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March 13, 2017

Munzee Places – Zoo and Animal Sanctuary Suggestions

In conjunction with our Safar-Zee March Fundraiser, we will be releasing new Places Munzees! We need your help, though!

Zoo Places Munzee

Through Wednesday, March 15th at 23:59 MHQ time, we will be taking suggestions for Zoo Places Munzee locations. These locations can be zoos, wildlife preserves, or animal sanctuaries. We will compile the suggestions and begin deploying these new Places Munzees during the month of March.

All you have to do is go to this Google Form and provide your username, the name of the proposed location, and the coordinates of the location.

Thanks in advance for your help, and Munzee on!


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March 10, 2017

Let the Safar-Zee begin!

Last week we announced our March fundraising effort would focus on helping wildlife worldwide and now we’re excited to go into more detail on how YOU can help the majestic beasts of the wild.

For the month of March we will be selling Paw Print special virtual icons in the Munzee Online Store and all proceeds will go to help world wildlife rescue organizations.

These special Paw Prints will be on sale from now until the end of the month and the munzees will stay on the map through 23:59 MHQ Time on April 30, 2017.

For $5 you get a pack of 5 different Paw Print icons, each featuring a different animal print: Paw, Talon, Hoof, Foot, and Claw. Players will be limited to 20 sets of five Paw Print specials,

30 Capture, 10 Deploy, 10 CapOn

There are also a variety of badges you can earn for capping and deploying these temporary icons.The Safar-Zee, Charity Paw Prints and Animal Expedition badges will only be available while the charity specials are on the map so get to capping.

In connection to raising money for a worldwide wildlife rescue organization, we’ve also hired a new local member of the MHQ team- Meet Mystery!

To add a local spin to our worldwide initiative Munzee has adopted Mystery for the year through In-Sync Exotics, an exotic feline rescue group based out of Wylie, TX.

In order to offer Mystery and her other furry friends everything they need we have set up a permanent Munzee Virtual Garden outside of In-Sync’s headquarters. You can help make Mystery welcome to the Munzee team by purchasing a golden paw print virtual icon for $10. The pins will be automatically deployed at the location.

30 Capture, 10 Deploy, 10 CapOn

Players are limited to one paw print pin and this virtual garden will be permanently placed at 3430 Skyview Drive in Wylie, TX 75098.

Checkout the virtual garden as it grows HERE.

To learn more about In-Sync visit

On behalf of Team Munzee we thank our players for their support and look forward to lending a helping hand to those with paws. Munzee on!

#E1EW #MunzEE

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December 31, 2014

Top 14 of ’14: The Overall, Best of the Best for this year.

As the year comes to a close we can’t help but look back on how big 2014 was! From special icons and big events, to huge announcements, 2014 is going to be a tough act to follow. Here we have the 14 best things about 2014, ranging all things Munzee. In no particular order Team MHQ has decided on what they think made the year so special.

MHQ Gets an Office!

MHQ may have hit the ground running in 2014, but at the end of 2013 they still didn’t even have an office! So when the 3 (at the time) full time members of the team moved into their new office in McKinney, TX they knew it was a start to a big year. Having a home base (that wasn’t Rob’s living room) solidified their full time role with Munzee and paved the way for the company’s growth. Little did they know that growth would come quicker than expected…

New Hires

While the first office in McKinney was a huge step for Munzee, the 350 square foot space filled up quickly. After hiring Intern+ Matt and a month later UI Designer Peter and Master of Media Dylan, it was time to look at expansion. Even in the final months of the year our team began to grow more with development on both technical and business sides. Munzee will only grow from here- especially considering the growth of the company’s business ventures.

The Munzee Marketplace

What started as a convenience store to provide the downtown McKinney workers with an affordable snack option has grown into something much bigger than anyone at MHQ could have imagined. The Munzee Marketplace is now McKinney’s premier option for local, organic, fresh foods. The Marketplace has partnered with various local vendors and has big plans on the horizon that make Munzee proud.MarketplacEE

MHQBashEmblemMHQ Bash

All the extra space from the Marketplace was handy for MHQ’s first official event. In connection with Downtown McKinney’s Oktoberfest Celebration, MHQ Bash featured three days of activities that nearly 200 people joined us for. After seeing some of the great events our players have thrown over the year, we knew we had to go big. We learned a lot about how to plan and execute events (a learning experience to say the least) and we know next year’s Bash will be even bigger.

GemVirtEmerald128Official Virtual Garden

Speaking of learning experiences, there’s still a lot the players have to teach us. Much like MHQ Bash, players have made their own virtual gardens for a while and needless to say we have been super impressed with what our players have created. So in connection with the emerald family jewel we made our first official virtual garden outside of McKinney and our players helped us fill it in. It took a little maneuvering and some help from our players with our design, but we’re proud of the new garden and excited to release more official gardens around the world.

Rob2_128 (1)The Traveling President

President Rob Vardeman may have done a bit of Virtual Garden scouting during his world travels this year as well. CoachV started his presidency with an oath to expand the player connection and he has not wavered on that promise. For as busy as we keep Rob in the office he still made as many trips to as many events as possible this year. From Germany to California to Canada and everywhere in between, the President racked up the frequent flyer miles, sometimes squeezing trips into a 24 hour span- and enjoyed every minute of it.

Football- More Kicks- Points: 20 split cap & ownerCopa Do Munzo

It’s hard not to enjoy world travels, especially when you’re in Germany days after they won the World Cup. Rob got to experience just this during his trip to Cologne, Germany. To celebrate the world’s favorite sport, Munzee blasted the world with football special icons and held a competition where players could vote on who they thought would win in the Copa Do Munzo competition. As many guessed, Germany won the cup and Rob was on hand to reward the faithful football fans.

Special Icons

Much like the footballs that bounced across the map, this year featured a lot of special icons. From 8-bit ghostzees to non-exploding London dynamite, the unique and eclectic assortment of specials got players out at odd hours and in new places hunting for munzees. This year’s specials not only took the game to different levels, but also gave us an opportunity to do good for others as well…

Charity Fundraising

The benefit of special icons is that they are constantly interchangeable and can be used in unique ways, like helping raise money for charity in a fun way. Our players came out in full force multiple times this year to use Munzee for good. The Autism Puzzle Hearts brought in $5000 for the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation, The RMH Virtuals garnered $25,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Spokane, and the ALS Ice cubes raised $54,000 for Project A.L.S.. Needless to say 2014 was a big year in many ways!

3rd Birthday Celebrations

July 2014 also marked Munzee’s official 3rd Birthday Celebration, or #FiestaThree as we called it. We kicked off the month-long celebration by introducing Ruby Munzees, held various events every third day of the month and even had Pinata special icons that players could smash open. The whole month was a huge celebration and our players even sent in special Happy Birthday pictures and videos for Munzee. Players also took advantage of Rovers in order to get the Birthday Barker badge. Speaking of Rovers…


During one of his many trips this year, Rob and other members of Team MHQ announced the arrival of Rovers at Munzee Madness 3 in California. Rover is a supplemental piece to the game, and in fact a game within the game of Munzee. Rover is an extremely unique part of Munzee because although it is not a munzee type it encourages players to travel and expand their personal maps. Since its announcement in March, all the active Rovers in the world have traveled a whopping 61 million miles!RoverCaptured

Clan Wars

Another huge part of this year was the Munzee Clan Wars. Players battled it out month after month, fighting for that number one spot and the ever-glorious Super Chuck. This aspect of the game has shown MHQ how dedicated our players really are and the lengths they are willing to go in the name of Munzee. As we head into the new year we’re sure our players will take the battles to an even higher level and the Clan count will only grow from there!

Podcast/ Videocast

In case you couldn’t tell from our world-traveling President, Munzee is all about transparency and our player relations are extremely important to us. So what better way to interact with our players on a weekly basis than with a podcast? Our weekly update on all things Munzee has evolved a lot over the year. We’ve recently turned our podcast into an interactive videocast that players can now ask us questions each week, which has furthered the connection we get to make with our players. Be sure to join us Tuesdays at 1 pm (MHQ Time) for the live videocast where you can interact with us, ask questions and see us stumble over our words!


As big as 2014 was, 2015 is going to be even bigger. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the year was the development of our new app Eventzee! The private events-based app will not only expand the Munzee events system, but will help our business grow to new reaches and in turn grow the Munzee map as well. We’re currently beta-testing the app and fixing any final kinks, but Eventzee will be a huge part of the new year.



Thank you to all of our players for a great 2014. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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August 26, 2014

Announcing the ALS Ice Cube Special Virtual

ALSBadge_720The Texas heat may be sweltering, but Team Munzee has caught the cold! This morning at the Munzee Marketplace Team Munzee took part in the ever growing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and we’re happy to announce we’re taking it a step further. Based on our previous charity fundraisers (See: RMH) we know the impact that our players can make and now we want to help the ALS Association. New special virtual icons featuring ice cubes are now for sale in the Munzee store and proceeds will be donated to ALS research.

Packs of 4 ALS virtual ice cube munzees are for sale until the early September. The owner of the ice cube virtual gets 32 points when they deploy and 32 points will be split between owner and capper when it is captured. An in-game badge will also be earned for any player who captures or deploys an ALS ice virtual.  These virtual munzees are available for purchase through early September with no limit in quantity. Although we’re proud to be a part of such a big movement, be warned that this ice will melt. The ALS virtual ice will melt into your archived list at the end of September. 

ALS_icon_128pxTeam Munzee is proud of the impact our players can make and we look forward to all the good we can do.Below you can watch Team Munzee participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We challenge our players to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge as well as the Gurus of Geocaching and fellow Downtown McKinney businesses. #StrikeOutALS

  To learn more about ALS and how you can help please visit

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November 1, 2013

Munzvember is here!

It’s November 1st, and Munzvember has finally arrived!  If you’re not familiar with Munzvember, be sure to read HERE and HERE to get caught up.  Team Munzee’s been amping up all week preparing for Munzvember, and we’d like to share some of the fun with you!

Rob had a very “smooth” morning getting ready:

coachV’s Munzvember transformation!

So don’t forget to support Munzvember with Munzvember Mustache Virtual Pin from the Munzee store, and join Team Munzee as we change the face of Men’s Health via Movember.

Ladies, you’re not sitting this one out!  Get creative and help support Team Munzee this Munzvember.  Support your friends/family/nicely mustached strangers with Mustache pins, or become a Mo’ Sista on Team Munzee’s official Movember team!  Encourage your fellow players with creative mustache themes!  Check out this impromptu “Mustache Deploy kit” player LeftOvers4Dinner threw together for Munzvember:

DIY Mustache Deploy Kit!

DIY Mustache Deploy Kit!

If you’d like to share your Munzvember face or any fun adventures this month with Team Munzee, drop us a line at:  We’ll be happy to share your mug’ with all our Pinterest and Twitter friends!


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October 23, 2013

Munzee Movember – Team Update and Prize announcement!

As you may know, Team Munzee is participating in Movember this November, and we really want our players to get involved!  Click Here if you’d like to learn more about Movember.

You can join our team HERE:

We’d also like to announce that joining Team Munzee on Movember’s website makes you eligible to win a prize from Team Munzee.  The player who receives the most donations ($USD) toward Team Munzee will receive a prize of:

20 Diamond Munzees

20 Mystery Munzee

4 Motels

All this will go to the player who joins Team Munzee and raises the most donations for the team.  You must join Team Munzee on the Movember website.  This is open to all; males and females (MoBro & MoSista)

So get involved this Movember!  Your contribution will help change the face of Men’s Health worldwide, and you might just win a prize!




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October 18, 2013

Team Munzee makes a Difference in Movember!

November 1st is the official start of Movember, and the freshly shorn men of Team Munzee will be growing a mustache to raise funds and awareness for Men’s Health.  It’s going to be a “hairy” journey, and we want you to be a part of it!

What’s Movember?  Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women worldwide join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. Men grow a Mo (moustache) for 30 days essentially turning themselves into walking, talking billboards of cancer awareness!  Ladies, you’re not left out, women can support a Mo’ by becoming a Mo’ Sista and share awareness as well!  A moustache is the mark of a man, and today it is a symbol to spark conversations about important health issues.  Movember, an official global charity, supports world-class men’s health programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer.

Team Munzee has started an official team on the Movember site, and we’re fighting for our right to change the face of men’s health.  Join Team Munzee and register for Movember on  Guys, pledge to grow a Mo’ today!  Ladies, join the team to support Team Munzee’s Mo’ Bros, by becoming a Mo’ Sista!  We’re really excited about Movember, and would love to see the Munzee community come together for such a great cause.

Movember is a worldwide movement, originating in Australia, so Team Munzee would love to have representatives from every Munzee nation involved this year! If you’d like to join us, click the following link to join Team Munzee, then don’t forget to start Movember clean shaven :

(Once you register with and join Team Munzee, you’ll find more details on how to get involved.  This includes getting your friends, family, and community to donate, and how to donate directly to the Movember cause.)

The fun of Movember doesn’t stop there.  Team Munzee is pulling out all stops to get the Munzee community involved with Movember.  We want to prove to the world that the fun of Munzee isn’t just getting outdoors and having some healthy fun, it’s also about creating a healthy cancer-free world.

-Post pictures of your Mo’ progress on Pinterest and Instagram!  You can tag us via @Munzeeapp and be sure to use the hashtag #Movember to help spread awareness.  Pinterest pins will be added to our #Movember Pin Board on Pinterest, and we’ll randomly give “Likes” and shout-outs (Tweets) for our Instagram friends!

We’re also selling Mustache Pins! Mustache Pins will be $1.00 (USD) each.  100% of the profits for each Mustache Pin sale will go towards a non-specific charity once Movember is over!


The Mustache Pins will be available in the Munzee Store November 1st through November 30th.  Pins will also display on the Munzee map from November 1st through November 30th only (they will be archived on December 1).  So purchase as soon as possible to get some great ‘stache exposure.  Our Mustache Pins will have the same amount of points as regular Virtual Munzees, and follow the same in-game rules.

We’re honored by all of our players who are committed to Movember, and that’s why any player that purchases a Mustache Pin will be awarded a “Munzvember” icon.  We’re also offering perks for players that go above and beyond, awarding special badges for the amount of pins purchased towards the Movember campaign.  Here’s the badge icon hierarchy:

1-Basic stache

25-Hulk Hogan

50- Fu-Man Chu

75- Rollie Fingers

100- Tom Selleck

Everyone here at Team Munzee is passionate about Movember, and we want the awesome Munzee community of players to get involved.  We’ve read countless stories and met so many of you who have amazing stories of Munzee changing your health. One of the many things we’ve learned is that Munzee offers a fun, healthy experience for the entire family.  Our passion for the outdoor game experience fits right in-line with healthy causes like Movember, and we want to prove it to the world.  Show your support for Movember and Men’s Health.

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