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July 19, 2019

New App Update and An Attractive Magnet Weekend Celebration!

We’re excited to announce that the latest Munzee update is officially live! The newest over-the-air update streamlines Munzee Magnet activation, and includes a number of new Deploy Modes for the different layers of the map!

You can find more details regarding the updates below, but first some more fun news! In celebration of the Magnet update we’re hosting a Magnet Weekend for everyone around the world!

Magnet Weekend Celebration

Starting at 00:01 MHQ on Saturday July 20, 2019 all physical and virtual Munzee Magnets will attract up to five bouncing munzees for 2 hours! This celebration will end Sunday July 21, 2019 at 23:59 MHQ. This means your Magnets are even more powerful just in time for 8zees Birthday events for the weekend, including our California Birthday Bash! To sweeten the pot all Premium Munzee members will also be awarded one free physical Munzee Magnet on Saturday as well! So if you’re not Premium hurry and join before 00:01 MHQ tomorrow!

We also have a special deal on Magnets in the Freeze Tag Online Store! Although players are limited to 10 magnets of each type every 10 days, you can now purchase physical and virtual Magnet 5 Packs for a limited amount of time! From now until Monday, July 22 at 10:00 MHQ five packs of Magnets are available for $4.50. There is a limit of 2 of each Magnet pack per customer, which means you can get an additional 10 of each Magnet type for this weekend, even if you’ve already purchased your ten for this time frame!

Munzee Magnet Update

It’s now easier than ever to Magnetize Munzees in the app! Simply go to the Details page for the Greenie or Virtual you want to Magnetize and you’ll see a bright red “Magnetize” button. This button will only show on munzees that can be Magnetized, so no more guessing and checking! When you go to Magnetize a munzee you’ll also be able to see how many Magnets you have in stock from a pop-up confirmation message.

Magnetizing munzees is even easier!

Magnetizing munzees is even easier!

You can learn about how to Magnetize munzees on the Munzee Help Guide, as well as by watching the video below!

Deploy Layers & Filters Update

Following the Munzee Map Split last month, we’re excited to announce that additional filters have been added to separate the different deploy layers in the game. This makes it much easier to tell where you can deploy certain types of munzees!

Each layer will use different colored proximity circles so you can easily tell which types are which:

  • Deploy All Types Mode – all colors, all types
  • Physical Deploy Mode – original red color
  • Virtual Deploy Mode – blue color
  • Flat Deploy Mode – green color
  • Temporary Virtual Deploy Mode – yellow color
  • Event Deploy Mode – pink color (only visible on event accounts

You can access these different deploy modes from the Filters section of the app. To help with all of these different types of munzees we have also given Premium members two additional custom preset filters, for a total of five.

Different map layers are distinguished by different color deploy circles!

We hope these latest updates help make your gameplay experience even easier! Be sure to take advantage of the Magnet Weekend Celebration to help you get Magic 8 Balls, Flat Shuttles, 8 Mates and more. We have lots of other great updates in the works so be sure to stay tuned.

Munzee on!

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January 10, 2018

International “Thank You” Day Specials!

Rob realized writing individual “Thank You” notes to everyone wasn’t exactly feasible, so we decided to go in a different direction. In celebration of International Thank You Day, we’re proud to announce we’re celebrating in the best way possible: By sending out “Thank You” cards! Over the next few days you’ll be able to capture “Thank You” note specials from Louise, Rob and Matt.

“Thank You” cards from Louise, Matt and Rob!

The International Thank You Day specials will go live on the map at 00:01 Thursday January 11th and last through 23:59 on Sunday January 14th. There will be 1,000 of each of the icons (3,000 in total) bouncing on greenies every 6 hours or when capped. When you cap any of these icons, you will earn 18 points, and the owner of the host munzee will earn 11 points.

We know what you’re thinking: What good is a “Thank You” card if you can’t read what’s inside? Well when you capture one of the icons you’ll also earn the badge for that “Thank you” note and get to see what the cards says. Will you be able to capture all three?

Per usual these will also count toward the Special Hunter badge line, so be sure to cap as many as you can! You can capture these specials on your own munzees and they will all be attracted to Magnets.

Thank you once again to our awesome community of players! We couldn’t do all of this without you and we’re so thankful to have you as a part of our game. Now get out and Munzee on, because #TheTimeIsNow!

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December 15, 2017

Christmas 2017 Special

Christmas is right around the corner, and people around the world are getting ready to celebrate. For some, that means bundling up and getting ready to play in the snow. For others, shorts and a t-shirt will be the attire of the season. Our Christmas special accounts for both of those groups.

Beginning now (15:00 MHQ time on December 15th), 1009 Sun icons and 1009 Snowflake icons (2018 in total) will be on the map. These specials will bounce on greenies every 6 hours or when capped. When you cap either of these icons, you will earn 20 points, and the owner of the host munzee will earn 18 points. These icons will leave the map at 23:59 MHQ time on Sunday, December 31st.

There are three badges that can be earned during this special:

  • Winter Wonderland – Capture at least one (1) Snowflake icon.

  • Christmas in the Sun – Capture at least one (1) Sun icon.

  • Wacky Weather Christmas – Cap at least one (1) Snowflake icon and at least one (1) Sun icon.

These icons are attracted by Magnets, you CAN capture these icons on your own munzees, and these will count toward the Special Hunters badge line.

We hope you enjoy this special! Have fun capping!

Munzee on!

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