January 11, 2017

Evolution Munzee Badges

We released the first Evolution Munzees in October. Since then, new sets have entered the game, and we have plenty more planned for the future. With these things in mind, we are ready to introduce Evolution Munzee badges!

There are two lines of Evolution Munzee Badges: capture and deploy.


The capture line for Evolution Munzees includes three badges: Book Checkout, Book Shelf, and Library Card. These are for capturing all stages of one, five, and ten types of Evolution Munzees, respectively.

The capture badges will show on the badge page with a null image until earned:


The deploy line for Evolution Munzees includes three badges as well: Beaker, Safety Equipment, and Microscope. These are for deploying 1, 25, and 50 physical AND/OR virtual Evolution Munzees, respectively.

The deploy badges are hidden badges and will not show until awarded.

These badges ARE retroactive and will begin awarding TOMORROW, January 12th.

We hope you enjoy!

Munzee on!

December 21, 2016

Introducing the Myth Wrangler Badge!

For over a year now our players have travelled the world in search of the mythological munzees, capturing Unicorns, Leprechauns, Dragons and Yetis. While many have captured all four, an even rarer feat will now be awarded: The Myth Wrangler Badge.

This badge is for the best of the best who can capture all 4 Mythological Munzees in one day- based on MHQ time. A collection like this isn’t easy to come by, but we know you will persevere!

This badge IS retroactive and will begin awarding at 00:01 MHQ time TOMORROW (December 22).

We hope you enjoy this new badge!

Munzee on!

December 14, 2016

Capture and Deploy Badge Lines for Flat Robs

It’s been just over a year since Flat Rob stopped masquerading as Flat Bob and took his place on the Munzee map. With all of his travels, Flat Rob picked up some new clothing and means of transportation, and he’s ready to show them off with some new badge lines. We’re happy to announce that there will new Capture and Deploy lines for Flat Robs!


There are four badges in the Capture line for Flat Robs:

  1. Zee Air – Capture one Flat Rob.
  2. S.S. Zee – Capture 250 Flat Robs.
  3. R.Zee: Capture 1000 Flat Robs.
  4. ZEEnith: Capture 5000 Flat Robs.


There are four badges in the Deploy line for Flat Robs:

  1. Flat Rob: Deploy 1 Flat Rob.
  2. Cold Rob: Deploy 5 Flat Robs.
  3. Beach Rob: Deploy 10 Flat Robs.
  4. Tux Rob: Deploy 25 Flat Robs.

These badges ARE retroactive and will begin awarding at 10:00 MHQ time TOMORROW (December 15th).

Also, Flat Robs will be on the map starting Friday (December 16th) at 06:00 MHQ time through Sunday, December 18th at 23:59 MHQ time.

We hope you enjoy these new badges!

Munzee on!


November 17, 2016

Ice Mystery Munzee Badges

When we released the Ice Mystery Munzees, we said badges would be released shortly. Well, the time has come! There are three lines of badges for Ice Mystery Munzees: Deploy, Capture, and Getting Frozen.


There are two badges for deploying Ice Mystery Munzees: Igloo Builder and Castle Constructor. These are for deploying 1 and 5 Ice Mystery Munzees, respectively.


There are three badges for capping Ice Mystery Munzees: Ice Pick, Ice Crusher, and Breaking Through. These are for capping 1, 100, and 250 Ice Mystery Munzees, respectively.

Getting Frozen

There are three badges for getting frozen: Frost Bite, Big Freeze, and Ice-Solated. These are for getting frozen 1, 25, and 100 times, respectively.

All of these badges will begin awarding tomorrow (Friday, November 18th) at 00:01 MHQ time. These badges ARE retroactive.

Have fun, and Munzee on!

November 10, 2016

Badges for Personal Munzees

We’ve been in the process of designing and coding quite a few new badges recently, and now, we have another line to premiere! Badges for capturing Personal Munzees are here!

There are three new badges for capturing 10, 50, and 150 Personal Munzees, respectively:

These badges will begin awarding tomorrow, November 11th and ARE retroactive.

We hope you enjoy!

Munzee on!


September 8, 2016

New Badge Suggestions

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been adding quite a few new badges recently, both new lines and extensions. We are always looking for new ways to expand the collection of badges that can be earned while playing Munzee. We never want to limit the ideas to our own, though, so we’d like to get input from you.

If you have an idea for a new badge, line of badges, or extension to a current line of badges, we’ve opened up a Google Form so that you can share them with us. All you have to do is submit a name (this doesn’t have to be a thought out name, but more of an idea of what the badge is related to) and description. The more similar ideas we receive, the more likely they’ll turn into a full fledged badge! Keep in mind, we do currently have more badges in the works.

Let’s see what you can come up with!

Munzee on!

September 7, 2016

New RUM Badges

Land ho! While you’re sailing the high seas and getting a taste of the RUMs, you have to fly banners of your conquests. Now, you can.

We’ve added a new line of badges for the Reseller Unique Munzees to accompany the current lines. These badges are awarded for deploying 5 RUMs from 1, 3, and 5 unique resellers. These badges ARE retroactive, and will appear in game the morning of September 8th and forward.

Earn your flags, and have fun!

Munzee on!

August 31, 2016

Pi Badge and Extension

Update: Correction to the badges being retroactive. They ARE retroactive.

The “Easy as Pi” badge is a very interesting badge that often requires planning and careful watching of your daily score. As the game has grown and evolved, longer iterations of Pi have shown up as scores. So, we’ve decided to make some changes to the Pi badge.

The current Pi Badge will be retired effective tomorrow, September 1st (you can earn it today). It will be replaced with a line of badges for earning 314, 3141, and 31415 points in one day, based on MHQ hours 00:01 to 23:59 (CST). These badges ARE retroactive.

We hope you enjoy!

Munzee on!

August 24, 2016

More New Badges: Overall and Daily Leaderboard Extensions

We mentioned in our last post regarding badges that more were on their way. Well now, they’re here! We’ve extended the Overall Leaderboard line and the Daily Leaderboard line! Now you have something new to aim for!

Overall Leaderboard

In addition to the King/Queen of the World, Top 10, 50, and 100 badges, we’ve added the Top 500, Top 1000, and Top 2000 badges! Earn these by moving up the ladder into the correct position! THESE BADGES ARE NOT RETROACTIVE!

Daily Leaderboard

Winner or First Loser. Lucky or Unlucky. Daily Leaderboard badges are fun to attempt, and now, there are more. We’ve added Blackjack, The Meaning of Life, Halfway, and The Final Spot! THESE BADGES ARE NOT RETROACTIVE!

These badges will be released TOMORROW, August 25th.

We hope you enjoy these new badges! We’ve got plenty more on the way!

Munzee on!

August 18, 2016

Resort, RUM, and Recycle Badges!

Badges are a large part of Munzee, and we love adding new and exciting ones to be earned. As you may have noticed, we launched five new badge lines this morning. These lines are for Virtual Resorts, RUMs, and Recycle Icons.

Virtual Resorts

Two lines of badges have been added for Virtual Resorts: one for capture and one for deploy. Each line currently has three badges associated with it and can be found along with Motel and Hotel badges in the app and on the website.

The badges in the capture line are awarded for renting a room in 25, 75, and 100 Virtual Resorts, respectively.

The badges in the deploy line are awarded for owning and deploying 5, 25, and 50 Virtual Resorts, respectively.


Capture and deploy lines have also been added for the Reseller Unique Munzees (RUMs). There are also three badges in each of these lines.

The badges in the capture line are awarded for capturing 5, 10, and 25 RUMs, respectively.

The badges in the deploy line are for deploying 1, 5, and 10 RUMs, respectively.

There’s more in the works for RUM badges, so keep an eye out.

Recycle Icons

Last, but not certainly not least, we’ve added a line for the Recycle Special. These badges are for capturing 1, 50, and 100 Recycle Icons, respectively.

These have been just the beginning of new badges and lines to come. We’re excited to unveil them soon!

Munzee on!