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May 28, 2017

June 2017 Clan Requirements

Level 1
Individual Total Points*: 1,500
Clan Recycle Icon** Captures: 5
Clan Total Deploys: 75
Clan Total Points*: 25,000

Rewards: 1 Mace Munzee, 1 MVM, 1 Virtual Munzee, 1 Virtual Color, 1 Crossbow Munzee

Level 2
Individual Total Points*: 5,000
Clan Recycle Icon** Captures: 10
Clan Total Deploys: 125
Clan Total Points*: 60,000

Rewards: 2 Mace Munzees, 2 MVMs, 1 Flat Rob, 1 Diamond, 1 Crossbow Munzee

Level 3
Individual Total Points*: 10,000
Clan Recycle Icon** Captures: 15
Clan Total Deploys: 200
Clan Total Points*: 120,000

Rewards: 2 Mace Munzees, 1 Longsword Munzee, 2 MVMs, 2 Flat Rob Munzees, 1 Diamond Munzee, 1 Ruby Munzee, 2 Crossbow Munzees

Level 4
Individual Total Points*: 17,500
Clan Recycle Icon** Captures: 20
Clan Total Deploys: 275
Clan Total Points*: 225,000
Rewards: 2 Longsword Munzees, 1 Battle Axe Munzee, 3 MVMs, 2 Flat Rob Munzees, 2 Diamond Munzees, 2 Ruby Munzees, 1 Aquamarine Munzee, 2 Crossbow Munzees

Level 5
Individual Total Points*: 30,000
Clan Recycle Icon** Captures: 35
Clan Total Deploys: 400
Clan Total Points*: 375,000

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longsword Munzees, 2 Battle Axe Munzees, 2 MVMS, 3 Flat Rob Munzees, 2 Diamond Munzees, 2 Ruby Munzees, 2 Aquamarine Munzees, 1 Virtual Resort

*Total Points do not include CapOn points
**Recycle Icons will be on the map from 00:01 on June 1st through 23:59 on June 30th

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May 26, 2017

Flat Rob is Headed to Geowoodstock!

Rob is on his way to Geowoodstock which means Flat Robs are now LIVE on the map! The original flat fella will be on the map from now through Monday at 23:59 MHQ so enjoy the long weekend with Flat Rob. If you’re headed to Geowoodstock be sure to say hey to Rob for us. He’ll be roaming around all weekend, but you should be able to find him near the Space Coast Geostore booth from time to time.

Don’t forget that Flat Rob’s newest friend Flat Matt will be joining him very soon! Flat Matts will go on sale June 1st at 12:00 MHQ in the Munzee online store. To celebrate our sports loving flat friend we’re meeting at the Frisco Roughriders baseball game that night and we want you to join us! Be sure to RSVP on the calendar HERE.

Thanks and Munzee on!


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May 24, 2017

Meet Munzee: Rob’s New Office!

The all new MHQ is up and running! We understand that everyone can’t make it to Texas to visit in person though. So to embrace our 2017 theme of “Everyone. Everywhere.” we’re hosting a series of video interviews with staff members about their new offices. To kick things off we’ve got the CZeeO himself- Rob Vardeman!

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May 22, 2017

Player of the Week: Tommy Jensen (listom)

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. This week’s Player of the Week is a couple, Tommy Jensen (listom).

Who are you?
My name is Tommy Jensen, and my username is “listom”. Some of my friends call me “duracell kaninen” (Duracell rabbit); once I start, it’s not easy to stop again. I chase most mythologicals that come within a 50-60km radius of me.

Where in the world do you live?
I live near Aahurs (Denmark) in a suburb called Tilst. There are 30-40 active players in the area.

How long have you played Munzee?
I scanned my first munzee 3+ years agon on June 5th, 2013. The munzee had been deployed by jacobsedk.

How did you find Munzee?
On a GPS treasure hunt in May 2013, I found a small green sticker that said “Scan for Points”, so of course I had to see what it was about. With a little help from Google, I found Munzee. I had to figure out most of the gameplay myself as there were not many players in the area. After I discovered a Danish Facebook group, my Munzee universe got bigger.

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
The Clan Wars and getting out and finding Munzees. I prefer physicals, but I will of course cap any virtuals. For me, it’s a little too easy to sit in your car and use a blast to capture 100 munzees. I enjoy the physical league and try to be in the top 3 if I can.

What is on your wish list?
I would like to see the physical league become official; there could be a personal ranking added that would run alongside Can Wars as we know it today, or course with badges for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I think it would get more people out playing and not just sitting in the car munzeeing.

Tell us about yourself!
I’m 57 years old, and I have 3 children. I am a bus driver, and I have run in many parts of Europe and Scandinavia. In 2009, I lost my wife to cancer. She is the reason I play Munzee today. She got us into treasure hunting which led me to Munzee. I am a very competitive person. Without the competitive element of Munzee, I’m not sure I would have the desire to continue playing.

Other hobbies include:
Munzee takes a lot of my free time, but I still do some treasure hunting. I also like to spend time with my friends and family.

Any last words?
I am very grateful and honored to be nominated POTW. A big thank you to my wonderful friends. Munzee on!

listom has included some socials, so cap away!

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May 19, 2017

Player of the Week: Sofia and Paul Ward (cbbie77)

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. This week’s Player of the Week is a couple, Sofia and Paul Ward (cbbie77).

Who are you?
Sofia and Paul Ward (cbbie77)

Where in the world do you live?
Armadale, Perth, Western Australia

How long have you played Munzee?
We joined Munzee on 3 November 2012.

How did you find Munzee?
Through a friend, but she only lasted a week and gave up.

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
We love Munzee, and we cap every munzee possible. We have a high greenie cap rate, and we have a desire to cap munzees that are often left uncapped. We have had some great success in clans and have met some interesting Munzee players.

What is on your wish list?
Travelling to different parts of the world to cap munzees and see new places we would not normally see if it was not for Munzee.

Tell us about yourself!
We are married and have one child left at home who is busy with her sporting endeavours. I can say Munzee has helped with keeping us active with the walking we have done over the years. Our cat, Duke, is our mascot.

Other hobbies include:
Going out and enjoying the outdoors, driving around for hours, and just being active.

Any last words?
Thank you for the nomination. We feel honoured and will keep capping!

cbbie77 has included some socials, so cap away!

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May 18, 2017

World Turtle Day Specials!

To celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23rd, we’re excited to announce new turtle specials will be crawling to the map! These shell-shocking specials go live May 19th at 00:01 MHQ and will stay until May 28th at 23:59 MHQ.

These 1200 turtle specials will bounce on greenies every six hours or when capped, and you can cap them on your own munzees! You’ll earn 23 points for capping a turtle and the owner of the munzee will earn 17 points for CapOn.

You’ll also earn this totally tubular tortoise badge for capping one of these specials.

We have also released a new version of the Specials Map which allows you to filter what specials you can see so be sure to check it out before chasing after these turtles!

World Turtle Day was started in 2000 by the American Tortoise Rescue to raise awareness and respect for turtles and tortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive. In connection with our Safar-Zee charity special Munzee encourages our players to show respect for wildlife of all sorts.

Thank you for your support and good luck! Munzee on!


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May 18, 2017

Premium Munzee Badges!

In May of 2012 we released our Premium Munzee membership program and we’re now excited to offer badges for those that joined the program and further reward those that have stuck with us! The Munzee Premium badges are awarded to players who have deployed Premium Munzees. These unique munzees can only be earned by joining or renewing the Premium Munzee program, and then deploying those premium munzees.

These five badges (one for each year of renewal) are retroactive and you can earn them now! They are not actually earned based on number of years as a premium member, but instead by the number of premium munzees you have deployed. If you have premium credits in your account, NOW is the time to get them deployed!

If you are interested in renewing your Premium account (and earning another premium credit and the other goodies again) you can do so HERE.

Upgrade your existing Munzee account to a Premium Membership and enjoy a unique set of perks! For $30/year you will (currently) receive the following:

  • Premium Munzee – This munzee is only available to Premium members and is worth 10 deployment and capture points.
  • Motel Munzee credit – This munzee is only available to Premium members through the store, you may purchase up to 5 per month.
  • 4 MVM – These munzees can be deployed in places where it is impossible to hide a physical munzee. They are virtual. Deploy in app or via the online map.
  • Social Munzee – Besides being location-less and mobile, the Social Munzee can be branded with your own custom logo (500 pixels x 500 pixels).
  • Expanded user stats – Go behind the scenes with detailed munzee activity stats that you can view and share with other users.
  • First access (usually distributed for free) to many brand new products.
  • App Ad Removal Option under settings in app
  • Advanced Filters
  • Multi User Login in app (3 users)
  • and more!

*We like to keep this fresh so we reserve the right to substitute/add/change/tweak this program with no advance notice. The value will always remain the same, or be higher!

Once purchased you will receive your Premium Munzee as a credit, to be added when you deploy a munzee. Your Motel, MVMs, Social, and expanded stats will be immediately available on your account as well. If you are renewing your premium membership it will add 365 days to the end of your current expiration date.

We appreciate all of our Premium players and especially those who renew each year! If you have never become a premium member, NOW is the time to give it a try!

Munzee on!

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May 17, 2017

Events for Munzee’s 6th Birthday!

Hello everybody!

Having just wrapped up the Tea Parties I think it’s time to start gearing up for our 6th Birthday celebrations! Please help us celebrate by hosting Birthday Parties all over the world throughout July.

Please get your events on the calendar and let me know which package you’d like to go for. I have 4 available, each with a unique host badge:

The Super Scott – Basic event and no proximity restrictions – $30
The Super Matt – The Super Scott plus 5 mystery virtuals – $35
The Super Trish – The Super Matt plus badge and icon – $135
The Super Dylan – The Super Trish plus Eventzee – $185

One of the wonderful Daniels will be adding free gifts to your party. If you would like your attendees to all receive a free item please add Dan the Man to your package for $20 extra.

As always there will be an Attendee Badge, and plenty of extras courtesy of Super Rob! Get your events on the calendar, package requests in and artwork suggestions in ASAP, especially if you’re hoping for merchandise too.

We look forward to partying with you, Munzee On!

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May 16, 2017

Open House Gallery!

Our MH-New Open House was a huge hit! It was great to hang out with some of our players and show off our new office space. Flat Matt made his first appearance, we hosted a not-so-brief Facebook Live videocast and much more! We even had a few surprise guests show up, including our friends from the National Breast Cancer Foundation Donation!

Thank you to everyone that joined us in person as well as those who deployed in the area for all of us to enjoy.

Slide through the gallery (see small arrows in the bottom right corner of image above) to see how well we monkey around!

Munzee on!


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