NEW Places Munzees We’d Love to Visit!

Feeling like a dog itching to go on a walk? Us too! While many of us have adapted to working in the current situation, playing in the current situation is severely limited — of course, there are books, video games, movies, TV shows, and music you can safely consume at home — but they have their limits. In preparation for all the good times that are a long time coming, we’ve developed 2 NEW Places Munzees!


NEW Places Details

Joining the ever-growing roster of Places are the Entertainment and Pet munzees. The past year was pretty short on fun, so we’d love to see where you go to get those endorphins up! We got the idea for these types from you, the players, so we’re confident they’ll be a welcome addition to the game. As with other Places munzees, these can be captured daily! They will also contribute progress towards the Places Capture badge line and the Places Streak badge line.

Capture Radius: 1,000 feet, not blastable

Deploy: 40 points

Capture: 20 points

CapOn: 10 points

To access these munzees, turn on your “Virtual – Places” filters.

Deploy Guidelines:

Remember a Places Munzee has to have its location approved for deployment, so please be sure to read through these guidelines carefully. It is also very helpful for you to update the name and notes of the Munzee so our reviewers can verify it quickly to get it deployed for you.

Entertainment: This is for indoor places where you go to play! Think arcades, skating rinks, laser tag locations, BIG malls, and casinos! Take care not to deploy these where a Cinema or Golf Places might be a better fit!

Pet: This is for places relating to your furry friends! Think pet stores, dog parks/beaches, humane societies, and animal shelters! Not to be confused with Wildlife Places (particularly the last two on that list), which are for non-pet animals.

Places Munzees are very unique due to the much larger cap radius (as compared with other munzee types) and aforementioned daily capture ability. As you can’t capture your own munzees, trade Places munzees with other players to make the most of your deploys!

Munzee on!

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