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June 17, 2019

Meet Munzee Munzday: Wylie

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. To bring back this fun way to introduce team members, here is one invaluable member of MHQ who you might not know a whole lot about. However, she’s the lady who is responsible for all of the wonderful orders you receive! 

A recent picture of Dylan and me

Name and Title:

Wylie and I’m the Production Specialist (or so it says next to my name) (WylCrawford)

Where are you from?

Where are you from? I was born in Cape Cod, MA. I spent a majority of my childhood moving throughout Kansas, and I currently reside in good ol’ McKinney, TX.

Me and my spitfire, Etta

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a self-made, 27 year old, occasional thousandaire with a drive to work all day and sleep all day.

How long have your worked for Munzee?

I approved my first Eventzee hunt in March 2015, but I don’t think I was brought on as a full time Eventzee photo approver until 2016. In November 2017 I became a part time in-office employee, helping out with minor production work and slowly transitioning to handling shipping. As of the first of this year (2019), I am a full time employee and no longer focus on anything Eventzee related.

MHBash 3 with Matt (left) and Dylan

How did you find Munzee?

Through my husband, Dylan

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

The rigorous hours and back breaking labor 😉 Honestly, I love the working environment. Creativity is encouraged. Every employee has a deep-seated love for Munzee, and our unified goals to better all aspects of the company make for a happy office life. Working with Munzee, interacting with players, and pushing my creative abilities is a better job than I ever could have imagined.

MHBash 2 with Dylan

What are some of your other hobbies?

Other than anything Corgi related? Raising a beautiful little spit-fire with my darling husband. Staying up way too late enjoying cult classic movies and sleeping in just late enough to make it brunch. There is a large part of my heart dedicated to photography as well.

Famous last words?

Why spoil the moment with words when I could say it all with an “I Told You So” glare.

Stay tuned to get to know more members of Team Munzee and Freeze Tag! 

Hiking in flip flops to cap a Munzee with (L-R) Rob, Dylan, Matt, and Louise

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June 14, 2019

Introducing Our TWO Latest Places Munzees!

Oh the places you’ll go, and the places you’ve been… where has Munzee taken you?! Hopefully on plenty of adventures! And there are many more fun Munzee trips in store for you with our latest Places Munzees, Transportation Places and Play Park Places, available in the Freeze Tag Online Store today at 15:00 MHQ time!

You can shop our latest Places Munzees today, in addition to our existing Places Munzees, including Cinema, Unique Attractions, Historical, and many more! Places Munzees are positioned at locations of interest around the world in order to offer players the ability to capture them once per MHQ day. For more details about Places Munzees, check out the help manual.

Transportation Places Munzees can be deployed at mass transit stations around the world. These include train and bus stations, as well as subway or rail line stops. Play Park Places Munzees can be deployed at smaller parks and playgrounds around the world. National Parks, Amusement Parks and school playgrounds will not be accepted. (See disclaimers below.)

Like other Places, our latest additions will NOT be blastable. The Transportation and Play Park Places Munzees will both have a 1,000 foot capture radius around them.


  • Deploy: 40
  • Capture: 20
  • CapOn: 10

Capturing the Transportation or Play Park Places will count towards the Places capture badges and the Places streak badges. We hope our latest Places are an asset to your Munzee adventures! We will continue to add new categories of Places Munzees in the future, as our line continues to expand!

Munzee on!

Transportation Disclaimer: Please note that any stations should be easily identifiable from Google Maps. Please bear with our support staff and if they decline your submission please work with them to locate the area for confirmation.

Play Park Disclaimer: Please note that any play parks should be easily identifiable from Google Maps. Please bear with our support staff and if they decline your submission please work with them to locate the area for confirmation.

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June 12, 2019

Munzee Birthday Events Prepare to Commence!

Munzee is turning 8 next month, which means there are 8 weeks of birthday events to be enjoyed starting Friday! The 8zee’s (80’s) themed events will run from June 14 all the way through August 11 in order to offer plenty of opportunity to celebrate Munzee with your best retro attire!

While custom artwork is no longer available for the early birthday events (players booked it up fast!), we have awesome generic artwork packages available! Generic artwork packages cost $50 for an icon and $50 for a badge. Badges can be customized to include the event name, place and date. These retro designs are a great addition for your event attendees to earn! If your event is late July or August custom artwork is still a possibility.

We encourage players to keep adding events to the calendar, as there are plenty more chances to host over the next 8 weeks! There are 4 available packages for hosts to choose from, along with a unique host badge for each package!

There will also be an Attendee Badge to earn, as well as plenty of extras to scoop up during the celebrations!

Magic 8 Attendee – attend one of the 8zees birthday bash celebrations to earn this badge!

With birthday events kicking off this weekend, we can’t wait to see how players celebrate the 8zee’s! Remember the event host will choose a winner at each event based on best 80s attire. In order to earn the special badge for winning this costume contest, the event host must send the player name and photo taken at the event of the winning look to Louise. Unfortunately we will not be able to award any Best Dressed badges without those two pieces of information, so be sure to get them in!

Best Dressed 8zees badge- start planning your 80s outfits now for the chance to win!

Although Best Dressed winners will be chosen by event hosts, we want to see ALL OF YOU in your retro 80s attire! So share images to social media of your coolest throwback threads and be sure to use #8zees and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Two more great bits of news for event hosts! In the next few days you will notice new tools available for you to control your events more through the calendar admin section. You will be able to slightly tweak the coordinates for your pink pin, set cohosts, AND control your go live time. All of this is to allow event hosts the ability to adjust final details as needed. You will also be able to archive your event when it is over.

Also we are preparing to move your event communications to a new email address. Louise will be moving over the next few days to work from — Current hosts will hear from her with details on events and future hosts will begin their communications at the new address. Thanks for your patience while we move her systems!

Munzee on!

Remember that the Official Birthday Bash will be held with the California team this year in Tustin, CA! There’s still plenty of time to RSVP and join the California Team, Matt, Dylan, and Emma in the Golden State!

**You must login on the calendar page to indicate you are going to an event now**

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June 11, 2019

Join Us in California for Munzee’s Official Birthday Bash!

Munzee is turning 8 this year, and Friday, June 14 will kick off a whole eight weeks of birthday events! As we’ve announced, the Official Birthday Bash will take place in Tustin, CA with the California team this year! You can RSVP now to join Craig, Mick, Mari, and Tamara, as well as Matt, Dylan, and Emma flying in from MHQ, for an unforgettable 8th birthday bash on July 20!

Official Birthday Bash

All team members attending Munzee’s Official Birthday Bash on July 20th will be equipped with new badges for your scanning pleasure!

Players in attendance can earn exclusive Traveling Team Badges when they meet FT team members at events! Players at GeoWoodstock earned Texas license plates, but attendees at the CA Birthday Event can earn these retro Cali license plates. That’s the power of love!

We’re also happy to announce some awesome Virtual Gardens that all players can deploy in to get in on the birthday celebration fun even if they can’t make it out to the Golden State! Feel free to deploy in the Keytar and Magic 8 Ball gardens while there are still available spaces! Follow the links to the spreadsheets to help us grow these groovy gardens and if you need some help check out our “How to deploy in a Virtual Garden” help guide article!

There’s nothing like the joy of CapOn points to get you in the birthday spirit! While we have yet to release a pink event pin, these gardens are both deployed near the event location. Stay tuned for the pink pin, which will be deployed sometime in the next week.

We will also be releasing more information about the birthday bash in the near future! For now, you can get started on earning CapOn points or picking out your best 80s attire (maybe dusting off some old boxes) if you plan to attend the event in person!

Don’t forget even if you can’t make it to California for our get together, there may be a Munzee event near you! Check out the Munzee Event Calendar and RSVP today!

Munzee with Matt!

If you’re unable to make it out to California, but still want to celebrate Munzee, luckily there are plenty of events to fuel your summer! (Or winter!) There will also be a number of opportunities to hang out with Matt, who will be attending the following Munzee events in July. He’ll also have exclusive Traveling Team Badges for each of his trips, so be sure to say hi!

Midwest Munzee Bash 2019 

Munzee Meets Djursland and DK – Aarhus M8

Minnesota “CRAZY 8” Events 

  • CRAZY 8 (morning event) on Saturday, July 13
  • CRAZY 8 (evening event) on Saturday, July 13
  • CRAZY 8 Bee Walla Crazy on Saturday, July 13

We can’t wait to see how players celebrate Munzee in their best 80s attire! Whether you’re able to make it out to California or any of the events over the next 8 weeks, be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use #8zees so that we can see and share your images!

Munzee on!

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June 10, 2019

Meet Munzee Munzday: Hammock

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. Would you like to learn more about the unicorn loving man with the ban hammer?! Here’s some information you might not have known about Hammock! 

3D Flat Hammock

Name and Title:

Daniel Hammock, Player Support for Munzee (HKSFarm)

Where are you from?

Born in Baltimore, MD; Currently living in Littlestown, PA

Tell us about yourself:

The man with the ban

My name is Daniel Hammock, a.k.a. “The Ban Hammer Wielding Unicorn Lover.” I work part time for Munzee and full time at Domino Sugar as an operator 1, but sometimes it feels like it is the other way around. Ha! I’m 39 years old. I am married to Nikki and have 3 kids, 2 boys (DJ and Austin) and 1 girl (Kaci). I run the Monthly Munzee Giveaway, approve Places Munzees, give out WallaBee birthday cakes, and punish all that dare to cheat in Munzee with the BAN HAMMER.

How long have your worked for Munzee?

I started working for Munzee when Rob finally got tired of me begging to help out and he finally let me help with support tickets. I have been doing that ever since 2014.

From Left to Right: Myself, Nikki, Kaci, DJ, Austin

How did you find Munzee?

I first found Munzee looking for alternate ‘caching apps. When I downloaded it and tried it, there were very few Munzees for me to find. So I didn’t really play much at first until a while later when my friends CodyHollowFarm and DudleyGrunt told me that they were playing it. So I got back into it and have been hooked ever since!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

I love the community of players we have. It is like a big family. I enjoy seeing the players taking care of one another by deploying munzees to help out others in need. I also wanted to give back to my fellow Munzee players. So I made the “Hksfarm’s Monthly Munzee Giveaway” group on Facebook. I love watching Youtube videos, I love Munzee, and I love giving things away, so this was a step in the right direction for me.

Unicorn lovers

What are some of your other hobbies?

I love Jeeps and working on mine. I play other GPS location games such as PokemonGo and Geocaching. I love camping when I can and getting outdoors as much as possible. Metal detecting is another of my hobbies. One day I will find that buried treasure!

Famous last words?

We are watching you… Always watching… 😉

Disclaimer: I don’t enjoy banning players. I wish everyone would play fair and not violate the Code of Conduct. I am a giver. I love sharing what Rob calls “My key to the treasure chest,” so here is an armchair prize wheel I set up for you all to capture and hopefully you will get some goodies from it! 🙂

Stay tuned to get to know more members of Team Munzee and Freeze Tag! 

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June 4, 2019

Team Munzee Tuezday: Matt

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. While Matt is one of Munzee’s most recognizable faces, there might be some things you don’t know about him! That’s why we had him update his answers! Today we’re taking the time to get to know Matt, Munzee’s resident cowboy. Does he look familiar to any new players? Perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of deploying or capturing a Flat Matt Munzee!

Name and Title:

Matthew McCann; eCommerce and Web Manager (matthewmccann)

Where are you from?

Born: Lake Havasu, Arizona; Hometown: Laguna Vista, Texas; Currently: McKinney, Texas

Tell us about yourself:

I spent most of my life in South Texas before moving to Richardson to attend UT Dallas. I’ve now been in the DFW area for almost 9 years. I love sports and traveling, especially when I can combine the two, and I’m on a mission to visit all 30 MLB parks before I turn 30— I’m at 17, so I’ve got a few to go. I also love trying/visiting craft breweries with friends. Other than that, you can usually find me tinkering with electronics —my office is often referred to as Radio Shack— or binging shows and movies.

Matt celebrates the successful launch of Munzee 4.0 with Dylan and Rob in January 2019 

How long have you worked for Munzee?

I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with Munzee/Freeze Tag in early May.

How did you find Munzee?

I actually knew Rob before he started working for Munzee from supporting our local minor league hockey team. When I was looking for a job during summer break in college, it was brought up that Munzee was looking to add someone new to the team. I interviewed and started a week later. (Employee #4!)

Matt found the Geocaching Vlogger (and a unicorn!) at the MunzEE event in West Bend, Wisconsin in 2017

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

In the last five years, a lot has changed: five offices, countless job titles, a merger, etc. One thing that hasn’t, though, is the dedication of both the team and the players. For employees, this isn’t just a job. We put so much of ourselves both physically and emotionally into our work (and often times rope our families and friends into it). We also see players who have done so much for the community and us that you won’t find in other games, not to mention other jobs. They’ve become good friends to many of us. When you put those together, it creates such an amazing experience that I’m grateful to have had and continue to have. So, if I haven’t said this to you before, thank you! Also, I’m pretty partial to that really cool game piece called Flat Matt. 😉

What are some of your other hobbies? 

Who needs other hobbies when you have Munzee?? Ha! But, like I said before, traveling and sports is mostly where it’s at. I’m also a pretty big SciFi nerd, so I go to conventions when I can. I also love music and going to concerts.

Famous last words?

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” – The Doctor

Check back next week to get to know another member of Team Munzee and Freeze Tag!

Matt headed to Kansas City for “A Spooktacular KC Halloween” in 2017 where he had the pleasure of spending time with players 

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May 31, 2019

May Players of the Month and June POTM Requirements!

Can you believe tomorrow is already the first day of June?! That means it will be Munzee’s birthday in no time! It’s also time to give a big Munzee shoutout to the many players who earned the May Player of the Month (POTM) badge for capturing 500 or more uniques of a specific myth. While some declared this feat to be quite challenging, we’re happy to have awarded hundreds of players for being absolute Myth Masters!

Congratulations to all who earned May POTM! And now it’s time to move on to next month’s requirements, which will call for nominations!

June POTM Requirements

Ready to give some recognition to hard-working players who go above and beyond? We will be awarding the POTM title to outstanding clan coordinators during the month of June! Do you know someone who is able to rally a team and coordinate the troops to victory? Many players put in hard work and careful consideration when organizing Clan Wars, and it’s about time they received their due recognition! These players could organize one clan or multiple clans so be sure to let us know the name of the player and clan(s).

If you know an outstanding clan organizer, email their player name to by June 25 at 15:00 MHQ time to nominate them for the chance to earn June POTM! Remember that anyone who earned the Player of the Week badge previously IS able to earn the Player of the Month badge as well! The criteria for POTM changes each month, so stay tuned for the July POTM criteria if June isn’t your month to shine.

Congratulations to our May POTM winners!

Munzee on!

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May 31, 2019

MedZEEval Times MHQ Bash 6 Packages Revealed!

Get ready to sharpen your swords, dust off your jousting lance, and summon your squire, because the theme for MHQ Bash 6 will be MedZEEval Times! The 6th Annual MHQ Bash will be held from Friday, September 27 through Sunday, September 29.


What exactly will MedZEEval Times entail? We promise, this will be a weekend of victory that you won’t soon forget! Today we are excited to reveal the package dates and options. This year we will be offering two package choices, as well as the opportunity for two additional add-ons. The package options are as follows:

Court Jester- FREE

  • Name Tag
  • Access to events

King’s Court- $50

  • Access to Events
  • Name Tag and Lanyard
  • Clan War Bag
  • T-Shirt*
  • 2 Blast Caps**
  • Magnet and Virtual Magnet**
  • A new In-Game item to be announced at a later date
  • Special Edition Collectible/Commemorative Item

A Night With Knights- $50

  • Medieval Times dinner and show add-on with unique icon/badge only for attendees

*When choosing Between MedZEEval Times packages… UPDATE: Shirt size is not selected at this time. Sorry for the confusion. We will send out a survey for shirt size when sales conclude.
** Blast Caps and Magnets for this package will be awarded when you check-in to MHQ Bash in September. 

You can shop the complete MedZEEval Times package options HERE!

Event Details

While we’re not ready to reveal all of the weekend details just yet, we would like to share what the Medieval Times dinner and show add-on will entail if you purchase A Night With Knights. Medieval Times provides the ultimate medieval immersion experience. This family-friendly dinner attraction draws inspiration from medieval tournaments and feasts. Guests enjoy a four-course meal (vegetarian options available) and are able to cheer for one of six competing knights as they engage in a tournament of jousting and fun.

The four-course meal will be included in the package, and it will consist of garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roast chicken, buttered sweet corn, seasoned potatoes, dessert, coffee, and two non-alcoholic beverages. There will also be a full-service bar, gift shop, and Hall of Arts. And of course, in custom with medieval traditions, you will have to eat with your hands!

Families, please keep in mind that every person joining us this night will need to purchase the A Night With Knights add-on for each person who wishes to attend regardless of whether or not Munzee accounts are joined. Though Medieval Times tickets are more affordable for children if purchased directly from the website, we will not be able to guarantee that anyone will be able to sit with the group unless they order through our packages.

More information regarding complete event schedules will be released soon, but the format will be similar to previous years. There will be activities during registration Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon (WallaBash), Saturday evening (public event separate from ANWK), and Sunday morning. There will also be a wide variety of specials and badges to earn at each event, not to mention all of the munzees to capture in the McKinney area! For more information about WallaBash, be sure to check out the WallaBee Blog in the coming days! 

We can’t wait to ride gallantly into the night atop a golden unicorn with you this fall! Okay, it might not be THAT awesome, but MedZEEval Times will still be pretty great!  Stay tuned for more information!

Munzee on!

***Please note that  food orders will only be included for the “A Night With Knights” package add-on, but there will be opportunities to eat during some of the events.***

***To guarantee availability of all items in packages, online registration will close on August 23, 2019 at 15:00 MHQ time. Packages will be available for purchase at the event, but we cannot guarantee all items will be available.***

***Please purchase only one package per person who will be attending. Everyone must have at least the free package. If you have a joint account, please purchase a package for each person (they do not have to be the same package).***

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May 31, 2019

LegaZeeOps- Operation: Pre:Evolution (June 2019)

Agents, ZeeOps HQ’s system has been hacked and all of our files on past missions have been erased! You’ll have to recreate past Operations in what we’re calling LegaZeeOps. It’s up to you to keep the legacy of this organization in tact. The missions for this month are the same that were originally available in June 2017’s Operations.

Agents, your hard work in May has paid off and the final factions of the Mean Green Gang have been dismantled. Although we’re always on the lookout for another uprising, it seems the reign of the Mean Green Gang has ended. The enemy has fallen, but your work is not done. 

ZeeOps Scientists have started developing an evolutionary strain of munzees. These Evolution Munzees, also known as Evos, come in many forms. We’re still in the testing phase, but we need our agents to see how these Evos react in the real world. It is up to you to capture and deploy a variety of these Evos for the sake of science. 

June 2019 ZeeOps Operations are now live and you can begin planning your Missions to start on the following day. You can plan your Operations at and purchase more ZeeCred in the Freeze Tag Online Store. Remember that if you hit a snag at any point in your Operation you can use the Mission Mulligan feature to keep going!

Since this month’s requirements are focused on Evolution Munzees, you may want to stock up in the Freeze Tag store! You can also pick up Evos in a monthly MunzPak subscription!

By completing any Operation this month you’ll earn the new “LegaZeeOps- Operation: Pre:Evolution” badge.

This month’s Missions are as follows:

Basic Training + – 
Earn at least 1,000 points.
Defensive Training- Deploy at least 10 munzees.
Offensive Training- Capture at least 25 munzees.
Evolutionary Studies I- Deploy at least 5 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees.
Evolutionary Studies II- Capture at least 10 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees.

Group Training + – 
Earn at least 1,000 cap-on points.
Evolution Examination – Capture at least 5 different types of physical or virtual Evolution Munzees. NOTE capturing different levels of the same type of Evo will not count toward this mission.
Field Test Studies – Capture at least 25 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees.
Developmental Deploys – Deploy at least 10 Evolution Munzees.
Virtual Surreality- 
Capture at least 100 virtual munzees of any type.

Advanced Training- 
Earn at least 10,000 points.
Always Aware- 
Deploy at least 50 physical munzees of any type.
Interrogation Practices- Capture at least 100 greenies.
Virtual Virus- Capture at least 500 virtual munzees of any type.
A Missing Link- Capture at least 25 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees AND deploy at least 10 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees.

Expert Training- 
Earn at least 50,000 points.
Laboratory On The Loose!- Capture at least 50 physical or virtual Evolution Munzee.
Evolution Emergency- Deploy at least 25 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees.
Reconnaissance- Deploy at least 100 physical munzees of any type.
Hit The Streets- Capture at least 250 physical type munzees.

Completing Operations will give you some hard earned rewards as well.

This month’s rewards are:

Basic Op
Rewards: 1 ruby, 3 virtuals, 3 virtual colors, with 5 ZeeCred

Advanced Op
Rewards: 1 scatter, 2 ruby, 2 virtuals, 1 diamond, 2 virtual colors, with 10 ZeeCred

Mega Op
Rewards: 2 ruby, 2 diamond, 2 virtuals, 2 scatter, 1 sapphire, 2 virtual colors, with 25 ZeeCred

Ultra Op
Rewards: 3 ruby, 2 diamond, 2 sapphire, 4 virtuals, 2 scatter, 4 virtual colors, with 50 ZeeCred

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…

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May 30, 2019

June Resolutions Badge Details

Our monthly Capture Streak badges have been centered around a year of personal improvement through highlighting different monthly resolutions. This month we’re challenging players to save money for the June Resolutions badge.

Each month’s unique badge is dedicated to accomplishing another New Year’s Resolution. Like our Super Streak badges, you will be awarded a badge if you capture at least one Munzee* each day for the entire month. The monthly Capture Streak badges allow for the chance to work towards a different goal each month in order to bring about a year of positive growth and change.

Tips for Saving

While some are naturally skilled in the art of restraint, others need more motivation to hold themselves back from bleeding their wallets dry. However, no matter how careless you might be with your spending, it is entirely possible to reverse your financial situation by adhering to ways to save money. To maximize your long-term profits, take advantage of interest when moving around bank account assets. Take inventory of the items you have accumulated over the years, and rather than continue to add to the collection, consider what you can sell. There’s a good chance you can profit from scarcely used items in your possession.

Instead of purchasing items when the mood strikes, carefully plan your shopping endeavors. Collect coupons, sign up for rewards programs, and stock up during seasonal sales. Purchase items in their off-season, and plan ahead for holiday shopping. For example, it will be far more cost effective to purchase winter apparel at the end of the cold season and save it for the next year if you know you’ll be needing a new coat in the future. Be thrifty with your spending, and don’t leave important purchases or gifts for the last minute. By planning ahead, you can secure the most desirable prices rather than shell out extra cash for a last minute need.

Stick to your shopping list, and restrain from impulse purchases. Decide which nights you want to go out, and stick to a set budget when you do so or plan social outings around discount nights. Take care of the items that you do have, and invest in high quality, long-lasting items rather than disposable trendy apparel. Be conscious of how much money you spend on take out and eating away from home and how often you waste electricity. Investing in smart appliances is a great way to lower bills and help the environment.

No, you won’t be able to take your money to the grave. But with life being so unpredictable, you never know when some extra savings could be your saving grace. Additionally, by abstaining from giving in to momentary purchases and whims, you can save your hard-earned money for things that matter, like visiting a faraway friend or relative or doing something that you’ve dreamed of. Avoid hardship down the line and open the possibility for more opportunities by being a bit more reserved with your spending.

Munzee on!

* In order to encourage active gameplay we will not count Social Munzees for these capture streaks. If you know you’ll be in an area without munzees, plan ahead!

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