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January 26, 2021

Ask Aphrodite Listeners, Here’s What We Were Hinting At!

Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, the month of February is the perfect time to share the love with friends, family, and yourself! If you were a fan of our Holiday Card Collectors Club or missed out on it, here’s your chance at a similar experience! We are excited to introduce the Valentines Card Collectors Club (VCCC), which you’re able to purchase starting NOW in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Expect a surprise inside every day leading up to (and including) Valentine’s Day! Since this period is about half of the Holiday Mailbox‘s, the price will be slightly lower, as you’ll see below! Like the HCCC, Club members will receive virtual items only.

Mail Call!

You’ll need a Valentines Mailbox Munzee to receive your VCCC goodies!

When you deploy this new game piece nearby it will only be visible to AND cappable by you. To ensure that you are able to capture this new game piece each day, you’ll also be able to update its location if you’ll be traveling at any point during the mailbox period. You can only move the box in app and do NOT need to undeploy first. We really don’t want you to miss out! It is very important you capture it each day until (and including) Valentine’s Day.

It’s worth 100 deploy points!  When it comes to captures you’ll receive 10 points before February; mystery number of points during the mailbox period. The mailbox can be captured up to 1000 feet away and is found under the Virtuals filter but ONLY visible to the OWNER. The Valentines Mailbox will be archived after Valentine’s Day. THE VALENTINES MAILBOX MUST BE DEPLOYED IN APP!

How the Valentines Mailbox Works:

Starting February 1st at 00:01 MHQ, each day you cap your Valentines Mailbox you will be awarded a different Valentine-themed Greeting Card capture, similar to the HCCC. Please note that you’ll only be able to earn that specific card on that day, so you really don’t want to miss a day. Once you cap that card you’ll earn points, and depending on which tier of Club Membership you purchase you may also get some extra prizes!

There are 3 tiers of Club Membership you can purchase HERE. As stated above, since the time period for this mailbox is shorter, we’ve reduced the prices — but expect to receive the same kinds of heart-pumping deliveries as those from the HCCC! You are only able to purchase ONE tier per player account.

  • Tier 1 “Capper” is available for $5 and includes the NEW Valentines Mailbox, which will deliver 14 Greeting Card munzees for you to capture.
  • Tier 2 “Giver” is available for $10 and includes everything in Tier 1 PLUS a matching Valentine Card each day for you to deploy, maybe near a friend? That’s 14 new cards to deploy on top of the 14 you can cap! You’ll also get some special bonuses scattered throughout the mailbox period, which could be double points days, exclusive specials or scatters to cap, credits or undeployed munzees, etc.
  • Tier 3 “Collector” is available for $15 and includes everything in Tier 2 PLUS all bonuses we have planned (some that Tier 2 will not have access to), AND a special Special Delivery Cupid temporary POB deployed from your account on February 1st! The bonus rewards will be well worth joining this tier over the previous two. You can find out more about Special Delivery Cupid below!

Once you’ve decided on a Tier, you can purchase it in the FT Store! Please make absolutely sure you’re satisfied with the Tier you select before purchasing, as we may not be able to change it. You may only join one tier. You will still be able to purchase these Club Memberships into February, but you won’t be able to earn rewards from the days that have passed. We suggest purchasing your Club Membership as soon as possible to start learning the mysteries of the mailbox and prepare for February fun!

Special Delivery Cupid Details

As previously stated, the Special Delivery Cupid is a temporary POB. It will deploy on your account when you capture your Valentines Mailbox on February 1. The mailbox must be capped on February 1st 00:01-23:59 MHQ time to deploy Cupid. It will bounce to both physical and virtual munzees, specifically: Greenies, Fire Mysteries, Seasonals, Reseller Unique Munzees, all Virtual Colors, Air Mysteries, Post Office Places, Treehouses, and Skylands every 5 hours or when capped. It will stay on the map until 23:59 MHQ on February 28, when it will be automatically archived on your account.


  • Deploy: 750
  • Capture: 300
  • CapOn: 150

Similar to the Modern Myths, when the Special Delivery Cupid is captured 1 NEW Heart Arrow munzee will be scattered nearby!

The Heart Arrow will only be visible to the player who capped the Special Delivery Cupid, and will be deployed on the Special Delivery Cupid owner’s account. This means that unlike Feathers, there are CapOn points for the owner! This Heart Arrow will NOT count for Deploy streaks, so be warned.

The rewards for Heart Arrows are as follows:

  • Capture: 50-150 points and a small chance to earn some Zeds
  • CapOn: 75-175 points

Like the Cyborg Santa, the Special Delivery Cupid will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a Special Delivery Cupid on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Special Delivery Cupid visits you. However, Special Delivery Cupids are non-blastable. They will be attracted to Munzee Magnets and Virtual Munzee Magnets. You can access Special Delivery Cupid by turning on your “All Limited Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials” filters.


Deploying Special Delivery Cupid will earn you the following badge:

There is also a line of capture badges that you can earn for Special Delivery Cupid and Heart Arrow captures, but we’ll be keeping the badge images a secret for now!

Join us in celebrating the first half of February with 14 days of joyous surprises! Are you ready to join the Club?

Munzee on!

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January 25, 2021

NEW Greeting Card Packs in the In-App Store!

With the release of the Motivational Message Cards last week, we thought it would be a great idea to show some love to the past card designs by making them more readily available in the app! If you’re looking to complete your collection, we’ve included some past Limited Edition cards, and some Open Edition cards that, while technically not “Limited Edition,” were still tough to get your hands on.

Please note that these packs are only available in the In-App Store, not in our online store.

Open Edition Mail Pack

Limited Edition Mail Pack

We hope these packs will make deploying Greeting Cards much more convenient!

Munzee On!

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January 21, 2021

Groundhog Day Fun!

Want to get in on the Groundhog Day fun but didn’t snag a FR057Y? We’ve got a cute new Baby Animal up for adoption, and a special Eventzee you can join!

Hamilton Hamzee

Not a groundhog you say? He knows… but that won’t stop him from taking up meteorology as a hobby in his home of Hamilton, PA! If you’d like to make this clairvoyant Hamster yours, he is available at the Freeze Tag Online Store as an individual product! If you want more back story on Hamzee read the bottom of the store description. 🙂

This new temporary POB (tPOB) will be available for purchase for $5 from now until 12:00 MHQ on Wednesday Feb 3rd.

Hamzee is a temporary POB. He will bounce to physical munzees and will stay on the map until 12:00 MHQ on March 16, when he will be automatically archived on your account.

  • Deploy: 300 points
  • Capture: 200 points
  • CapOn: 100 points

This enthusiastic explorer spends most of his time in a cage, so he relishes being in the great outdoors! As you approach any munzees, make sure to watch your step — we don’t want any crushed paws! Hamzee prefers the following munzee types:

Hamzee will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture Hamzee on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Hamzee visits you. He will be attracted to Physical Magnets. You can access Hamzee under the “All Limited Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials” filters.


All players who purchase a Hamilton Hamzee will also receive the respective deploy badge shown below:

Capturing Hamilton Hamzee will contribute progress towards his own badge line! You can sneak a peek at the first badge below:

Seasonal Seconds- Capture one Hamilton Hamzee Munzee.

We hope Hamzee has found a home in your heart!

Official Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt

The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club is hosting an official scavenger hunt on Eventzee! It is open to the public with join code PHIL. If you’ve never attended the events in Pennsylvania before, this is a great way to get a taste of what they’re like!

Please note that the challenges were written by Punxsutawney Groundhog Club staff, so if you haven’t brushed up on Groundhog Club trivia, you may find the questions a bit challenging!

Munzee on!

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January 20, 2021

The Final Tree Scatters Are Here!

Last March we introduced new scatters for the Earth Mystery, changing from Boulders to Trees. Trees are extra-special since they also release their own scatters once they are capped. It’s scatterception! We promised to introduce more scatters from Trees each season, so here are the final set!

NEW Earth Mystery Tree Scatters

Like the Pecans and Acorns, Dead Branches and Cardinal Feathers are both worth 25 points for Capture. To clarify — Pecans and Acorns will remain as possible scatters for Trees, so you have a chance for any of the 4 types. This means that Peach and Pear scatters are no longer available, but there’s a good chance you’ll see them again in the future!

We’ve also added three new badges: one based on Dead Branch captures, one based on Cardinal Feather captures, and a special badge based on a captures of both! We’re not going to reveal what these badges are, so you’ll need to snag some of these wintry scatters to see for yourself! You’ll still be able to earn badges for Pecan and Acorn captures as well, so be sure to grab as many as you can before the season changes and scatters are rotated out!

If you need more Earth Mystery credits to grow your area don’t forget they are available in the store!

We hope that you stay safe and cozy this season, whether you’re deep into winter or enjoying some sunny summer weather!

Munzee On!

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January 18, 2021

ZeeQRew and QRew Players Need To Wake Up…

SleepZees that is!

Starting today, all ZeeQRew and QRew members will see SleepZees during QRewzdays! SleepZees will appear on select Virtual Colors and Flat Friends that haven’t been capped in a year or more. SleepZees are also blastable, which should help with those in hard-to-reach areas.

Clan Wars players will be interested to know that SleepZee captures will also count towards the QRewzee capture requirements!

Not sure how to qualify for ZeeQRew or QRew? Check out our Help Guide article!

We hope you enjoy re-capping some dormant virtual munzees near you!

Munzee on!

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January 14, 2021

Event Spotlight: Munzee in the Park – Katandra West

While Munzee can certainly be a solo game if you choose, there’s no denying the appeal in meeting others who share your interests. Munzee Events are perhaps the best example of this, as they allow you to meet both old and new players in a safe, friendly environment. On top of that, there are usually activities, games, and — if you’re lucky — goodie bags! That being said, planning events requires a considerable amount of effort. So, to make it easier for prospective hosts (and maybe even recurring hosts), we decided to put the spotlight on past events, Munzee-Toolkit style! We hope this series of posts will inspire you to try hosting an event if you never have before, or provide you with ideas to spice up future events if you’re an old hand at it!

Today we’re featuring the Munzee in the Park – Katandra West event, which took place on January 9, 2021 at Katandra West, Australia and was hosted by Rubik80, SpySmurf, and SammyDiddly.

Give us a brief summary about your event!

Katandra West is a small rural community just out of Shepparton who recently got a brand new mobile phone tower which finally enabled us to host an event there (we had been asked to do so in 2018). We have created an event at their Recreation Reserve to promote Munzee and its benefits to the local community.

What tips do you have when hosting an awesome event?

When we host our Munzee in the Park events we have a number of considerations that we evaluate. Because we are representing both the game of Munzee and our local council, we try to make it fun, friendly and safe. For these reasons, we try to pair new players up with experienced players to show them the basics and also to create new friendships. We select our event location based on where we can create multiple walking circuits that have minimal risks (such as road crossings, uneven tracks or snakes) and allow people to choose how far they wish to walk based on their individual fitness or time constraints. It’s a bonus if food, toilets and first aid are available for participants also. In order to continue attracting players we try to create badges that reflect the unique characteristics of the communities we visit and make a bonus badge available if they attend all events in our Munzee in the Park series. If you get new players to attend, give them some physical munzees to get them started too!

What made your event unique?

For the last four years we have volunteered to host Munzee events on behalf of our local council’s Activities in the Park Program. The program provides a range of free and low-cost activities for Greater Shepparton residents and visitors, encouraging people to be outdoors, physically active and engaging with their community. We take Munzee to some of the smaller communities for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Greater access to activities for the people in the local communities because it reduces travel times and costs.
  2. It provides a small tourism boost.
  3. It builds the local Munzee map should they wish to become regular players.
  4. It increases awareness of Munzee across our community which in turn promotes acceptance of people “photographing power poles” which might otherwise look suspicious.

This year’s events are also unique because of the Covid-19 Safety measures we have to undertake.

The major focus of our Munzee in the Park events is to introduce new players to Munzee and in order to get the word out there we do quite a lot of promotional work on Facebook, local radio, newspaper and through our council publications.

Would you like to highlight any future events you’re hosting?

Munzee in the Park – Toolamba

Munzee in the Park – Kittles Reserve


Thank you to Rubik80 for being such a great host and submitting the details for this event! We will be reaching out to other past event hosts in the future, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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January 13, 2021

NEW Secret ZeeOps!

Agents, back in August we emphasized our switch from Monthly to Daily ZeeOps, but we still wanted to have the opportunity to create separate Secret ZeeOps in the new ZeeOps Program at various times throughout the year. This is because the special ZeeOps we made for the 2018 Advent Calendar was so well-received, even by players who didn’t regularly participate in ZeeOps! We hope to bring back some of the magic by creating more themed Secret ZeeOps for you to undertake in the future!

Secret ZeeOp Details

Before you head to your ZeeOps Hub to check things out, please make sure you have the latest Over-the-Air (OTA) update! All you need to do is force-close/force-stop the app — the next time you launch Munzee, you should see a progress bar (depending on how fast your connection is, it may only appear for a short while) which means the latest version is being downloaded and installed!

To keep things simple for ALL players, we decided on making Zeds the currency of choice for these Ops. This is why we prioritized the release of the ZeeCred Exchange page, which allowed players who had accumulated ZeeCred from the old ZeeOps Program to get use out of that currency.

As these Secret ZeeOps will cost Zeds, they are guaranteed to have BIGGER rewards than the Daily Missions, which are free. To kick off this announcement, Operation: WatchE.R. is available now in the [Secret] tab of your ZeeOps Hub for a limited time! You can see a preview in the screenshots below:

Please note that as we plan to create new Secret ZeeOps throughout the year, Operation: WatchE.R. will only be available for a limited time. However, if you’ve already purchased Operation: WatchE.R., you will be able to complete it and collect rewards even after it is no longer available for purchase.

Unlike previous monthly ZeeOps that required you to schedule Operations and complete Missions within the span of a day, Secret ZeeOps can be completed as quickly or slowly as you would like. Just click on the Mission to view the requirements and accompanying story.  As you progress through the Missions you’ll learn more about the story and advance throughout the Operation. Do you think you can reveal the mystery of the missing Walkie Talkie Watch prototype?

If you complete ALL the missions Operation WatchE.R., you’ll receive the snazzy badge below, along with the Walkie Talkie Watch Munzee (more info below!) and various other rewards listed in the app!

We hope you look forward to trying out Secret ZeeOps as they are available!

Edit with added info:
If you’re looking for the bullet points about this specific NEW Operation: WatchE.R. here they are…
There are 3 levels, level 1 has 3 missions, level two has 5 missions and level 3 has 7 missions. Each level ends with more prizes.
We may share this information moving forward with other Operations but possibly not.

Walkie Talkie Watch Details

The Walkie Talkie Watch is an all new Zeecret Weapon that will put you in contact with up to two Agents out in the field! Like all the other Zeecret Weapons, it is available as a reward for completing ZeeOps Operations!


  • Deploy: 25
  • Capture: 50
  • CapOn: 35

When you capture a Walkie Talkie Watch, it will scatter 1 Undercover Agent nearby. You must rendezvous with that agent by capping it! Once capped, it has a chance of sending you to a Liaison Agent or ending your mission with “The trail has gone cold.” If the Liaison Agent is capped, it has a chance of giving you a Mini ZeeOp, like Dossiers and Infrareds.

The Agents will only be visible to the player who capped the Walkie Talkie Watch and will be deployed on the Walkie Talkie Watch owner’s account. This means that unlike Feathers/Boulders, there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes and have a capture radius of 300 feet.

The points for Agents are as follows:

  • Undercover Agent
    • Capture: 100 points
    • CapOn: 100 points
  • Liaison Agent
    • Capture: 200 points
    • CapOn: 100 points

You can access Walkie Talkie Watches, Undercover Agents, and Liaison Agents by turning on their filter in “Physicals – ZeeOps”. Capping these new munzees will also contribute progress towards the overall Zeecret Weapon captures badge line!

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…

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January 8, 2021

2020 Yearly Leaderboard Badges!

At first glance, Munzee seems like a pretty simple game. Scan physical munzees to get points. Tap on virtual munzees to get even more points. There are different types of physical munzees and different types of virtual munzees that award you with varying numbers of points. Simple, right?

What’s not so simple is how to stay on top of all the numerous active players! While more established players do have an advantage in terms of deployed munzees (rake in those CapOn points!), they face difficulties in finding munzees to cap, especially if they are active in Clan Wars! Taking advantage of special points days, active Flat Friends days, and other strategies are necessary to maintain or improve their ranking.

We started this badge line last year to recognize the hard work (and play!) from those on top. After such a tough year, it only seemed fitting to celebrate those who came out on top despite the odds. We are happy to make this a tradition and recognize the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on the overall yearly leaderboard for 2020! These accomplished players are, as follows:

  1. humbird7
  2. dt07751
  3. hunniees

Congratulations to humbird7 for taking home the top spot this time, and to the King and Queen of Munzee for successfully swapping their positions! You may recall that we gave them a shoutout just after Thanksgiving, for a slightly different achievement!

We hope this year will remain Munzee-filled for these three, and that everyone else reaches for the stars — after all, this could be you next year!

Munzee On!

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January 8, 2021

Fancy Flat Friends are Going Ghost!

After 3 Flat Day the 13ths, haven’t you ever wondered what happened to the Flat Friends you weren’t able to save? That’s right — they become Phantom Flats. As Fancy Flat Lou was just released a few months ago, we hope it’ll be a while before we see her Phantom Flat counterpart — but you never know…

Phantom Flats

Like the RetireMyths and Zombie Pouch Creatures before them, these game pieces will join the map once any Fancy Flat owned by an Inactive or Retired account has been archived. These munzees will roam the map at certain times, and are worth 500 points upon first capture, with the point value decreasing by 1 point per each subsequent capture of the unique Phantom Flat.

NEW RetireMyth

Joining her sisters, the physical and virtual Nymph RetireMyth is now eligible to appear.

As a reminder, RetireMyths are not attracted to magnets, and they land on the same type of Munzee as their regular counterpart. RetireMyths will be worth 500 points upon first cap and 1 point less for each cap that follows.

NEW Zombie Pouch Creatures

Last but certainly not least, Elekter, Magnetus, Pimedus, and Puffle now have Zombie Pouch Creature variants!

As a reminder, Zombie Pouch Creatures are not attracted to magnets, and they land on the same type of Munzee as their regular counterpart. Zombie Pouch Creatures will be worth 500 points upon first cap and 1 point less for each cap that follows. Please note that Zombie Pouch Creatures will NOT level up into their other forms.

Are you ready to find some haunted munzees? Remember that these are rare finds only available at select times! You can use our handy What’s New? section to help keep track!

Munzee on!

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January 5, 2021

Holiday Card Collectors Club Dodgy Jumper Photo Contest Gallery

Yesterday was the last day for our Dodgy Jumper Photo Contest, so we’ve gathered up some of the entries for you to enjoy in the gallery below! We received over 150 250 photos which is way more than the usual amount, so to keep this blog post a reasonable length, we’ve just chosen a few of our favorites. Please don’t worry if you don’t see your photo here — as long as you’ve uploaded a photo to your Holiday Mailbox within the period of 00:01 MHQ on December 16 to 23:59 MHQ on December 20, you will receive the badge when it is awarded in early January.

We hope you enjoy this peek at some of your fellow players’ Dodgy Jumpers!

Munzee on!

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