebration, organized by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, is ‘Yoga for Peace.’ So in your Munzee Meditations think of peace, harmony and capping!

Good luck and Munzee on!

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June 18, 2018

Announcing Vesi and Pouch Creature Point Structure Update!

Whew, this Summer is heating up and we’re looking to cool down with Vesi, the water droplet Pouch Creature!

At 15:00 MHQ on June 19th a limited number of Vesi Pouch Creatures will be for sale in the Freeze Tag Online Store. You can read about the Vesi details below, but in another pre-birthday surprise we’re excited to announce that we have also updated the point structure for both Pouch Creatures! When Vesi goes on sale, all Tulis will also increase in *points. Tuli was an experiment, and will continue to be, so we hope this increase is just what players are looking for to help bring out Tulimber and Tuliferno more often!

That’s not all- we know Pouch Creatures can be a little shy, so all Tulis and Vesis will now also be attracted to physical Munzee Magnets as well! They will only be attracted as their Level 1 version though, so once they level up they won’t fall for any tricks!


The Pouch Creatures are based on items from our sister app, WallaBee. These creatures, while similar to Mythological Munzees in many respects, have some different qualities. The Vesi Pouch Creature Munzee will bounce on Greenies and Water Mystery Munzees every 6 hours or when capped. After 25 captures, however, the Vesi Pouch Creature Munzee will begin to level up.

To level up, a daily capture streak must be attained:

  • Level 1: 0-3 Days of Capture (Day 4 new level)
  • Level 2: 3-7 Days of Capture (Day 8 new level)
  • Level 3: 7+ Days of Capture

When the streak is broken, the Pouch Creature will revert to Level 1.

By leveling up a Vesi Pouch Creature Munzee, the points for the owner, capper, and host owner will increase:

Deploy: 250

  • Vesi (Level 1)
    • Capture: 200 points
    • CapOn: 100 Points
    • CapOn (Host Owner): 50 points
  • Vesial (Level 2)
    • Capture: 300 points
    • CapOn: 200 Points
    • CapOn (Host Owner): 50 points
  • Vesisaur (Level 3)
    • Capture: 500 points
    • CapOn: 300 points
    • CapOn (Host Owner): 50 points

For deploying a Vesi Pouch Creature Munzee, you will earn a deploy badge:

There are also three badges (nine total) for capturing each level of the Vesi Pouch Creature Munzee. Here are the first for each level:

There will be 1,000 Vesi Pouch Creature Munzees available for $20 in the Munzee Online Store TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 19th) at 15:00 MHQ time. These will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and there is a limit of 1 per account.

Fire Mystery and Water Mystery stickers will also be discounted at the time of this launch in order to attract your Tuli or Vesi!

We hope you enjoy the Vesi Pouch Creature Munzee!

*The Tuli update will apply to all activity moving forward as of June 19 at 15:00, not retroactive. Points will update to be the same as each of the 3 Vesi levels, and physical magnets will attract Level 1 Tuli.

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June 15, 2018

Announcing More Nomad Munzees!

Who said we had to wait until our Birthday to release some surprises? We’re excited to announce we have increased the number of Nomads bouncing across the world!

There are now 20 of each of the ever-elusive Nomad Munzee types.

These types include:

We also have another substantial update for the Nomads… you will now be able to cap them on your own Munzees! This has been a long requested feature, so hopefully this will increase your chance of finding one of these roaming rarities.

Remember that you can also earn badges for capturing Nomad Munzees, so always be on the lookout.

Remember your can see where the Nomads’ latest stop is on Good luck on your quest to find all of the Nomads and Munzee on!

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June 14, 2018

Freeze Tag HQ Birthday Event July 21 and New Emerald Garden!

Munzeers of the world,

Step right up and join the first official Munzee Birthday party supported at, near, and around Freeze Tag HeadQuarters in sunny Southern California. If you are able to join us in person we have quite a treat for you! Be sure to log your “Will Attend” on the calendar so we can be prepared for the crowds! We have several great things in store for you, and more still in the works!

  • Unique badge available only at this event!
  • Unique WallaBee item in game and physical stickers for your WallaBee Passport
  • FREE Sample ZeeTour available around the Irvine Regional Park
  • Eventzee Scavenger Hunt
  • Prizes, Snacks, and *ZOO animals
  • MHQ and FTHQ staff and the badges you get for meeting them in person!

If you aren’t able to join us in Irvine Regional Park it’s OK because we have opportunities for you as well. First we’ve created a spreadsheet to help build a virtual garden on site! If you have any spare MVM in your undeployed list please join us! If you have other types of virtuals and want to accumulate some cap on points, or just give players something more to cap, you can deploy nearby as well!

And finally, we want there to be plenty of opportunities for points so we’d like to welcome you to purchase an emerald in the brand new FTHQ emerald garden. Be sure to choose FTHQ Emerald in the drop down option! There is a limited quantity of these emeralds (one per account) and the office is less than 10 miles from the birthday event location. While there currently aren’t tours of the FTHQ office it is growing in popularity for deploys and you never know what the future holds!

We hope you choose to join us in person, or in virtual participation as we celebrate Munzee’s birthday for the first time at FTHQ!

Munzee On!

*Zoo animals are inside the OC Zoo and not actually part of the Munzee event but you get the picture 😉 In other words, you have to pay and visit the zoo to actually see zoo animals. It’s only $2 and Craig says it’s great! We’re not certified monkey (or lion) tamers, we only play them on Youtube.

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June 13, 2018

New Personal Tags and More!

It’s Father’s Day weekend in some parts of the world (including the US), and we’re kicking it off with some new Munzee store items any Dad would be happy to receive!

First off, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added new Personal Tags to the Online Store! While supplies last you can purchase two new Personal Tag designs, one featuring Places Munzee icons and another featuring a Father’s Day design, similar to the Mother’s Day tags we released last month.

These are printed on aluminum dog tags, and are available now for $10 each. Remember there is a very limited quantity of these personals, so you can only purchase one of each design per account. Get Your Personal Tags HERE.

What do unicorns call their father? “Pop” corn. 

Get it? Classic Dad Joke. We also have a new variety of “Myth Crossing” game pieces that are sure to keep your local Animal Control officers guessing. This fun play off of traditional animal crossing signs is sure to be a hoot for all fans of Dad Jokes. We have a limited supply of each 3 inch sticker featuring the original Mythological Munzees. Get your Myth Crossing stickers HERE.

What do fathers want more than neckties, joke books and personal tags? Flat Friends of course! Since Flat Robs, Flat Matts, and Flat Lous are all active this weekend we’ve decided to put them all for sale this weekend too! All three Flat Friends will go on sale Friday morning and will be available until Monday at 10:00 MHQ time. This is a great time to get them on the map since they will be active ALL MONTH LONG in JULY!

Celebrate Dads worldwide by adventuring outdoors and maybe playing some Munzee too! Good luck and Munzee On!

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June 12, 2018

Big news about Flats and Bonus points in July!

We know it’s a little early for July’s Flat Schedule, but we wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to prepare for the fun that our Birthday month will bring!

ALL Flats will be on the map for the entire month of JULY so we can celebrate at events all over the world. That’s not the only good news about July though, members of the team want to give you special cause to get out there and cap those Munzees!

Louise has a HUGE race on July 8th so *Flat Lous will be double points that day. July 29th is the conclusion of the Tour de France so she will also celebrate with double points on that day!

Matt and Rob are looking forward to celebrating some big “Round of 16” matches in the World Cup! Expect double points on *Flat Robs and *Flat Matts on July 1-3.

And finally, while Daniel Fischer isn’t Flat he is a proud German! Germany is a powerhouse in world football so he wants to get extra support for his team.

  • If Germany advances to the quarter-finals there will be quadruple points on all *greenie munzees on July 6-7.
  • If Germany advances to the semi-finals there will be double points on all *jewel munzees on July 10-11.
  • If Germany advances to the FINALS there will be double points on ALL *physical munzees on July 15.

*This will include capture, cap on, and deploy points*

We’ve still got a lot of surprises in store for July, so get ready for Zee Greatest Show On Earth! Don’t forget to visit to find a birthday event near you too, or get one added! Good luck and Munzee On!

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June 10, 2018

Birthday Event Artwork Update

Hello everyone! Wow, the response for birthday events in July has reached new levels! Trish’s time is almost completely filled for the entire month so we will be cutting off new artwork requests. There will be generic badge options available for events that continue to join the calendar. If you have pending requests they will be dealt with in the order received. Thanks for understanding and Munzee On!

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June 7, 2018

Under The Big Top- TX Birthday Bash Event

Come one come all for the Cirque Du Munz! Join our Texas offices next month for our Under The Big Top birthday celebration in North Texas.

On Saturday July 14th, 2018 at 10 AM the MHQ Staff will celebrate seven silly years at Celebration Park in Allen, TX. This park is a former MHQ Bash location and has continued to be a hotspot of Munzee activity so come ready to cap! When the flats are out this field is really covered!

The event will feature an awesome badge (featured below), some event goodies, circus themed snacks and more! You can also bet there might be some exclusive personals for sale.

Like a good sibling, WallaBee will also be supporting Munzee’s big birthday with a Unique and some spectacular Circus Set stickers! Be sure to bring your passport books. The Unique will be available worldwide, but a special variant will be available to those in attendance.

Be sure to go to and RSVP so we know how many to expect!

Stay tuned for more Birthday news in the coming weeks and Munzee on!

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June 6, 2018

“Eat. Sleep. Munzee.” Personals!

Howdy, everyone!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added “Eat. Sleep. Munzee.” Personals to the Online Store!

These are printed on aluminum dog tags, and are available now for $10 each. Remember that there is a very limited quantity of these personals, so you can only purchase one of each design per account.

Good luck and remember: Eat. Sleep. Munzee. #MunzeeOn

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