February 17, 2017

Introducing The Faun Mythological Munzee!

Something wild this way comes… The Faun Mythological Munzee!

As the first member of our Greek Mythology set, the Faun is a woodland creature not unlike the Leprechaun. This half goat- half human fella is known for guiding tourists in the forest and has a penchant for all things Earthy.

1,500 Faun Mythological Munzees will go on sale Monday February 20th at 15:00 MHQ Time in the Munzee Online Store for $20. Similar to other mythological releases, each player is limited to one each, but the sale is open to anyone- no matter if you have previous mythologicals or not. These furry forest dwellers are attracted to Earth Mystery Munzees, which are also for sale in the online store.


: The Faun
The Faun Munzee bounces around on greenies and Earth Mystery Munzees every 12 hours or when captured. Each is numbered and owned by a Munzee player. Only 1 Faun Munzee is allowed per player.

Deploy: 100
Capture: 100
CapOn: 100

Earn a unique badge for owning a Faun Munzee.

January 30, 2017

New Places Munzees and a Places Munzee Coin

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted recommendations for new Places Munzees. We had almost 3,000 submissions in less than two days for stadiums and airports all over the world. The team sorted through them, and we will be adding over 300 more locations tomorrow, January 31st, at 15:00 MHQ time.

To celebrate these new Places Munzees, we will also be releasing a limited number of Places Munzee Coinz.

The Places Munzee Coinz can be set to track all Places Munzees (Stadiums, Airports, and future Places) that you capture. These will be available in the Munzee Online Store tomorrow at 15:00 MHQ time, and there is a limit of 1 per account.

We hope you enjoy the new Places Munzees and the Places Munzee Coin!

Munzee on!

January 6, 2017

Surplus MunzPaks in the Munzee Online Store

We’ve added a limited number of surplus MunzPaks to the Munzee Online Store. These surplus MunzPaks are available for $20 and include all of the physical contents of the MunzPak as well as extra Evolution Munzees. They DO NOT include any of the virtuals that may have been included with a MunzPak subscription. The MunzPak you receive will be from October, November, or December and chosen at random during processing.

You can find the Evolution Surplus MunzPaks at this link.

Have a great weekend!

Munzee on!

December 23, 2016

End of Year Sale!

2016 is almost over, and we’re looking forward to a great 2017! However, we couldn’t do without one last sale to end the year off right! Starting Monday, December 26th at 12:00 MHQ time and lasting through Monday, January 2nd at 23:59 MHQ time, some items will be discounted/available. These are:

  • Die Cut Corn and Tomato Evolution Munzees – 2 for $1
  • Ice Mystery Munzees – 10 pack for $17.50
  • Premium Membership – 20% off
  • Blast Captures – 20% off
  • Emerald Munzees – 20% off
  • MVMs – 20% off

Please us THIS LINK to find the sale items!

We hope you have a very happy holidays!

Munzee on!

November 25, 2016

Cyber MunzDay 2016!


Well, we finally wrangled that shadowy figure from the MHQ security tapes, and it was just in time for Cyber MunzDay! This Monday (November 28th) at 10:00 MHQ time, our Cyber MunzDay sales will go live for 24 hours until 10:00 MHQ time on Tuesday, November 29th! Without any further ado, here’s our lineup:

The Yeti


This mysterious, shadowy Mythological Munzee is finally stepping into the light now that the Ice Mystery Munzees have cooled down the map. The Yeti bounces on greenies and Ice Mystery Munzees. When capped on an Ice Mystery Munzee, it freezes the surrounding area.

There will be 1500 Yeti Mythologicals available. These are first come, first serve at 10:00 MHQ time. Unlike the Dragon and Leprechaun, there are no restrictions on purchase time in regards to previous ownership, i.e. it doesn’t matter if you already have any of the previous Mythologicals. Anyone can purchase a Yeti at the start of the sale. You may only purchase 1 Yeti per account, and they are $20.


Name: The Yeti


  • The Yeti Munzee bounces around on greenies and Ice Mystery Munzees every 12 hours or when captured. Each is numbered and owned by a Munzee player. Only 1 Yeti Munzee is allowed per player.


  • Deploy: 100
  • Capture: 100
  • CapOn: 100

Unicorns, Dragons, and Leprechauns

To match the 1500 Yetis, there will also be 250 Unicorns, Dragons, and Leprechauns available as well. Similarly to the Yeti sale, there will be no restrictions on purchase time in regards to ownership. You may only own 1 of each Mythological. They will be $20.

LandingPak ($30)

The LandingPak consists of:

  • 10 Shamrock Munzees
  • 10 Fire Mystery Munzees
  • 10 Ice Mystery Munzees

Munzee Grab Bag ($20)

The Munzee Grab Bag consists of:

  • 1 Munzee Bottle Opener
  • 1 Munzee Patch (1 of 5 styles)
  • 50 Assorted Munzee Stickers (game pieces)
  • 1 Die Cut Munzee Sticker (game piece)
  • 1 Die Cut Munzee Decal with Referral Code

BadgePak ($40)

The BadgePak consists of a collection of Munzees (Zodiac, Mini Mystery, etc) which, when all are deployed, can award over 10 Munzee badges.

JewelPak ($40)

The JewelPak consists of assorted Munzee Family Jewels (Diamonds, Rubies, etc).

Surplus MunzPak ($10)

Surplus MunzPaks from September and October will be available.

20% Off All Credits and Virtuals

25% Off All Physical Stickers

At 10:00 MHQ time, these products and deals can be found in the Munzee Online Store. Make sure to use that link to get the correct prices! Full details for each Pak will be available on the product page. Mythologicals will be available until they are sold out.

Monthly purchase limits for Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Prize Wheels, and Ice Mysteries will be reset and increased to 15 each.

Don’t miss out!

Munzee on!

November 9, 2016

A Freeze is on the way…

Since the release of the Fire Mystery, the Munzee Map has been red hot. If you’ve been brave enough to attempt to put out the spreading fires, you know the peril that it brings. Being burned can be costly. Everything has an opposite, though. There has been a shift in the wind, and a cold front is starting to arrive. With it comes the rain, the snow, and the Ice… Mystery Munzee.

Today, we are introducing the Ice Mystery Munzee.


Name: Ice Mystery Munzee

Deploy: 50
Capture/CapOn: Sum of 60 by multiples of 5 with a a minimum of 10 (e.g. 10, 25, 30, 45, etc) — Example: Capture = 45, CapOn = 15

Now, this may seem familiar. This is, in many ways, a reflection of the Fire Mystery. However, it has a different twist.

When captured, the Ice Mystery “freezes” three greenies within a mile. These will stay frozen for two hours or until capped, whichever comes first.


Capping these frozen greenies will result in two possible outcomes:

  1. There is a chance that you “thaw” the frozen greenie. If you do, you earn 50 Capture points and the owner of the host greenie earns 10  CapOn points.
  2. The other outcome is a bit more frosty. You also have the potential to get frozen. If you do, your screen will turn blue, and you cannot play for 1 minute. As with the Fire Mystery, it’s a choice of risk versus reward.

Badges: There WILL be badges for Deploy, Capture, and Being Frozen. These badges will be unveiled very soon.

Filters and /types page: Filters will be added in app and on information added to the types webpage Friday.


Ice Mystery Munzees are available NOW in the Munzee Online Store. They are physical stickers sold in blocks of 20 for $40 USD. There is currently a limit of 100 per person, per month.

We hope you enjoy the Ice Mystery Munzees!

Have fun, and Munzee on!

October 6, 2016

Lone Star Bash Sale for Everyone

Everything is ready for the Lone Star Bash, and we are counting down the hours until it begins! We’ve already seen some players around the area capping and deploying, and we’re excited to see the rest of the attendees. We do realize, however, that not everyone can join us. We want to share the love and benefits with everyone.

From right now until Sunday at 23:59 MHQ time, Blast Caps and Flat Robs (which are currently on the map) will be on sale in the Munzee Online for $4. Gear up and get ready for a great weekend, whether you’re able to make it to McKinney or not. And remember, take pictures! You can share them with us in our Google Drive folder, and we’ll be creating a gallery!

Have fun, and Munzee on!

*For those of you who found the sale in the store before this blog post, we are giving you additional Flat Robs to equal the amount spent.
**Texas historical marker pins around Collin County (Munzee HQ home) will be live today!

September 13, 2016

Munzee Store Maintenance TOMORROW

The Munzee Online Store will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow, September 14th. This maintenance is being completed by Shopify and will affect checkout for up to 20 minutes between 6:00am and 7:00am MHQ time. No other Munzee services, including the app or website, will be effected. Thanks for your understanding.

Munzee on!

September 12, 2016

New Mini Urban Camos and Decal Stickers in Stock!

We’ve added three new Mini Urban Camos to the Munzee Online Store, as well as three new decal stickers. The three new Mini Urban Camo stickers are No Pets, CCTV, and No Smoking.

No Pets Mini Urban Camo

No Pets Mini Urban Camo

CCTV Mini Urban Camo

CCTV Mini Urban Camo

No Smoking Mini Urban Camo

No Smoking Mini Urban Camo

The three decal stickers are the Mythological Munzees:


You can find the decals here and the new Mini Urban Camos here. We hope you like them!

Munzee on!

September 1, 2016

Mini Zodiac Packs Now Available in the Munzee Online Store

September is the last month that new Zodiacs are being introduced in MunzPak. The final Zodiac, Libra, marks the end of a year long release of the Zodiacs. Now that all of them have been released, we’re offering the ability to purchase a complete pack of Zodiacs.


Each pack contains 5 of each Zodiac (60 total) in the size of the Mini Urban Camos. The Zodiac Pack is available now in the Munzee Online Store for a special price of $30 USD.

Munzee on!