April 3, 2019

Blast From The Past Concludes with 00s Tags!

All good things must come to an end, and alas, we are concluding our Blast From The Past personal tags collection with the new millennium. The 50s, 60s70s80s, and 90s Munzee Personal tags have all enjoyed their stay in the Freeze Tag Online Store, and they have cleared out to welcome the 00s tags today at 15:00 MHQ time!

Can you believe that 2000 was already nineteen years ago?! Time really flies. You will have until April 10 at 15:00 MHQ time to pick up your 00s tag, which will end this nostalgic personal tags series with this off the chain conclusion. Remember to add your FREE Blast Capture to the cart with any Blast From The Past personal tag purchase.

In order to get the FREE Blast Cap, you’ll need to add both the Blast From The Past personal tag of your choice and a Blast Capture to your cart. No discount code is needed, but the discount will NOT be automatically added until both items are added to the cart. If you plan on buying more than one Blast From The Past tag and want more free Blast Caps, you will need add more to your cart for each tag purchase. Please note that this promo is only applicable to the Blast From The Past tags.

Like all of our personal tags, the 90s tag is made with sublimated images on metal to ensure for durability. (They can even survive the Y2K bug!) Let’s journey back to a simpler time when the pink Razr flip phone was the coolest phone on the market and everyone was chatting on AIM. Baby G watches were the dopest accessory to have, and we were all singing to Destiny’s Child. And of course, Myspace was all the rage! The 00s may not have had Munzee, but they were on the cusp of gaming greatness!

Be sure to pick up this wicked cool tag, and Munzee on!

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April 1, 2019

You’d Have to be a Fool to Miss These Specials…

Qu’est-ce que tu as fait aujourd’hui? Le train train? Ou un chose plus cool? Arrêtez! C’est le temps pour un surprise! MONTRE-MOI, tu dis? D’accord! Un peu de patience, mon ami…

Happy April Fools’ Day, or as the folks in France say, Poisson d’Avril! If you don’t have a flat fish to stick on someone’s back, don’t worry, because MHQ has got you covered with a Flat Fish special of your own! Quel bon chance!

Flat Fish 

Physical Flat Fish Munzee seasonal specials will be foolishly flopping around the map today at 11:11 MHQ time, so in a rare turn of events, you might want to make a wish that you end up an April Fools’ fish! Fortunately, if you don’t have a foolish first today you still have until 11:11 MHQ time on April 11 to enjoy this fishy special.

That Daniel Fischer surprised us with a whopping 401 fish flopping their way onto the map. However, much like a fish out of water, this special might just flop around when it comes to numbers deployed. Quel bordel! These Munzee Owned Bouncers (MOBs) will remain in place for four hours or when capped, whichever comes first, so you’re going to have to be a clever fisherman or woman to reel them in.


  • Cap: 100 points
  • Host: 44 points

These one-dimensional aquatic animals will be drawn to Greenies, Scatter Munzees, the new Urban Fit Munzees, and all five physical Mystery Munzee types (Regular, Ice, Water, Earth, and Fire). These flopping, flapping flat fish WILL be attracted to magnets, which you can pick up from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

There will be two badges to earn for reeling in this holiday special. The first badge will appear as follows:

Flat Fishing- Capture 1 Flat Fish

But wait- THERE’S MORE?!

Fish swim in schools after all, and it looks like our Flat Fish brought along a Red Herring for company.

Mon dieu! Beacoup des poissons! 

Red Herring 

This Virtual MOB will also remain in place for 4 hours or when capped, whichever comes first. There will be 0104 Red Herrings on the map to shake things up. These fishy fellows will be attracted to all color virtuals, as well as crossbows, because what better way to catch a fish than with a crossbow? C’est un blague!… je pense.


  • Cap: 100 points
  • CapOn: 44 points

Comme les autres poissons, the Red Herring WILL be attracted to magnets. The capture radius will be 300 feet, but these virtuals are NOT blastable. (Don’t cry, because fish can’t!!!) They will also be on the map from April 1 at 11:11 MHQ time until April 11 at 11:11 MHQ time unless Daniel Fischer feels like mixing things up.

There will also be two badges associated with capturing the Red Herring. The first will appear as follows:

Swimming Sleuth- Capture 1 Red Herring

Just remember…

We hope you have a foolishly fun time with this France-inspired April Fools’ Day. If you’d like to participate in Poisson d’Avril, we even have a Flat Fish PDF you can download, print out, and stick on your friends’ backs! What are friends for? You can also find a .PNG version below if you have trouble with the PDF.

When your friend discovers the fish taped to their back, be sure to shout “poisson d’avril!” as your friend has now become an “April fish” for falling for the prank. Share a picture of your successful shenanigans with the hashtags #FlatFish and #MunzeeOn and be sure to tag our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages! We would love to have some fishy fun to share. 🐟

Bon Poisson d’Avril, and Munzee on!


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April 1, 2019

Get Your April MunzPak Subscriptions!

Spring has sprung on the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s time to watch the world come to life! In honor of the season, two of our MunzPak subscriptions this month will contain the brand new Butterfly Evolutions!

MunzPak is our monthly subscription service that delivers munzees directly to your door. Each of our three MunzPak options contain a variety of munzees, including some new items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! The three different types of MunzPaks that you can subscribe to each month are as follows:

  • Physical MunzPak features blocks of generic stickers and pre-coded stickers including brand new munzees which can only be purchased through the subscription service. $~25 value for $15 each month.
  • Virtual MunzPak features a variety of virtual munzees that are automatically added to your account each month including Destination Munzees, Jewels, and more. $~40 value for $25 each month.
  • Hybrid MunzPak is the best of both worlds! Get both physical and virtual munzees including Places Munzees, Magnets, and more. $~30 value for $20.01 each month.

Is this your first month subscribing to MunzPak? You’ll have the chance to earn one-time badges for each type of pack. All you have to do is stop by the Freeze Tag Online Store and subscribe today!

Let’s check out what this month has in store…

April Physical MunzPak: 

Purchase HERE!

April Virtual MunzPak: 

Purchase HERE!

  • 3 Carnation Flower Evos
  • 2 Sapphire
  • 2 Air Mystery
  • 1 Flat Matt
  • 1 Flat Hammock
  • 2 Virtual Magnet

April Hybrid MunzPak:

Purchase HERE!

  • 25 Generic Stickers (sent via mail)
  • 1 Amethyst Virtual
  • 1 Carnation Virtual
  • 1 Virtual
  • 2 Lily Credits
  • 3 Butterfly Credits
  • 3 Zodiac Credits
  • 1 Magnet
  • 1 Virtual Magnet

Munzee on!

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March 31, 2019

Spring Awakens with New Butterfly Evolutions!

The announcement of a new Evolution Munzee so soon after our Flower Evolutions might seem like a classic case of April Fools. We promise it’s not! We mean it when we say it’s time to welcome spring (in Texas) with our brand new Butterfly Evolution series. These beautiful evolutions just can’t wait to grow their wings and fly into the game in a very unique way!

Butterfly Evolutions

Our Butterfly Evolutions have five stages, with a combination of physical and virtual. Stages 1-4 will be Physical, while Stage 5 evolves into a temporary POB. Stage 5 will bounce to Virtuals and Physicals. Dying to get your hands on our latest collection of evolution munzees? The Butterfly Evolutions will only be available via our April MunzPak subscriptions, the full contents of which will be revealed on April 1 at 10:00 MHQ time. Please note that if you buy a MunzPak before 00:01 MHQ on April 1, it will still contain March’s contents.

Like our Flower Evolutions, the stage timeline for the Butterfly Evolutions will be unique and not follow the classic structure of previous Evolution Munzees. It mirrors the actual life cycle of a butterfly!

  • Stage 1 to Stage 2: after 4 days
  • Stage 2 to Stage 3: after 14 days
  • Stage 3 to Stage 4: after 10 days
  • Stage 4 to Stage 5: permanent until reset to stage one

Stage 5 will exist for 42 days or 10 captures, whichever happens first, at which time the beautiful butterfly will be archived. This temporary Butterfly POB will stay in place for 8 hours or when captured and will not be able to be nudged. However, the Butterfly will be attracted to physical magnets on Greenies and virtual magnets on Rainbow Virtuals, so be sure to pick some up from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

The first four stages of the Butterfly Evolutions will be the same for all players. However, Stage 5 will have the option of emerging as one of three different butterfly species which can bounce to both Physicals and Virtuals. Please note that although the first four stages for each are the same, they will count as different special capture icons.

The stages include:

  • Stage 1: Butterfly Egg
  • Stage 2: Caterpillar
  • Stage 3: Chrysalis
  • Stage 4: Hatched Chrysalis
  • Stage 5: Butterfly

A temporary POB will be launched when the Evolution reaches Stage 4. The Chrysalis will become a Hatched Chrysalis and remain in place, while the Butterfly will be launched at the same time. It will “live” and bounce around for 42 days OR 10 captures, whichever happens first. Similar to POBs, the Butterfly Evolutions will be available for multi-capture only as a Butterfly (Stage 5). There will only be one capture allowed per stage for the first four stages.

This new line of munzees will fit into the overall Evolution Munzees category. Stages 1-4 will have a normal cap radius of 300 feet for Physical, while Stage 5 will have a cap radius of 500 feet. In adherence to our normal Proximity Rules, Stage 1 deploys must be 50 feet from any other type and 150 feet from own of any type. The Butterfly POB will be non-blastable. To access all five stages, you will need to turn on the “Physical” filter (for Stages 1-4), “Physical” and “Virtual” filters (for Stage 5), and “All Expiring Specials” Premium filter (for Stage 5).

An Evolution Reset Credit can be purchased to reset your Evolution back to Stage 1. If a Butterfly Evolution is reset, there is a chance it will evolve into a different species of butterfly at Stage 5 than it was before. Although you cannot capture a reset stage 1-4 if you have already captured the original, you CAN capture the final level of a reset. An easy way to know is if you see it on the map, you can cap it!


  • Stage 1: Cap: 50, CapOn: 30
  • Stage 2: Cap: 40, CapOn: 20
  • Stage 3: Cap: 45, CapOn: 25
  • Stage 4: Cap: 40, CapOn: 30
  • Stage 4: Cap: 150, CapOn: 50, Host CapOn: 50

There will also be 100 points per stage 1 Deploy. The Butterfly POB will be attracted to the following Landing Pads:

  • Stage 1-3 of Family and Field Evolutions Munzees
  • Stage 2 only for Peas, Carrot, Golden Carrot, Tomato, and Corn Evolution Munzees
  • Stage 3-5 for ALL Flower Evolution Munzees
  • Earth Mystery Munzees
  • Seasonal Munzees
  • Trail Stage 1 Munzees
  • Greenies
  • Rainbow Virtuals

The Butterfly Evolutions will count toward Evolution Capture and Deploy badges.

Are you ready to help a worm start a beautiful new life? April is certainly not the cruelest month when it comes to the Munzee Butterfly evolution series!

Munzee on!

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March 31, 2019

LegaZeeOps- Operation: Fire and Ice (April 2019)

Agents, ZeeOps HQ’s system has been hacked and all of our files on past missions have been erased! You’ll have to recreate past Operations in what we’re calling LegaZeeOps. It’s up to you to keep the legacy of this organization in tact. The missions for this month are the same that were originally available in April 2017’s Operations.

The Mean Green Gang is using Top Secret Fire and Ice technology to wreak havoc across the world and it’s up to you to stop them. Certain Missions this month will require you to capture and deploy Fire and Ice Mystery Munzees. Your success in stopping the Mean Green Gang’s continued attacks has caught the eye of a mysterious group known only as R.U.M. This group of authorized resellers will outfit you with everything you need, but it’s up to you to prove you’re worthy.

April 2019 ZeeOps Operations are now live and you can begin planning your Missions to start on the following day. You can plan your Operations at and purchase more ZeeCred in the Freeze Tag Online Store. Remember that if you hit a snag at any point in your Operation you can use the Mission Mulligan feature to keep going!

By completing any Operation this month you’ll earn the new* “LegaZeeOps- Operation: Fire and Ice” badge.

*All LegaZeeOps badges are different from the badge earned during the initial run of the month’s Operations. So players who earned the “Operation: Fire & Ice” badge can also earn the “LegaZeeOps- Operation: Fire & Ice” badge as well by completing an April 2019 Operation.

This month’s Missions are as follows:

Basic Training- 
Earn at least 500 points.
Defensive Training- Deploy at least 10 munzees.
Cargo Retrieval Training- Capture at least 20 munzees.
Hazardous Materials Training- Capture at least 1 Fire or Ice Mystery Munzee. NOTE that burning or frozen munzees will not count.
Tactical Preparedness Training- Capture at least 5 Mystery Munzees.

Group Training- 
Earn at least 500 cap-on points.
Arms Dealer Operations- Capture at least 5 RUMs of any type.
Frostbitten Flames- Capture at least 10 Fire and/or Ice Mystery Munzees. NOTE that burning or frozen munzees will not count.
Chill Out- Deploy at least 5 Ice Mystery Munzees. NOTE that scattered frozen munzees will not count. 
Virtual Surreality- 
Capture at least 100 virtual munzees of any type.

Advanced Training- 
Earn at least 10,000 points.
Hot And Cold- Capture at least 20 Fire and/or Ice Mystery Munzees. NOTE that burning or frozen munzees will not count.
From The Outside In- Deploy at least 50 greenies.
Shady Dealings- Capture at least one RUM from 5 different Resellers.
Virtual Virus- Capture at least 500 virtual munzees of any type.

Expert Training- 
Earn at least 50,000 points.
Reseller Redemption- Deploy at least 10 RUMs of any type.
A Unified Front- Capture at least 200 physical type munzees.
Fight Fire With Fire- Deploy at least 5 Fire Mystery Munzees and 5 Ice Mystery Munzees. NOTE that burning or frozen munzees will not count.
Watch The World Burn- Capture at least 10 Fire Mystery Munzees and at least 10 Ice Mystery Munzees. NOTE that burning or frozen munzees will not count.

Completing Operations will give you some hard earned rewards as well.

This month’s rewards are:

Basic Op
Rewards: 1 motel, 1 aquamarine, 2 virtuals and 2 virtual colors, with 5 ZeeCred

Advanced Op
Rewards: 1 motel, 1 hotel, 2 aquamarines, 2 Virtuals and 2 virtual colors, with 10 ZeeCred

Mega Op
Rewards: 1 motel, 1 hotel, 1 resort, 3 aquamarines, 1 surprise, 5 Virtuals and 5 virtual colors, with 25 ZeeCred

Ultra Op
Rewards: 2 motel, 2 hotel, 2 resort, 5 aquamarine, 2 surprise, 5 Virtuals and 5 virtual colors, with 50 ZeeCred

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…

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March 29, 2019

April Resolutions Badge Details Have Arrived!

Can you believe we’ve already completed a quarter of 2019? Our monthly Capture Streak Badges centered around a year of personal improvement have already brought us the resolution to eat healthy (January), make new friends (February), and explore new hobbies (March). This month we’re happy to introduce getting organized as out April Resolution!

Each month’s badge is dedicated to accomplishing a different New Year’s Resolution. Like our Super Streak badges, you will be awarded a badge if you capture at least one Munzee* each day for the entire month. Remember that each month is the chance to put your best foot forward, so if you’re new to the game or accidentally missed a day, there’s no time like the present to get started on your streaks!

Organize Your Life

Have you heard of the term “spring cleaning?” Even if you’re currently enjoying fall on the Southern Hemisphere, it can benefit your life greatly to join us folks on the Northern Hemisphere and get your life cleaned out and organized this spring.

Did you know that there are health benefits to being organized? Organization is linked to an increased boost in energy. Shake the midday slump with a quick desk organization. Having your personal and digital space in order can lead to a burst in energy. Organization can also lead to better eating habits! That’s right, organizational skills are linked to healthier eating. They can even potentially lower heart attack risks by getting people off their feet and moving!

Organization can also improve sleep habits, which are a critical component of overall health. Clutter can lead to an increase in stress which disrupts sleep time and quality. Give yourself the peace of minded needed to recharge and reboot by having your personal effects in order. Overall, organization is linked to a reduction in stress and an increase in happiness. So don’t forget to use your filters to organize everyone’s favorite game!

Munzee on!

* In order to encourage active gameplay we will not count Social Munzees for these capture streaks. If you know you’ll be in an area without munzees, plan ahead! 

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March 28, 2019

April 2019 Clan War Requirements Are Here!

Did you see your Clan name on the leaderboard for Clan Battle #72? If you weren’t able to achieve your desired level last month, allow Clan Battle #73 to be your time to shine! Clan Battle #73 will start on April 3 at 00:01 MHQ time, with requirements this month based on our new fitness initiative meant to get you out and moving!

If you want to join a new clan or are interested in joining a clan for the first time, you can use our Clan Randomizer button to find a spot. Be sure to act fast, because this option will only be available from 00:01 MHQ time April 1 through 23:59 MHQ time April 2. Scroll down to the end of the blog for a friendly reminder of our acronyms, such as MOB and POB.



  • Capture at least 1 MOB and 1 POB
  • At least 14 Physical captures
  • At least 28 TOTAL captures
  • Earn at least 4,500 points


  • Capture at least 56 MOBs and 56 POBs
  • At least 2 Urban Fit captures and/or deploys*
  • At least 280 Physical captures
  • At least 560 TOTAL captures
  • At least 100 TOTAL deploys
  • Earn at least 75,000 points.

Rewards: 1 Mace, 1 Crossbow, 1 Virtual, 1 Temporary Virtual PLUS an additional $5 in a new store credit to be launched during April**.



  • Capture at least 2 MOBs and 2 POBs
  • At least 28 Physical captures
  • At least 56 TOTAL captures
  • Earn at least 15,000 points


  • Capture at least 98 MOBs and 98 POBs
  • Have at least 20 Urban Fit captures and/or deploys
  • At least 420 Physical captures
  • At least 1400 TOTAL captures
  • At least 200 TOTAL deploys
  • Earn at least 225,000 points.

Rewards: 1 Longsword, 1 Catapult, 1 Sapphire, 1 Ruby PLUS an additional $10 in a new store credit to be launched during April.



  • Capture at least 5 MOBs and 5 POBs
  • At least 42 Physical captures
  • At least 140 TOTAL captures
  • Earn at least 27,500 points


  • Capture at least 140 MOBs and 140 POBs
  • Have at least 30 Urban Fit captures and/or deploys
  • At least 700 Physical captures
  • At least 2,800 TOTAL captures
  • At least 300 TOTAL deploys
  • Earn at least 450,000 points.

Rewards: 2 Longsword, 1 Crossbow, 1 Sapphire, 1 Diamond, 1 Motel PLUS an additional $15 in a new store credit to be launched during April.



  • Capture at least 7 MOBs and 7 POBs
  • At least 56 Physical captures
  • At least 210 TOTAL captures
  • Earn at least 45,000 points.


  • Capture at least 210 MOBs and 210 POBs
  • Have at least 50 Urban Fit captures and/or deploys
  • At least 840 Physical captures
  • At least 4,200 TOTAL captures
  • At least 400 TOTAL deploys
  • Earn at least 650,000 points.

Rewards: 1 Battle Axe, 2 Crossbow, 1 Catapult, 2 Sapphire, 2 Ruby PLUS an additional $25 in a new store credit to be launched during April.



  • Capture at least 10 MOBs and 10 POBs
  • At least 70 Physical captures
  • At least 336 TOTAL captures
  • Earn at least 60,000 points.


  • Capture at least 336 MOBs and 280 POBs
  • Have at least 75 Urban Fit captures and/or deploys*
  • At least 1,260 Physical captures
  • At least 7,500 TOTAL captures
  • At least 500 TOTAL deploys
  • Earn at least 775,000 points.

Rewards: 1 Hammer, 2 Longsword, 1 Crossbow, 1 Sapphire, 1 Flat Lou, 1 Prize Wheel PLUS an additional $30 in a new store credit to be launched during April.


There have also been rumors of a secret sixth level of Clan Wars! Do you have what it takes to reach the MYTH MASTERY level? We’re not going to tell exactly what the requirements are so you’ll just have to keep capping and deploying to find out!

Here’s a visual aide for this month’s Clan Requirements:

POB includes all Player Owned Bouncers

  • All Myths
  • All Pouch Creatures
  • All Fancy Flat Robs

MOB includes all Munzee Owned Bouncers

  • Any Global Grub icon
  • All Retiremyths
  • All nomads
  • Any other special bouncing icon that may appear (there will be at least one on the map EVERY day in April)

Points include Cap, Deploy, and CapOn.

Social and Personal will not count for Deploy requirements. Social will not count for Capture requirements.

*The new Urban Fit Munzees are available in the Freeze Tag Online Store as credits and available from Resellers in sticker form as well. Urban Fit credits will also appear as possible prizes for owners and for those who capture Prize Wheels beginning April 3. Don’t forget that all players with a Premium membership have also received two Urban Fit credits, so you may want to hold off on deploying those until Clan Wars begins!

**New store credit will be available to be used on many popular items in our online store.

Also, some of you may be concerned about your ability to reach higher levels in April. Have no fear, Rob is going to be live on Facebook to explain the reasoning behind some of the numbers! There is method behind his madness and he will reveal some of the amazing plans for April that will help you stretch to new levels! We will post the link to the video here if you aren’t able to join us live.

Prepare to battle! Munzee on!

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March 28, 2019

Urban Fit Munzees Gear Up to Race onto the Map!

The great sneaker vs. tennis shoe terminology debate on social media, may have seemed a bit random, but you should know better!  No, that wasn’t just MHQ having fun. When it comes to this multi-layered game, there’s always an agenda, so we’re happy to announce that the new Urban Fit Munzees will be ready to race this afternoon!

Urban Fit

This new type of munzee will go on sale this afternoon (March 28) at 15:00 MHQ time. The Freeze Tag Online Store will be selling physical credits, but authorized Resellers will also have a sticker version available for purchase. The credits will normally be priced at 5 for $5, but for today only they’re on sale for 5 for $4.50. Resellers will be selling packs of 10 stickers for $5, but stock will be limited so make sure you follow them on social media to know when they go live. Our store link will be live at 15:00.


  • Deploy: 50
  • Cap: 40
  • CapOn: 20

Deploy proximity will be 150 feet from all other Fit Munzees, all other normal proximity rules apply.

As an additional bonus, all Premium Accounts have been gifted with two courtesy Urban Fit credits at the time of launch. Clan members might want to hold off on deploying those just yet though…

Running Rewards COMING SOON

Need a BOOST to get moving? The Urban Fit munzee comes with a special feature that you can unlock very soon!

When 15 Urban Fitness Munzees are capped and/or deployed during an MHQ 24-hour day, the player will earn a 2x Physical Deploy Booster Credit*.

Remember our Pouch Creature friend the white ghost Hadavale? The Booster Credit will operate in a similar way; when activated you will become “positively charged” and receive double points on all physical Deploys for the next 120 minutes. This is for ALL types of physical munzees, for an entire two hours!  There’s one BIG differences though!

While capping Hadavale starts the two hours immediately, with a Booster Credit you can decide when you want it to begin. Players will be able to earn more than one Booster Credit a day each time they cap/deploy 15 Urban Fitness Munzees.

Please note that this booster credit will not be able to be used at the moment, but it will be stored and available for use in an upcoming app update. Again, you will still be able to earn these Booster Credits when capping/deploying Urban Fits TODAY, but you will not be able to use them just yet. You can see when you earn the credits in the usual location. We thank you for your patience, we promise this particular update is sure to be a great FIT.

Don’t say we didn’t give you motivation to get moving!


If Booster Credits aren’t enough to get your heart racing, we also have two new lines of Urban Fit badges for capturing and deploying these new munzees.  We won’t show you all of them just yet, but here are the first two you can start earning TODAY (after 3pm)!

Are you ready to hit the gym? Or maybe just a nice long walk and cap. It doesn’t matter if you call them sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, runners, joggesko, or anything else! Just slip them on, lace them up, and get active!

Munzee on!

*It is possible in the future that there could be different types of boosters earned from this product.
If you need more info watch for a video explanation from Rob on social media later today!


***The Urban Fit munzee will only be displayed on the map and filters in the NEW 4.0 version of the app. If you haven’t updated yet, now is the time!

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March 27, 2019

Blast From the Past 90s Tags Are Totally Dope!

If you’re wondering why it smells like Teen Spirit here at MHQ, it’s because our Blast From The Past personal tags series is reaching its final stretch with our 90s tag dropping in the Freeze Tag Online Store today at 15:00 MHQ time! The last four weeks have brought us the 50s, 60s70s, and 80s Munzee Personal tags, and our penultimate tag is ready to get crunk!

One might say the 90s personal tag is the bomb. (And that person would be correct.) 

Are you considering missing this personal tags sale? As if! The 90s personal tags will be in the store for exactly one week, available for purchase until Wednesday, April 3 at 15:00 MHQ time. At this point our final tag, the 00s tag, will bump it off the market. To save some cheddar, don’t forget to add your FREE Blast Capture to the cart with any Blast From The Past personal tag purchase.

In order to get the FREE Blast Cap, you’ll need to add both the Blast From The Past personal tag of your choice and a Blast Capture to your cart. No discount code is needed, but the discount will NOT be automatically added until both items are added to the cart. If you plan on buying more than one Blast From The Past tag and want more free Blast Caps, you will need add more to your cart for each tag purchase. Please note that this promo is only applicable to the Blast From The Past tags.

Like all of our personal tags, the 90s tag is made with sublimated images on metal to ensure for durability. You should get crunk about the dopest decade in time, which introduced the world to the glory of Dunkaroos, the Macarena, Beanie Babies, Nintendo 64, fanny packs, gel pens, Tamagotchis, AOL, Discman, Lisa Frank, slap bracelets, Pokemon cards, and pretty much everything that mattered! (Except for Munzee… you’d have to wait until 2011 for that.)

Pick up a tag to relive the freshest decade in time! Honestly the only thing more fly than these tags is this photo of Rob from the 90s!

Back before the baseball cap

Boo ya! And Munzee on!

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March 27, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: 20 Capping Tips for New Players

Last week we shared 20 deploy tips brought to you by fellow Munzee players. This week we’re happy to share 20 capping tips also shared by player suggestions. Have any helpful tips that you’d like to share with new players? E-mail us at to share your ideas! And be sure to share these blogs with new players, as well as have them scan your referral code.

This article’s theme is capping tips! “Capture,” “Cap,” or “Capping” are all terms we use for earning points from a munzee, which is either done by scanning a QR code on a Physical Munzee or by standing within the appropriate circumference to capture a Virtual Munzee. Remember you can purchase munzees for other players to capture, which will allow you to earn “CapOn” points, in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Here is what fellow players had to say about capping mistakes, tips, and tricks:

Tip #1: Always read the details of the munzee, including the about screen, history, and even the photos screen. These areas will usually have helpful information about the specific munzee that you’re trying to capture. (dgas71)

Tip #2: Take a black pen with you. It might help if you colour in the large black squares in the QR code if you can’t scan an old munzee! (Appeltje32)

Tip #3: Create a “Munzee bag” with wipes (munzees stick better in clean spots), extra munzees to deploy, water, a charging device, selfie stick, etc. You can carry this bag around with you while capping to always have the essential on hand. (thefoods)

Tip #4: For those living in areas that get a lot of snow, get a selfie stick. Selfie sticks will help you reach those munzees that are four feet away without having to climb through snow banks. It also helps you reach munzees deployed a little to high to reach. (SpiritTree)

Tip #5: In the winter months, invest in either electronic friendly gloves or a cheep pack of styluses to keep you from having to take your gloves off while capping. (Geodude)

Tip #6: Be prepared with water, sunscreen, generics, and referral cards before you set off to cap! (Jellybean88)

Tip #7: When Munzeeing, always remember to “slip, slop, slap” (wear plenty of sunblock) when playing during the daylight hours. You’ll regret it if you don’t and you end up sunburnt. (prmarks1391)

Tip #8: When walking and capping, consider wearing a safety vest. Not only do you look safe, but it will also make it appear as though you belong where you are. This will help it look less suspicious when you are capping random objects. (godspeed1074)

Tip #9: Carry alcohol prep pads with you while capping. They work great to get recently painted-over munzees clean so you can cap them. (TK7464)

Tip #10: If your GPS doesn’t show the position where you are and it isn’t refreshing, start another GPS app such as GPS Status. If that still doesn’t help, kill the app and start again. ( GeoLog81)

Tip #11: Invest in a Premium Membership! It really helps with captures. (newbee)

Tip #12: When capping, deploy a munzee near your car so that you can find it when you are done. Sometimes your munzee nose can lead you further and further away from where you started. (Godspeed1074)

Tip #13: Always carry a backup battery or charger, and make sure your phone is fully charged. (snakelips)

Tip #14: When you intentionally drive to an area to spend time capping Munzees, park near a munzee if possible, but don’t cap it until you are ready to leave. Use that pin to keep track of where you parked your vehicle (especially if you are doing a clean sweep of munzees). Knowing how far you’ve wandered from the munzee you parked near will allow you to estimate how long it will take to get back to your car! (Anitaz)

Tip #15: If you can’t reach a munzee, use the zoom (pinch out) to magnify the image a bit. (thefoods)

Tip #16: Hold down on the globe to realign the map so north is up! (danielle41101)

Tip #17: Use the satellite view on the map! It can give hints as to what light pole, sign, fence post. etc. the munzee is deployed at. This is very helpful if there are only vague hints provided. (Buckeyecacher111)

Tip #18: If you don’t see the munzee right at the listed coordinates, check some other locations nearby. Perhaps the hint is incorrect; i.e. the munzee is really on a green box, but the hint said “LP” for lamp post instead. There may be several of the hint all clustered together, so be sure to check them all. (5Star)

Tip #19: Remember to refresh the map if you scan any Elemental munzees. This is not the end of the fun! A new bonuses munzee has just appeared in your area! (Lumen)

Tip #20: Plan road trips so you can munzees along the highway. This makes the trip go a lot faster! However, don’t drive and cap! (Bowlr)

For more Munzee Tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and keep a lookout on the updates we’re doing on the Munzee Help Manual. A big thanks goes out to all players who shared their tips! Munzee may be complex, but there are always players ready to help decipher everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt.

Munzee on!

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