Clan Wars

February 22, 2017

ZeeOps begin March 1st!

Agent, it’s up to you to go undercover and save the day.

At long last we are proud to announce the creation of ZeeOps- single player campaign missions to complete for rewards. These Operations work much like individual Clan Wars, but feature a variety of Mission levels. Missions range in difficulty and require a variety of Munzee skills.

ZeeOps will officially go live on March 1st at 10:00 MHQ Time and you can begin your missions on March 2nd.

To learn more about ZeeOps check out our campaign page at or the FAQs page.

More “How To” information will be released in the coming days through debriefings leading up to the launch of the Operations Dashboard. This dashboard will be where you can plan out your Operations and Missions each month. Currently there are four different Operation lengths each including varying levels of Missions. You’ll schedule out your Missions for each Operation in advance so prepare accordingly.

Whether it’s taking out members of the Mean Green Gang or acquiring rare gems and jewels it’s up to you to complete the Missions in the required amount of time. New sets of covert Operations are released monthly so schedule your time wisely.

To start ZeeOps you’ll have to earn ZeeCred. The cost of the ZeeOp depends on the duration of that Operation. Starting March 1st you’ll be able to purchase ZeeCred in the Munzee Online Store and you’ll also earn more by completing Operations. All Premium members will be awarded 50 ZeeCred on March 1st as well so make sure your membership is renewed at

In connection with the release of ZeeOps we’re also pleased to announce that 007 700 specials will be on the map to help you take your first steps toward becoming an agent. These ZeeOp icon specials will launch at 00:01 MHQ time on Thursday, February 23rd and end at 23:59 MHQ time on Sunday, March 5th. The specials will bounce on greenies every six hours or when capped and both capper and owner will earn points and extra ZeeCred. You’ll also earn the limited edition Operation: Launch badge for capturing one of these specials.

  • Capture: 20 points + 5 ZeeCred
  • CapOn: 10 points + 5 ZeeCred

You can view the number of ZeeCred you have earned on the FAQs page.

ZeeOps is a long time coming (more than a few thousand hours) and all of MHQ is super excited to give our players even more ways to play. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and as always be on the lookout for updates and new features in the future. Get ready for March 1st- Director Zee is counting on you!

To learn more about ZeeOps check out our campaign page at or the FAQs page.

January 28, 2017

February Clan Requirements

Level 1:
Individual Points: 1,000
Individual Deploys*: 5
Clan Total Points: 15,000

Rewards: 1 Mace, 1 Ruby, 1 Virtual Color

Level 2:
Individual Points: 3,500
Individual Deploys*: 15
Individual Capture Points from Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Diamonds, Topaz, or Aquamarines: 150
Clan Total Points: 37,500

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 Ruby, 1 MVM, 1 Diamond, 1 Virtual Color

Level 3:
Individual Points: 7,500
Individual Deploys*: 25
Individual Capture Points from Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Diamonds, Topaz, or Aquamarines: 300
Clan Total Points: 85,000

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 Ruby, 2 MVM, 1 Diamond, 1 Longsword, 1 RPS, 1 Aqua

Level 4:
Individual Points: 13,000
Individual Deploys*: 35
Individual Capture Points from Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Diamonds, Topaz, or Aquamarines: 500
Clan Total Points: 150,000

Rewards: 3 Ruby, 2 MVM, 2 Diamonds, 2 Longswords, 1 RPS, 1 Aqua, 2 Battle Axe

Level 5:
Individual Points: 18,500
Individual Deploys*: 50
Individual Capture Points from Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Diamonds, Topaz, or Aquamarines: 750
Clan Total Points: 250,000

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 2 Ruby, 2 Diamond, 2 Aqua, 2 MVM, 2 RPS


*Socials do not count for Individual Deploys

December 28, 2016

January Clan Requirements

Level 1:
Total Points* (Individual): 1,250
Total Deploys (Individual): 5
Recycle Icon Captures** (Clan): 5
Clan Total Points*: 20,000
Clan Total Deploys: 75

Rewards: 1 Mace, 1 MVM, 1 Virtual Color

Level 2:
Total Points* (Individual): 3,000
Total Deploys (Individual): 10
Recycle Icon Captures** (Clan): 20
Clan Total Points*: 50,000
Clan Total Deploys: 125

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 1 Diamond, 1 Prize Wheel

Level 3:
Total Points* (Individual): 6,500
Total Deploys (Individual): 15
Recycle Icon Captures** (Clan): 60
Clan Total Points*: 100,000
Clan Total Deploys: 175

Rewards: 2 Mace, 3 MVM, 1 Longsword, 1 Prize Wheel, 1 Diamond, 1 Ruby

Level 4:
Total Points* (Individual): 12,500
Total Deploys (Individual): 20
Recycle Icon Captures** (Clan): 100
Clan Total Points*: 200,000
Clan Total Deploys: 250

Rewards: 3 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 1 Prize Wheel, 1 Scatter, 1 Hotel

Level 5:
Total Points* (Individual): 17,500
Total Deploys (Individual): 30
Recycle Icon Captures** (Clan): 150
Clan Total Points*: 375,000
Clan Total Deploys: 375

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 3 MVM, 1 Prize Wheel, 1 Scatter, 1 RPS, 1 Hotel, 1 Motel

*Cap-On Points Excluded from all totals
**Recycle Icons will be on the map 00:01 on January 3rd – 23:59 on January 31st
***Flat Robs will be on the map a minimum of 5 days in the month.

November 28, 2016

December Clan Requirements

Level 1

Individual Greenie Deploys: 2
Individual Greenie Caps: 10
Clan Total Deploys*: 35
Clan Total Caps*: 200

Rewards: 1 Mace, 2 Virtuals, 1 Color

Level 2

Individual Greenie Deploys: 4
Individual Greenie Caps: 20
Clan Total Deploys*: 75
Clan Total Caps*: 400

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 1 Virtual, 1 Ruby, 1 Color

Level 3

Individual Greenie Deploys: 6
Individual Greenie Caps: 30
Clan Total Deploys*: 125
Clan Total Caps*: 600

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Diamond, 1 Prize Wheel

Level 4

Individual Greenie Deploys: 8
Individual Greenie Caps: 40
Clan Total Deploys*: 200
Clan Total Caps*: 800

Rewards: 3 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Hotel, 1 Motel

Level 5

Individual Greenie Deploys: 10
Individual Greenie Caps: 50
Clan Total Deploys*: 300
Clan Total Caps*: 1000
Clan Total Event Indicator Captures: 1 — At least one player must capture ONE Event Indicator pin to earn Level 5

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 3 MVM, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Motel, 2 Hotel


No point requirements.

*Socials DO NOT count for Capture or Deploy Totals.

October 28, 2016

November Clan Requirements

Level 1:
Player Total Points: 1,000
Clan Total Captures: 125
Clan Total Points: 17,500

Rewards: 1 Mace, 1 Virtual, 1 Color

Level 2:
Player Total Points: 2,500
Clan Total Captures: 250
Clan Total Deploys: 75
Clan Total Points: 40,000

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 1 Ruby, 2 Colors

Level 3:
Player Total Points: 6,250
Clan Total Captures: 475
Clan Total Deploys: 150
Clan Total Points: 85,000

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Ruby, 1 Scatter

Level 4:
Player Total Points: 10,000
Clan Total Captures: 750
Clan Total Deploys: 300
Clan Total Points: 175,000

Rewards: 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 2 Scatter, 1 Motel, 1 Hotel

Level 5:
Player Total Points: 15,000
Clan Total Captures: 1000
Clan Total Deploys: 750
Clan Total Points: 350,000

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 3 MVM, 1 Motel, 1 Hotel, 1 Scatter

Farm Set Munzees are 2x both points and cap/deploys (e.g. capping/deploying 1 Carrot is worth 2 “Clan Total Captures”).

September 28, 2016

October Clan Requirements

October’s Clan War is about Activity Points and Total Points. Capture and Deploy each count as 1 activity point (excluding Socials).

Level 1:
Player Activity Points: 100
Player Total Points: 1,000
Clan Activity Points: 1,500
Clan Total Points: 15,000

Rewards: 1 Virtual, 1 Mace

Level 2:
Player Activity Points: 200
Player Total Points: 1,750
Clan Activity Points: 3,000
Clan Total Points: 30,000

Rewards: 2 Mace, 1 MVM, 1 Ruby, 2 Colors

Level 3:
Player Activity Points: 500
Player Total Points: 3,500
Clan Activity Points: 7,500
Clan Total Points: 75,000

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Prize Wheels, 1 Ruby

Level 4:
Player Activity Points: 1000
Player Total Points: 5,000
Clan Activity Points: 12.000
Clan Total Points: 200,000

Rewards: 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Motel, 1 Ruby

Level 5:
Player Activity Points: 2000
Player Total Points: 15,000
Clan Activity Points: 25,000
Clan Total Points: 350,000

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 1 Prize Wheel, 1 Motel, 1 Hotel, 3 MVM

Have fun, and Munzee on!

August 28, 2016

September Clan Requirements

The September clan requirements include a mixture of captures, deploys, and points. For this Clan War, all Clan Weapons and Zodiacs* are worth double points (for “Total Individual Points” and the “Total Clan Points”). This includes Capture, Deploy, and CapOn points.

Level 1
Total Individual Points: 1,000
Total Clan Deploys: 25
Total Clan Caps: 100
Total Clan Points: 15,000

Rewards: 1 MVM, 1 Mace

Level 2
Total Individual Points: 2,000
Total Individual Deploys: 5
Total Clan Deploys: 75
Total Clan Caps: 200
Total Clan Points: 35,000

Rewards: 1 MVM, 2 Maces, 1 Ruby, 2 MVM Colors

Level 3
Total Individual Points: 5,000
Total Individual Deploys: 10
Total Clan Deploys: 150
Total Clan Caps: 350
Total Clan Points: 75,000

Rewards: 2 MVM, 2 Maces, 1 Ruby, 2 Longswords, 1 Diamond

Level 4
Total Individual Points: 12,500
Total Individual Deploys: 25
Total Clan Deploys: 300
Total Clan Caps: 500
Total Clan Points: 175,000

Rewards: 2 MVM, 2 Battleaxe, 2 Longswords, 2 Diamonds, 1 Motel

Level 5
Total Individual Points: 25,000
Total Individual Deploys: 50
Total Clan Deploys: 600
Total Clan Caps: 1000
Total Clan Points: 350,000

Rewards: 3 MVM, 2 Battleaxe, 2 Longswords, 1 Hotel, 1 Motel, 1 THE HAMMER

*There are two Zodiacs that will be worth double points in regular gameplay because of their date range:

  • Virgo: September 3-22
  • Libra: September 23-30

Therefore, these two will be worth 4x for Clan Wars during their ranges. For example, if you deploy a Virgo on September 13th, 40 points will be credited to “Total Individual Points” and “Total Clan Points”.

August 3, 2016

Jewel Prize Packs and Emerald Sale

Last week, we announced that the Top 100 Clans from July would receive Jewel Prize Packs and that during the month of August, a clan would be chosen at random every day to receive a prize pack. We’ve got some more information for you on those plus the Emerald sale.

Top 100 Clans
Each member of the top 100 clans from last month was awarded a prize pack this morning. This pack included 3 Diamond credits, 3 Ruby credits, and 4 Aquamarine credits. Congratulations to those clans!

August Clans
Every day throughout the month, an active clan will be randomly chosen to receive a Jewel Prize Pack. The winners for each day will be posted on the Announcements page of the Munzee website and pushed as a notification through the Munzee app, so keep an eye out!

Emerald Pin Sale
As a reminder, the remaining Emeralds from the Birthday Gardens will go on sale at 15:00 MHQ time today. There is a limit of one per person. The original blog post has been updated to reflect this.

Have fun with Clan Wars, and Munzee on!

July 28, 2016

August Clan Requirements

This month, the Clan War will be quite shiny. Requirements for August are all about Jewels! Before we get to the specifics, there are a few things we’d like to remind you of to help:

  • Clan Randomizer: Last month we introduced the Clan Randomizer. If you’re a new player who’s joining their first clan, or a veteran looking for a new player to fill gaps, make sure to check it out!
  • Aquamarine Munzees: Aquamarine stickers are available, and resellers have them in stock! If you’re in need of some, you can find your local reseller here.
  • Emerald Gardens: Looking to cap some Emeralds for Clan Wars this month? You can find all of the Emerald Gardens here.
  • Pink Diamonds: Pink Diamonds WILL COUNT towards August Requirements. They’re a MunzPak exclusive, so don’t miss out! You can learn more about MunzPak and subscribe here!

Let’s kick off our 6th year in style. Here are August Clan Requirements!

Level 1:
Minimum Points Per Player: 1,000
Clan Total Jewel Caps: 100
Clan Total Jewel Deploys: 25*
Clan Total Points Minimum: 20,000
Rewards: 1 Aquamarine

Level 2:

Minimum Points Per Player: 2,000
Clan Total Jewel Caps: 300
Clan Total Jewel Deploys: 75*
Clan Total Points Minimum: 40,000
Rewards: 1 Aquamarine, 1 Amethyst, 1 Mace

Level 3:

Minimum Points Per Player: 5,000
Clan Total Jewel Caps: 750
Clan Total Jewel Deploys: 175*
Clan Total Points Minimum: 80,000
Rewards: 1 Amethyst, 1 Mace, 1 Diamond, 1 Ruby, 1 Longsword

Level 4:

Minimum Points Per Player: 15,000
Clan Total Jewel Caps: 1200
Clan Total Jewel Deploys: 325*
Clan Total Points Minimum: 160,000
Rewards: 1 Amethyst, 2 Diamond, 2 Ruby, 2 Longsword, 1 Battleaxe

Level 5:

Minimum Points Per Player: 25,000
Clan Total Jewel Caps: 1800
Clan Total Jewel Deploys: 500*
Clan Total Points Minimum: 320,000
Rewards: 2 Amethyst, 2 Diamond, 2 Ruby, 2 Longsword, 2 Battleaxe, 1 The Hammer

*If using credits for jewels, the greenie must be deployed and converted during the Clan War to count towards totals, i.e. you CANNOT convert greenies deployed prior to the Clan War. They WILL NOT count towards the Deploy Totals.

June 28, 2016

July 2016 Clan Requirements and the Clan Randomizer


  • The 500 points from Double The Fun Events DO count towards Clan Points. Those points ARE NOT doubled.
  • Mythological Munzees, Mystery Nomads, and Physical Nomads (as well as any other specials during the month) DO count towards Clan Wars.

There are two parts to the Clan Randomizer: the clan and the player.

The Clan

Beginning with July 2016’s Clan War, clan admins will have the ability to make their clan “Open For All”. This option will allow players to randomly join their clan. This is an OPT IN feature. You are not required to open your clan to random players. This is helpful if you are looking to fill your clan with 10 players. Remember, rewards are only given to clans with 10 players.


The Player

To use the Clan Randomizer to join a clan, all you will have to do is click the “Join Random Clan” button at the top of the page. You will be added to a clan that has “Open For All” ticked and redirected to the Clan Details page of the clan you have joined.


Side Note: Clan Admins

With the addition of the Clan Randomizer, we’ve also changed the Admin process for clans. All Premium Members in a clan will have admin access to the clan. This was changed to give players a chance to fill their clan easily and be more competitive in earning prizes.

To join a clan (either randomly or with friends) or learn more about Clan Wars, go to

This month is all about getting back to the basics. Many of the specials and updates we have made recently have been leading up to much bigger. This month’s Clan War is just the beginning.

What better way to celebrate our 5th Birthday Month than going old school? This month’s requirements focus on the physical game with double clan points on greenie (regular Munzee) deploys, caps, and CapOns.The double points ONLY apply for clan wars. There will be NO points awarded for virtual munzees. ALL activity on ALL virtual type munzees will be excluded from the clan points for this month. We hope you will also see this as a great equalizer across the entire clan war. Will the same power house clans have what it takes to remain at the top? Will players randomly joined together formulate a plan to reach Level 5? Can we reach 1000 clans before the end of 2016? We shall see at the end of the month. Clan transfer window is the first and second day of each month, so GET READY!

And now, without further ado, July Clan Requirements:

Level 1:
Minimum 1,000 total points per player
Clan total points minimum 12,000
Rewards: 1 mace, 1 virtual

Level 2:

Minimum 5,000 total points per player
Clan total points minimum 60,000
Rewards: 1 MVM, 2 maces, 1 ruby, 2 MVM colors

Level 3:

Minimum 8,000 total points per player
Clan total points minimum 100,000
Rewards: 1 mace, 2 longswords, 2 MVM, 1 aquamarine, 1 scatter

Level 4:

Minimum 14,000 total points per player
Clan total points minimum 170,000
Rewards: 2 battle axe, 2 longswords, 1 motel, 2 aquamarine, 1 MVM

Level 5:

Minimum 18,000 total points per player
Clan total points minimum 220,000
Rewards: 1 THE hammer, 2 battle axe, 1 motel, 1 hotel, 2 diamonds, 3 MVMs, 3 MVM colors

* double clan points on green deploys, caps and cap ons
** only physicals, no clan points for any activity on any virtual types. NO CLAN POINTS for any activity on virtual, virtual quiz, mystery virtual, MVM, emerald, amethyst, resort, Flat Rob.
*** OVERALL GAME POINTS ARE NOT IMPACTED BY CLAN WAR CHANGES. This means all points still count as usual for all activity on all munzees.