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November 28, 2016

December Clan Requirements

Level 1

Individual Greenie Deploys: 2
Individual Greenie Caps: 10
Clan Total Deploys*: 35
Clan Total Caps*: 200

Rewards: 1 Mace, 2 Virtuals, 1 Color

Level 2

Individual Greenie Deploys: 4
Individual Greenie Caps: 20
Clan Total Deploys*: 75
Clan Total Caps*: 400

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 1 Virtual, 1 Ruby, 1 Color

Level 3

Individual Greenie Deploys: 6
Individual Greenie Caps: 30
Clan Total Deploys*: 125
Clan Total Caps*: 600

Rewards: 2 Mace, 2 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Diamond, 1 Prize Wheel

Level 4

Individual Greenie Deploys: 8
Individual Greenie Caps: 40
Clan Total Deploys*: 200
Clan Total Caps*: 800

Rewards: 3 MVM, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Hotel, 1 Motel

Level 5

Individual Greenie Deploys: 10
Individual Greenie Caps: 50
Clan Total Deploys*: 300
Clan Total Caps*: 1000
Clan Total Event Indicator Captures: 1 — At least one player must capture ONE Event Indicator pin to earn Level 5

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Longswords, 2 Battle Axe, 3 MVM, 2 Prize Wheel, 1 Motel, 2 Hotel


No point requirements.

*Socials DO NOT count for Capture or Deploy Totals.

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July 29, 2016

Update on the Birthday Present Special

Sadly, this is the last weekend of Birthday Month. While we hate to watch the celebration come to an end, we know there are bigger and better things to come. In full Munzee spirit, though, we’ve decided to go all out this weekend. If you weren’t aware, we started a Double Point Weekend this morning at 00:01 MHQ time. Of course, that’s not all.

For the remainder of Birthday Month, we’ve also updated the Birthday Specials. We’ve made two big changes to them:

  1. Scatter Radius: While a 5 mile scatter radius was representative of our 5th birthday, it isn’t necessarily ideal for all players. Now, instead of scattering within 5 miles, the Birthday Icons will scatter within 1 mile.
  2. Credit Percentage: There are quite a few items you can earn from the Birthday Icons. We’ve changed up the algorithm to increase the chances of getting Diamond and Ruby credits when you capture the Birthday Icon.

So get out there and help us end Birthday Month with a bang! Have fun, and Munzee on!

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May 28, 2016

June Clan Requirements

It’s that time again! Here are the June clan requirements:

Level 1:
Minimum 1,000 total points per player
Clan total deploys minimum 50
Clan total points minimum 12,000
Rewards: 1 mace, 1 virtual

Level 2:

Minimum 2,000 total points per player
Clan total deploys minimum 75
Clan total points minimum 30,000
Rewards: 1 MVM, 2 maces, 1 ruby, 2 MVM colors

Level 3:

Minimum 5,000 total points per player
Clan total deploys minimum 150
Clan total points minimum 70,000
Rewards: 1 mace, 2 longswords, 2 MVM, 1 aquamarine, 1 scatter

Level 4:

Minimum 10,000 total points per player
Clan total deploys minimum 400
Clan total points minimum 200,000
Rewards: 2 battle axe, 2 longswords, 1 motel, 2 aquamarine, 1 MVM

Level 5:

Minimum 20,000 total points per player
Clan total deploys minimum 600
Clan total points minimum 380,000
Rewards: 1 THE hammer, 2 battle axe, 1 motel, 1 hotel, 2 diamonds, 3 MVMs, 3 MVM colors
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