November 11, 2020

By Popular Demand, A New Places Munzee Has Emerged!

Back in May, we released 4 new Places Munzee types that were often requested by players. We thought that that would be enough to tide fans of Places Munzees over for the rest of the year. So, we were surprised to see that recently, there have been requests for a new type! We’re calling it the Drink Depot Places Munzee! It was added to the Freeze Tag store as of 12:00 MHQ today. Shop them HERE! They are limited to one per account per 30 days, like the other Places.

NEW Drink Depot Details

This new Places Munzee is all about the production of libations. Whether it’s a vineyard, a brewery, or a distillery we’re looking for unique locations that produce adult beverages (alcohol). We got the idea for this type from you, the players, so we’re confident they’ll be a welcome addition to the game. We can’t wait to see photos of beautiful grapevines, rustic machinery, and other interesting sights attached to these munzees. As with other Places munzees, these can be captured daily! They will also contribute progress towards the Places Capture badge line and the Places Streak badge line.

Capture Radius: 1,000 feet, not blastable

Deploy: 40 points

Capture: 20 points

CapOn: 10 points

To access these munzees, turn on your “Virtual – Places” filters. For more information on how to deploy a Places munzee, you can check out our Help Guide article. This document will be updated with our guidelines should any changes occur. Please note that these new places should be easily identifiable from Google Maps.

Deploy Guidelines:

Remember a Places Munzee has to have its location approved for deployment, so please be sure to read through these guidelines carefully. It is also very helpful for you to update the name and notes of the Munzee so our reviewers can verify it quickly to get it deployed for you.

Drink Depot: This is for the places where alcoholic beverages are made… not every location where it’s consumed. Think vineyards, wineries, breweries, and distilleries, but not bars or restaurants!

Places Munzees are very unique due to the much larger cap radius (as compared with other munzee types) and aforementioned daily capture ability. As you can’t capture your own munzees, trade Places munzees with other players to make the most of your deploys!

Munzee on!

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November 10, 2020

Zeecret Agent Competition Results!

And the winner is…

The P.I.N.E. Agency!

As they’ve been dominating the entire competition, this comes as no surprise… but we admire the effort that P.E.A.R. Agents put in as well, especially in the face of such a tough opponent! There were just under 2300 total agents at the end of the competition, we are excited about this level of participation!


Now moving on to the part you’re probably most interested in — the prizes! Here’s what you will receive if you opted into an agency on CuppaZee prior to the end of the competition and were active at any point during the competition, based on how your agency ranked:


We’ll be awarding the final prizes starting today, but as there were so many active players, it may take a while before you receive your badge and other prizes.

If, after a few days, you still haven’t received your final prizes, please e-mail

Zeecret Agent Merch

If you haven’t treated yourself recently, pick up a shiny new personal tag, T-shirt, hoodie, or neck gaiter from the ZeeOps Collection HERE!

Munzee on!

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November 10, 2020

Need to Find a Needle in a Haystack? Try These 20/20 Vision Munzees!

Don’t get these mixed up with the VR Goggles — they may both be rectangular, but the only world these glasses will show you is the one that can’t be seen by the naked eye! These powerful pairs were deployed this afternoon at 15:00 MHQ. What would you use these glasses for?

Only eleven Microscope Glasses will be deployed, and they will bounce to Greenies every 12 hours or when captured. These will be attracted to Physical Magnets though so be sure to stock up! 


  • Cap: 200 points
  • CapOn (Host): 100 points

Capturing the Microscope Glasses will add this perfectly precise Scientific Sight badge to your collection! Also, as of July we’ve released the details on the overall capture line — the post is HERE if you missed it!

Our Microscope Glasses are actually based on OptiVISORs, which, according to, actually magnify rather than offer the granularity of a microscope. But “Magnifying Glasses” sounds too close to the single-lens tool’s name — and anyway, who said we had to adhere to reality? The main benefits of these are that you can wear them over any prescription glasses you need to see clearly, that your hands are freed up, rather than forced to hold a microscope (or magnifying glass!), and, since there is a lens for each eye — your magnified vision is in 3D! We think these would be great for Zeecret Agents or detectives — after all, isn’t the magnifying glass a symbol of a savvy sleuth? But perhaps these would attract more attention than desired while discreetly inspecting a crime scene — to say nothing of disguises or personal style. Better leave it to the scientists in the lab! Some other jobs we think could make use of Microscope Glasses include: sprinkle sorter, thread counter, and eyebrow plucker.

You’ll be able to capture the 20/20 Vision specials on other players’ munzees as well as your own for the remainder of the year! As a reminder, all 20/20 Vision specials will leave the map on 12/31/2020 at 23:59 MHQ. More unique 20/20 Vision specials will launch throughout the year so keep on the lookout — you won’t want to miss out on these bouncing bifocals!

Show us how you Munzee! Tweet us @Munzee or be sure to post a photo and mention us on Facebook (@Munzee) or Instagram (@munzeeapp). Good luck, and Munzee on!

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November 5, 2020

Ready for More NoMadness?!

While we were fleshing out the idea for the Zeecret Agent Nomad, we reviewed the other Nomads that were released and found that we had some gaps to fill! First off, we are excited to announce the new Gaming Nomad Munzee!

Gaming Nomad Details

Beginning Thursday, November 5th at 12:00 MHQ 20 Gaming Nomads will start bouncing on Gaming Munzees every 12 hours or when captured.

These captures will also count toward the Nomad Munzee Badge Line.

To clarify, Gaming Nomads will only land on the original player-deployed munzee and NOT any types that scatter from them. In list form:

Landing Pads:

  • Physical Gaming Nomad
    • Prize Wheel
    • Scatter — will scatter if capped while hosting a Gaming Nomad
    • Rock Paper Scissors
    • Bowling Ball — will not scatter if capped while hosting a Gaming Nomad; may change in the future
    • Urban Fit
    • Physical Joystick — will not scatter if capped while hosting a Gaming Nomad; may change in the future
  • Virtual Gaming Nomad
    • Surprise
    • Sir Prize Wheel — will not scatter if capped while hosting a Gaming Nomad; may change in the future
    • Virtual Joystick — will not scatter if capped while hosting a Gaming Nomad; may change in the future


  • Capture: 500
  • CapOn (for host owner): 250

Better your chances at capping a Gaming Nomad by deploying a Gaming Munzee near you! If you don’t already have any Gaming Munzees in your inventory, you can shop the collection at the Freeze Tag Store, or perhaps make a trade with other players who have them stocked up!

NEW Virtual Nomads

We also determined that the Jewel Thief and Warrior Nomads were only bouncing to the physical types of their corresponding landing pad categories. To correct this, we’ve released 10 new virtual versions of each as well! To keep the total number of each type at 20, this means that 10 of the original physical Jewel Thief and Warrior Nomads will be removed from the map.

To learn more about Nomads, check out the Help Guide article!

We hope you look forward to spotting these extremely rare pieces on the map!

Munzee on!

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November 1, 2020

November 2020 MunzPak Contents Revealed!

November is a time of reaching out to friends and family members and giving thanks. If you’re lucky to share your Munzee hobby with these special people, you may want to pick up a Virtual MunzPak, which has a nice assortment of Greeting Cards to send out! This month, each Pak also includes a NEW Christmas Critters Munzee, which is a temporary Player Owned Bouncer! We’re very excited to share these three new types with you. You can find a breakdown below!

MunzPak is a monthly subscription service that delivers munzees directly to your door! Each of our three MunzPak options contain a variety of munzees, including some new items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! The three different types of MunzPaks that you can subscribe to each month are as follows:

  • Physical MunzPak features blocks of generic stickers and pre-coded stickers including brand new munzees which can only be purchased through the subscription service. $~25 value for $15 each month.
  • Virtual MunzPak features a variety of virtual munzees that are automatically added to your account each month such as Destination Munzees, Jewels, and more. $~40 value for $25 each month.
  • Hybrid MunzPak is the best of both worlds! Get both physical and virtual munzees such as Places Munzees, Magnets, and more. $~30 value for $20.01 each month.

Never subscribed to MunzPak before? If this is your first month subscribing, you’ll have the chance to earn one-time badges for each type of Pak! All you have to do is stop by the Freeze Tag Online Store and subscribe today!

The November MunzPaks will contain the items listed below, effective as of 00:01 MHQ time on November 1. Please note that any purchases made before then will be for the October MunzPak, which contains different items.

November Physical MunzPak

Purchase HERE!  Remember the stickers in this pak can be shared with others!

  • 1 Baby Hippo Christmas Critters Temporary POB (more info on this below!)
  • 25 Generics
  • 1 Lily
  • 1 Goat
  • 1 Butterfly
  • 1 Turtle
  • 1 Ruby

November Virtual MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 1 Baby Alpaca Christmas Critters Temporary POB (more info on this below!)
  • 1 Carnation
  • 1 Howdy Card
  • 1 Thank You Card
  • 1 Congrats Card
  • 2 Virtuals
  • 2 Virtual Color Credits
  • 1 Electric Mystery
  • 1 Citrine
  • 1 Flat Lou

November Hybrid MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 1 Baby Reindeer Christmas Critters Temporary POB (more info on this below!)
  • 25 Generic Stickers (sent via mail)


  • 1 Rose
  • 1 Frog
  • 1 Pink Diamond
  • 1 Virtual Color
  • 100 Zeds


  • 1 Virtual Joystick
  • 1 Electric Mystery
  • 1 Howdy Card
  • 1 Virtual

Christmas Critters

Like the Aussie Animals, these Christmas Critters are temporary POBs. Unlike Aussie Animals, they bounce to either physical or virtual munzees, depending on the MunzPak you purchased. They will stay on the map until 23:59 MHQ on December 31, when they will be automatically archived on your account.

  • Deploy: 500 points
  • Capture: 200 points
  • CapOn: 100 points

Baby Hippo Christmas Critters Munzee
Physical MunzPak

She may not be the most traditional Christmas animal, but we give her an “A” for effort with her beautiful red bow! Plus, how could you say no to those eyes? This aquatic Christmas Critter paddles to the following:

  • Treehouse
  • Greenie
  • Water Mystery

Baby Alpaca Christmas Critters Munzee
Virtual MunzPak

The fluffy white fur of this cute creature reminded us of a certain someone’s beard. That, along with its height and tendency to steal a certain someone’s hat, has caused momentary cases of mistaken identity! This cuddly Christmas Critter trots to the following:

  • Skyland
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Electric Mystery

Baby Reindeer Christmas Critters Munzee
Hybrid MunzPak

Despite being extremely clumsy, the baby reindeer has a very useful role to play. Knowing this, it works hard to be in tip-top shape for the annual gift deliveries. This popular Christmas Critter Munzee lights up the following:

  • Treehouse
  • Greenie
  • Ice Mystery
  • Skyland
  • All Virtual Colors

Christmas Critters will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a Christmas Critter on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Christmas Critter visits you. In virtual form, Christmas Critters will be non-blastable. They will be attracted to Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access Christmas Critters under the “All Expiring Specials” filter.


All players who purchase a MunzPak (which will automatically deploy the respective Christmas Critter) will also receive the respective deploy badge shown below:

Lastly, captures of these Christmas Critters will contribute to progress towards its own Christmas Critters badge line. You can sneak a peek at the first of these new badges below!

Orienteering Ornament- Capture 1 Christmas Critter of any type.

Remember these temporary POBs will only be available for capture until the end of the year, so cap as many as you can and keep them bouncing!

Munzee on!

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October 31, 2020

Need a Last-Minute Halloween Costume? Slip on These 20/20 Vision Munzees!

Science says that male comedians with more delicate, feminine features tend to be more successful. However, the comedian behind these glasses is a great example of the contrary! These bushy bifocals were deployed this afternoon at 15:00 MHQ. Have you worn these glasses and gotten a chuckle out of anybody?

Only ten Disguise Glasses will be deployed, and they will bounce to virtuals every 12 hours or when captured. These will be attracted to Virtual Magnets though so be sure to stock up! 


  • Cap: 200 points
  • CapOn (Host): 100 points

Capturing the Disguise Glasses will add this discreet Groucho Glasses badge to your collection! Also, as of July we’ve released the details on the overall capture line — the post is HERE if you missed it!

Groucho Marx, the inspiration behind this iconic pair, often played a German professor in his comedy acts. While the full brows and large nose are certainly over-the-top, the look just wouldn’t be complete without the prominent mustache. According to, Groucho’s signature stache was a result of some hurried costume prep:

He arrived late at the theater and used greasepaint to create a moustache. He found this so much easier than a glued-on moustache that he insisted on using this technique from then on.

The first pairs of Groucho Glasses was marketed sometime in the 1940s which was near the middle of his career, but unfortunately, in our quick research, we were unable to find any evidence of Groucho’s own thoughts on them. Did he find them even more convenient than his greasepaint? Or, at the other end, maybe he felt they took caricature too far and was offended by them?

Regardless, there’s no denying the place Groucho Glasses have in popular culture. There’s even a Guiness World Record for “Most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses”, which at the time of writing, was achieved in 2009 at the City of Chicago’s Outdoor Film Festival. There were 4,436 people wearing the glasses!

You’ll be able to capture the 20/20 Vision specials on other players’ munzees as well as your own for the remainder of the year! As a reminder, all 20/20 Vision specials will leave the map on 12/31/2020 at 23:59 MHQ. More unique 20/20 Vision specials will launch throughout the year so keep on the lookout — you won’t want to miss out on these bouncing bifocals!

Show us how you Munzee! Tweet us @Munzee or be sure to post a photo and mention us on Facebook (@Munzee) or Instagram (@munzeeapp). Good luck, and Munzee on!

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October 30, 2020

October 2020 GOTM Winners + November POTM Requirements!

While September was the month of our worldwide Bash from the Past, we didn’t slow down for October at all! As hinted at with 2020’s Bash theme, this month was all about ZeeOps! On Day 1 we released a new badge line for Zeecret Weapons. A week later, we kicked off the Zeecret Agents Competition AND pushed out the Daily ZeeOps Update on the same day! While we’ve been actively monitoring the competition and making changes, we managed to add one more ZeeOps related release, in the form of new Nomads!

For fans of the color pink, we released a new Funfinity Stone, a new 20/20 Vision Munzee, and last but not least, Fancy Flat Lou!

As for seasonal-related releases, we had the Halloween Greeting Card, Deathly DeeZerts specials, and new options available for Christmas Events, including a 50-pack of Christmas Event Greeting Cards!

We are now happy to announce the winners of the October Garden of the Month (GOTM), give a reminder for October Player of the Month (POTM), and announce the criteria for November POTM! The badges for October GOTM and POTM will be awarded in early November, but we couldn’t wait to share the winners we’ve chosen!

October GOTM

Both of the gardens chosen for this month made great use of the colors often associated with Halloween — orange, black, and purple — but used different Munzee types as their building blocks! Remember that all winning GOTM organizers and all players who deployed in the winning gardens will be awarded special badges for their contribution to growing the map. This month we’re happy to award the Jewels Note Garden, designed by Neloras, and the Berlin Bat – Berliner Fledermaus Garden, designed by 123xilef, as our winning October GOTM! The gardens will appear as follows:

Jewels Note by Neloras in Bratislava, Slovakia

Perhaps the Jewels used to create this garden include a birthstone?

This garden was created in honor of Neloras’s girlfriend, who has a passion for music and singing! It was completed in just 20 days in time for his deadline of September (her birthday or their anniversary perhaps?). While we received this nomination a bit too late for last month’s GOTM, we are happy to honor it this month, especially since the colors are perfect for Halloween!

Berlin Bat – Berliner Fledermaus by 123xilef in Berlin, Germany

123xilef does it again! Will we see a new spooky garden this year?

This garden was created for last year’s Say Boo and Munzee on (Berlin) event! We think the gradient background, which is reminiscent of candy corn, really makes the garden pop!

All players who deployed in the respective winning gardens will receive the following special badges:

Rules for GOTM nominations:

  1. Garden must feature non-licensed character designs.
  2. The garden must feature a Garden Places Pin.
  3. The garden must be built using a publicly available spreadsheet which we will ask to be locked after being 100% deployed.
  4. We’re asking for ongoing nominations and we will release the winners throughout the year.

Send your nomination for GOTM to! Keep in mind that we take all former nominations into consideration for upcoming months. Just be sure your garden follows the nomination rules in order to be considered eligible!

If you need help deploying in a Virtual Garden, you can check out this step-by-step tutorial that will making deploying in a garden easy no matter how long you’ve been playing. To fill in the gardens, make sure to stock up on Virtuals and Color Credits from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

October POTM

October’s POTM called for scary stories! Since there’s still a bit of time left to earn this badge, here are a few reminders:

  • We want you to send in stories about some spooky situations when playing Munzee.
  • We always want people to be safe when playing, so hopefully we can learn some lessons from your scary stories!
  • Please send your stories to the Google Form at this link:

Thank you to all who shared their stories with us! You can expect to see the badge in early November. If you didn’t have anything to share this time, maybe this coming month’s POTM will work out better for you. Keep reading to find out!

We loved reading your scary Munzee stories! Some were spooky, some were icky, some were stressful — but we appreciate them all, and they offered a unique insight into what can go wrong when Munzee-ing On!

November POTM Requirements

As we just released Daily ZeeOps last month, we think this is the perfect opportunity to encourage everyone to try it. Simply complete 20 Daily ZeeOps Missions within the month of November to receive the badge!

As in the previous months, this unique POTM badge is eligible for any player to earn regardless of previous wins. The badge will appear as follows:

We hope you’re excited for what November has in store!

Munzee on!

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October 29, 2020

Event Spotlight: Go Green in Jordan

While Munzee can certainly be a solo game if you choose, there’s no denying the appeal in meeting others who share your interests. Munzee Events are perhaps the best example of this, as they allow you to meet both old and new players in a safe, friendly environment. On top of that, there are usually activities, games, and — if you’re lucky — goodie bags! That being said, planning events requires a considerable amount of effort. So, to make it easier for prospective hosts (and maybe even recurring hosts), we decided to put the spotlight on past events, Munzee-Toolkit style! We hope this series of posts will inspire you to try hosting an event if you never have before, or provide you with ideas to spice up future events if you’re an old hand at it!

Today we’re featuring the Go Green in Jordan event, which took place on April 15, 2018 at Jordan, MN and was hosted by Whelen, nohnerboyz, trailMom, and Wrasln.

Give us a brief summary about your event!

This was supposed to be the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) “Go Green” Spring event! However Mother Nature had other ideas because she dumped 16-20 inches of snow on us 24 hours before the event. We almost cancelled it but decided we must push through. Well heck, after all it’s Minnesota, the frozen tundra. Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hand Warmers were the favorites of the day!

What tips do you have when hosting an awesome event?

Have a plan and execute it but at the same time be adaptable and resilient. It’s always best not to wait until the last minute to get everything ready. Print out those QR codes (Event Badge, Indicator and Event Pins) and test scan them a week ahead of time. Have an idea where you are going to deploy those temp pins at your event location before you get there. Keep an eye on the details, the stuff your munzee guests don’t notice because you got it covered. Event Hosts are truly Munzee Ambassadors – it’s up to you to make it happen. And most importantly regardless of what happens, Laugh & Have Fun!

What made your event unique?

Well, I like to change things up a bit and try different things at events especially when having a prize give away. But at this event Mother Nature did it for me. Capping 50 physical event temps in a fresh coating of 18 inches of snow was pretty unique! At least we had a place to stick the flags in! You should have seen the “Munzee Trails” through the snow to the flags after everyone capped them. We still had the “Go Green Competition”, some had to shed their winter gear for the camera.

Would you like to highlight any future events you’re hosting?

You’re not Scared are you?? – Halloween – Saturday October 31st. in Anoka, Minnesota

Thank you to Whelen for being such a great host and submitting the details for this event! We will be reaching out to other past event hosts in the future, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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October 29, 2020

Flat Lou is Suiting Up in Something Fancy!

You’ve seen Fancy Flat Rob and Fancy Flat Matt… but are you ready for Fancy Flat Lou? The regular Flat Lou was already easy to spot on the map due to her bright pink color, so we wanted the Fancy version to be even more eye-catching! Please welcome these new variants, featuring designs based on real cycling kits provided by Lou!

Fancy Flat Lous are on sale in the Freeze Tag Online Store (through Monday at 12:00 MHQ)! These Player Owned Bouncers (POBs) are variants of Flat Lou that players can own.

Like the Fancy Flat guys, the new Fancy Flat Lous will bounce around every 12 hours or when captured. Fancy Flat Lous will bounce to Flat Lous, Flat Robs, Airport Places, Transportation Places, Pink Colored Virtuals* (specified below), Treehouses, Skylands, and an additional other type based on the variant!

Bounces to:  

All Fancy Flat Lous will have the same point values, though there will be a random distribution of Cap and CapOn points.


  • Deploy: 500 points
  • Capture: 200-300 points (random)
  • CapOn: 50-100 points (random)

The Fancy Flat Lous WILL be attracted to Virtual Magnets. They will also be equipped with the ability to be nudged. You can capture Fancy Flat Lous on your own munzees or previously captured munzees, but they will NOT be blastable. Now let’s get to know a little bit more about each variant!

InternationElles Flat Lou

Flat Lou is ready to show competitive cycling is not just for the boys! This variant of Fancy Flat Lou bounces to Flat Lous, Flat Robs, Shamrocks, Airport Places, Transportation Places, select Pink Colored Virtuals, Treehouses, and Skylands.

Team GB Flat Lou

Flat Lou is ready to represent her home country! This variant of Fancy Flat Lou bounces to Flat Lous, Flat Robs, Fire Mysteries, Airport Places, Transportation Places, select Pink Colored Virtuals, Treehouses, and Skylands.

Polka Dot Flat Lou

Flat Lou owns this more whimsical style signifying cyclist royalty and her ability to climb anything on her bike! This variant of Fancy Flat Lou bounces to Flat Lous, Flat Robs, Pink Diamonds, Airport Places, Transportation Places, select Pink Colored Virtuals, Treehouses, and Skylands.

Store Sale!

When a player goes to the online store they will be able to choose among three Fancy Flat Lous:

  • InternationElles Flat Lou
  • Team GB Flat Lou
  • Polka Dot Flat Lou

The only store limit will be up to one per variant per player account, meaning you can buy all three, but not more than one of each. Fancy Flat Rob variants are also available for sale!

The Fancy Flat Rob variants are available for purchase for players who do not already own all three. Like the Fancy Flat Lou variants, each player is allowed to purchase one of each Fancy Flat Friend variant per account.

Fancy Flat Robs and Fancy Flat Matts will also get two new landing pads! As of now all Fancy Flat friends can land in treehouses and skylands!


The Fancy Flat Lou variants will NOT count towards the other Flat Lou Capture or Deploy badges. Instead, Fancy Flat Lou will have their own Deploy badge that can be earned by deploying any Fancy Flat Lou variant. The badge will appear as follows:

Celebrate Fancy Flat Lou’s wonderful fashion sense with these three personal tags! Collect all three Fancy Flat Lous tags in the store today by clicking HERE!

Which of Fancy Flat Lou’s kits do you like the best? Well, if you can’t decide, you can get all 3!

Munzee on!

Cycling kits provided by Attacus
Check out Lou and the InternationElles on Instagram @loukew @internationelles

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October 28, 2020

November 2020 Clan Wars Requirements

It’s almost November! You’ll find all the latest details to our clan requirements and rewards in the clan section of our app.

It is possible that we could update clan requirements prior to November 3 and reserve the right to do so. The final requirements and rewards will always be shown in the app. All of this is up in the air based on how situations continue to change worldwide based on COVID-19.

Level 1


  • at least 5 days of activity
  • at least 5000 total points
  • at least 1 bouncer capture

Clan: in addition to the above individual requirements

  • at least 75,000 total points
  • at least 500 evolution points
  • at least 10 Places captures
  • at least 500 weapon points
  • at least 10 bouncer captures
  • at least 500 flat friends points
  • at least 500 greeting card points

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 mace, 1 magnet, 1 flat Lou, 25 Zeds, 1 evolution reset, 1 clan war card

Level 2


  • at least 10 days of activity
  • at least 10,000 total points
  • at least 3 bouncer capture
  • at least 200 flat friends points

Clan: in addition to the above individual requirements

  • at least 150,000 total points
  • at least 1500 evolution points
  • at least 25 Places captures
  • at least 1500 weapon points
  • at least 25 bouncer captures
  • at least 1250 flat friends points
  • at least 1250 greeting card points

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 longsword, 1 catapult, 1 flat Rob, 100 Zeds, 2 evolution reset, 1 destination credit, 1 stay home card, 1 Trojan Unicorn, 1 aquamarine

Level 3


  • at least 15 days of activity
  • at least 25,000 total points
  • at least 5 bouncer capture
  • at least 400 flat friends points

Clan: in addition to the above individual requirements

  • at least 250,000 total points
  • at least 2500 evolution points
  • at least 40 Places captures
  • at least 2500 weapon points
  • at least 75 bouncer captures
  • at least 2000 flat friends points
  • at least 10 RUMs cap/deploy
  • at least 5 QRewzee captures
  • at least 1850 greeting card points

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 battle axe, 1 virtual and color, 1 flat Rob, 1 magnet, 1 virtual magnet, 1 flat Lou, 200 Zeds, 4 evolution reset, 1 electric mystery, 1 congrats card

Level 4


  • at least 20 days of activity
  • at least 50,000 total points
  • 5 Places captures
  • at least 10 bouncer capture
  • at least 750 flat friends points
  • at least 1 QRewzee capture

Clan: in addition to the above individual requirements

  • at least 500,000 total points
  • at least 5000 evolution points
  • at least 100 Places captures
  • at least 4000 weapon points
  • at least 150 bouncer captures
  • at least 4000 flat friends points
  • at least 25 RUMs cap/deploy
  • at least 15 QRewzee captures
  • at least 2500 greeting card points

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 catapult, 2 virtuals and colors, 1 virtual evolution pack, 225 Zeds, 6 evolution reset

Level 5


  • at least 25 days of activity
  • at least 100,000 total points
  • 15 Places captures
  • at least 25 bouncer capture
  • at least 1000 flat friends points
  • at least 5 QRewzee captures

Clan: in addition to the above individual requirements

  • at least 850,000 total points
  • at least 7500 evolution points
  • at least 200 Places captures
  • at least 5555 weapon points
  • at least 350 bouncer captures
  • at least 5555 flat friends points
  • at least 50 RUMs cap/deploy
  • at least 25 QRewzee captures
  • at least 5000 greeting card points

Rewards: 3 crossbows, 1 Hammer, 1 catapult, 2 virtuals and colors, 1 flat Rob, 2 temporary virtuals, 1 flat Lou, 8 evolution reset, 1 air mystery, 1 electric mystery, 1 clan war card, 1 onyx, 1 citrine

November Badges

Your Clan can earn monthly badges to earn for reaching distinct levels of Clan Wars each month. You won’t be able to earn a badge until the entire clan has reached the specified level. Since there is NO Level X this month, there will be a total of 5 badges available in November. The first badge will appear as follows:

Overall Clan Notes:

Please keep in mind Levels 4 & 5 are considered advanced gameplay and not recommended for brand new players. Be aware when allowing new players to join your clans. QRew/ZeeQRew status will be required for any player earning levels 4&5. See qualifications here.

Bouncer captures include any POB, MOB, or TOB (even the temporary POB)

Total points include Cap, Deploy, and CapOn of all types.
Flat friends points include all Cap, Deploy, and CapOn for flat Rob, flat Matt, flat Lou, and flat Hammock. Fancy Flat Rob and Fancy Flat Matt are NOT included in flat friends points.
Elemental points include deploy, cap or capon points from any type of Elemental Munzee. (Includes Fire/Water/Ice/Electric scattered – not earth/Air scatters)

Social and Personal will not count for Deploy requirements.
Social and Universal will not count for total Capture requirements.
Personal and Universal will not count for Physical points of any sort.ok

For complete information regarding Clan Wars, access our Help Guide!

Hints for how to play during Stay Home orders:
Use the swap feature for brand new virtual deploys.
Use the online map to deploy virtuals worldwide or find gardens to deploy in on social media groups.
Watch the online store for sales during the month to help meet your goals.
Use evolution reset credits to get new CapOn points from OLD deploys (they do NOT count as new deploys)

And finally, be responsible. If your local government, your health, or any circumstances require you to Stay Home – DO NOT participate. It is up to each of us to determine what is safe and what is allowed. This is a game and not worth risking your own live or the lives of others.
Munzee on, stay safe and Play Your Way!

Requirements and rewards found in app are the final word. Please report any issues to Munzee support.
Play at your own risk, within the laws of your local area.
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