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June 21, 2019

Welcome Summer with the Play Your Way Summer Sale!

It’s officially the first day of summer on the Northern Hemisphere, something that we can certainly feel here at MHQ! ūü•Ķ¬†(Meanwhile, our friends on the Southern Hemisphere are well into winter!) To kick off the season of sunshine and celebrate our recent map split and leaderboard updates, we’re happy to offer a weekend of sales starting today at 15:00 MHQ time!

The Play Your Way Summer Sale will be available in the Freeze Tag Online Store until 10:00 MHQ time on Monday. This seasonal sale will include the following hot offers:

You can shop the entire Play Your Way Summer Sale HERE!

In addition, we will be offering the following automatic discount: buy one Virtual Munzee, get one Color Credit for FREE! Please note in order to receive this discount, both items must be in the cart. This offer does not apply to the 5 pack of Virtual Munzees.

We hope this sale helps you ring in summer! (Or warm up the winter!)

Munzee on!

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June 21, 2019

Play YOUR Way! Map Split and Leaderboard UPDATES!

Did you catch our latest videocast? You can listen to Rob and Matt discussing the new updates HERE! 

Today we have a very special announcement! The Virtual and Physical Maps have officially been separated into two distinct playing areas. The proximity limits for virtual munzees will no longer affect physical deploys, and vice versa. This exciting over-the-air update is live as of the publication of this blog!

Play Your Way

Previously if a virtual was deployed in an area, a physical could not be deployed within its proximity, and vice versa. Now players have the opportunity to expand deploys in their area with even more physical and virtual munzees! Munzee has always been about letting everyone “Play Your Way,” and this latest update will allow players to do just that! You can now choose to focus solely on physical or virtual gameplay, or continue doing both with ease. Customize the filters in your app with easy adjustments to display physical and virtual Munzees however you like!

We have also added a small update to the online maps to allow players to toggle between physical and virtual munzees as well. This will be handy for players deploying virtuals from the online map. Additionally, there is a slight change to the Destination line of munzees. This map split will uncouple proximity checks between Virtual Resorts and Timeshares. Resort proximity will only be blocked by other Resorts (or other virtual types), and Timeshares will only be blocked by other Timeshares, Motels, and Hotels (or other physical types).

To help you fill in all the new spots for deploying, we’re hosting a “Play Your Way Summer Sale” in the Freeze Tag Online Store starting at 15:00 MHQ today! There will be deals on a number of physical and virtual products. It’s also the first day of summer/winter, so blocks of Seasonal Munzees will be on sale, and they have also been added to the PinPoints store! Check out the entire “Play Your Way!” collection HERE when the sale goes live!

Follow The Leader(boards)!

We have another big update alongside the map split‚ÄĒ the leaderboards!¬†We now have a variety of different leaderboard options to showcase the skills of different gameplay styles. This new update includes the creation of Virtual and Physical leaderboards, as well as daily, monthly*, and yearly leaderboards for each type. You can see a breakdown of each leaderboard type below, but all leaderboards are accessible from both the web** and mobile app.

On the mobile app, simply toggle the various dropdown menus to see the desired leaderboard. You can choose between different leaderboards for Munzee Type, Points Earned, and Time Period. These new leaderboards are only visible in the latest version of the V4 Munzee app via an over-the-air update. (If you haven’t received it yet, try restarting the Munzee app!)

On the web, simply choose the leaderboard you would like to see from the dropdown menu on the upper righthand side. Once you choose the leaderboard you want to view, you can also toggle “This Month” to show “Last Month” and “This Year” to show “Overall” leaderboards.

To see the Munzee web leaderboards, go HERE.

Split Leaderboards by Munzee Type:

  • All Types
  • Physicals Only
  • Virtuals Only

Split Leaderboards by Points Type:

  • Total Score
  • Captures Only
  • Deploys Only
  • CapOns Only

Split Leaderboards by Time Period:

  • Today (Premium Members Only)
  • Yesterday
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Year
  • Overall

Reap The Rewards!

With new leaderboards also come all new leaderboard badges! With so many different leaderboard types, we plan on continuing to release exclusive badges as the year goes on. To start off, we have new leaderboard badges for the following:

Monthly Leaderboard Badges:

Virtual Daily Leaderboard Badges:

Physical Daily Leaderboard Badges:

The next line of badges, coming soon, will be for Daily Capture, Deploy, and CapOn leaderboards! There are hundreds of different badge possibilities, so always stay tuned for more information!

We hope you all take this opportunity to grow the game to new heights, both around the world and in your own backyard. The time is now to Play Your Way, so get out there and GO!

Munzee on!

*Please note that though “Last Month” leaderboard will show upon launch, players will not earn badges for it until the end of the month.
**Access to the current daily leaderboard is only available to Premium players, so that leaderboard is only accessible via the app. Players can still see yesterday’s daily leaderboard on the web.¬†

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June 20, 2019

Round of 16 Means Coupe du Munzee Updates!

The Coupe du Munzee specials have been on the map for two weeks now, which means it’s time for an update! The Coupe du Munzees will officially be changing in quantity on Saturday, June 22 at 00:01 MHQ time based on the advancement of teams in the Women’s World Cup!

Though we started out with 24 icons for each of the 24 teams in the Women’s World Cup, we told you that we’d be removing icons from the map as teams became eliminated in real life. However, we have decided to leave 1 physical icon per team for the 8 eliminated teams on the map. That means if you need a losing team icon to complete a badge, there’s still hope to be had!

While the 8 eliminated teams will have their original quantity of 11 physical icons reduced to 1 each, the 16 advancing teams will see their physical icons increase from 11 to 30. Are these numbers a bit overwhelming? Overall you can look forward to a grand total of 488 Coupe du Munzee specials on the map, for an overall increase of 54 percent in Coupe du Munzee specials! However, it will now become much more challenging to cap eliminated team icons.

The advancing Coupe du Munzee teams, reflecting the results of the Women’s World Cup, are as follows:

  • Germany
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • England
  • Cameroon
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • China PR
  • Netherlands
  • Japan

That means that the following teams have been eliminated in the Women’s World Cup and reduced to 1 physical icon each:

  • South Korea
  • South Africa
  • Jamaica
  • Scotland
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
  • Argentina
  • Chile


Remember that though there will be an increase in the number of icons per winning team, as well as overall increase in the amount of specials, not all teams icons will remain abundant for long. Starting on June 27, only the teams advancing to the Quarterfinals will see an increase, while all eliminated teams will be reduced to 1 icon per team. (Need a refresher on when Coupe du Munzee icons change on the map? Check out the last blog!)

The special double points days for Flat Friends and German Coupe du Munzee specials will NOT continue on into the Round of 16. However, there are still 7 badges that players can earn along the way.

Capping the Coupe du Munzee specials might not be the easiest feat, but either is being a professional athlete! It’s a great time to use your physical¬†Munzee Magnets, because¬†there will be more specials to be capped by all players starting on Saturday!

Munzee on!

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June 19, 2019

Flat Matt Just Got a Little Bit Fancy! (BIG Sale!)

For too long now Flat Rob has had all the fun, galavanting around in his tuxedo, chilling on the beach, and traveling snowy terrains. It’s about time that Flat Matt got a wardrobe change of his own! But while Fancy Rob just wants to travel, Fancy Matt has a different agenda on his plate. Now introducing the Fancy Flat Matt variants, representing some of Matt’s favorite sports!

Set your timers, because the Fancy Flat Matts will be going on sale on June 20 at 15:00 MHQ time in the Freeze Tag Online Store! These Player Owned Bouncers (POBs) are variants of Flat Matt that players can own.

Like the Fancy Flat Robs, the new Fancy Flat Matts will bounce around every 12 hours or when captured. Fancy Flat Matts will bounce to Flat Matts, Red Colored Virtuals* (specified below), and an additional other type based on the variant!

Bounces to:  

  • Flat Matt Munzees
  • Sports Stadium Places Munzees
  • Virtual Bittersweet Munzees
  • Virtual Red Orange Munzees
  • Virtual Scarlet Munzees
  • Virtual Red Munzees
  • Virtual Brick Red Munzees
  • Virtual Mahogany Munzees

All Fancy Flat Matts will have the same point values, though there will be a random distribution of Cap and CapOn points.


  • Deploy: 500 points
  • Capture: 200-300 points (random)
  • CapOn: 50-100 points (random)

The Fancy Flat Matts WILL be attracted to Virtual Magnets if they are used on one of the Red Color Virtuals. They will also be equipped with the ability to be nudged. You can capture Fancy Flat Matts on your own munzees or previously captured munzees, but they will NOT be blastable. Now let’s get to know a little bit more about each variant!

Matt’er Up Flat Matt

Flat Matt is ready to knock it out of the park! This variant of Fancy Flat Matt bounces to Flat Matts, Diamond Munzees, Sports Stadium Places Munzees, and select Red Colored Virtuals.

Face-Off Flat Matt

Flat Matt is ready to take the ice! This variant of Fancy Flat Matt bounces to Flat Matts, Ice Mystery Munzees, Sports Stadium Places Munzees, and select Red Colored Virtuals.

Footy Flat Matt

Flat Matt is ready to score on a set piece! This variant of Fancy Flat Matt bounces to Flat Matts, Earth Mystery Munzees, Sports Stadium Places Munzees, and select Red Colored Virtuals.

Store Sale!

The store sale will begin tomorrow (June 20) at 15:00 MHQ time for 24 hours only. When a player goes to the online store, they will be able to choose between the three Fancy Flat Matt options:

  • Matt’er Up Flat Matt
  • Face-Off Flat Matt
  • Footy Flat Matt

Choose wisely, because each player will only be able to buy one of the three options! To repeat, each player will one be able to buy one variant style of Fancy Flat Matt, with purchases limited to one per player no matter which variant you choose. Each Flat Matt variant will cost $20, on sale for the full 24 hours so there is no rush to be online at the exact time. You will only be able to purchase the Fancy Flat Friends for 24 hours.

We say “Fancy Flat Friends,” because the Fancy Flat Matt Variants will be joined by the original Fancy Flat Friend, the Fancy Flat Rob variants! That’s right, you’ll also have 24 hours to shop Beach Flat Rob, Cold Flat Rob, or Tux Flat Rob!

The Fancy Flat Rob variants are available for purchase for players who do not already own a Fancy Flat Rob variant. Like the Fancy Flat Matt variants, each player is only allowed to purchase one Flat Friends variant per friend. That means you are free to purchase one Fancy Flat Matt and one Fancy Flat Rob of your choosing!


The Fancy Flat Matt variants will NOT count towards the other Flat Matt Capture or Deploy badges. Instead, Fancy Flat Matts will have their own Deploy badge that can be earned by deploying any Fancy Flat Matt variant. The badge will appear as follows:

Flat Fashion– Deploy a Fancy Flat Matt variant

Are you leaning towards Matt’er Up, Face-Off, or Footy?! Luckily you have 24 hours to decide!

Munzee on!

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June 18, 2019

Join Us in California for Munzee’s Official Birthday Bash!

UPDATE: We’ve added a new Virtual Garden to the CA event area! Read below for more info!¬†

Munzee is turning 8 this year, and Friday, June 14 will kick off a whole eight weeks of birthday events! As we’ve announced, the Official Birthday Bash will take place in Tustin, CA with the California team this year! You can RSVP now to join Craig, Mick, Mari, and Tamara, as well as Matt, Dylan, and Emma flying in from MHQ, for an unforgettable 8th birthday bash on July 20!

Official Birthday Bash

All team members attending Munzee’s Official Birthday Bash on July 20th will be equipped with new badges for your scanning pleasure!

Players in attendance can earn exclusive Traveling Team Badges when they meet FT team members at events! Players at GeoWoodstock earned Texas license plates, but attendees at the CA Birthday Event can earn these retro Cali license plates. That’s the power of love!

We’re also happy to announce some awesome Virtual Gardens that all players can deploy in to get in on the birthday celebration fun even if they can’t make it out to the Golden State! Feel free to deploy in the Keytar and Magic 8 Ball gardens while there are still available spaces! Follow the links to the spreadsheets to help us grow these groovy gardens and if you need some help check out our “How to deploy in a Virtual Garden” help guide article!

UPDATE: With players filling up the Keytar and Magic 8 Ball gardens at a rapid pace, we decided to add a third garden to the area for your deploying pleasure! You can now deploy in the Controller garden, but you better act quick before spots fill up!

There’s nothing like the joy of CapOn points to get you in the birthday spirit! While we have yet to release a pink event pin, these gardens are both deployed near the event location. Stay tuned for the pink pin, which will be deployed sometime in the next week.

We will also be releasing more information about the birthday bash in the near future! For now, you can get started on earning CapOn points or picking out your best 80s attire (maybe dusting off some old boxes) if you plan to attend the event in person!

Don’t forget even if you can’t make it to California for our get together, there may be a Munzee event near you! Check out the Munzee Event Calendar and RSVP today!

Munzee with Matt!

If you’re unable to make it out to California, but still want to celebrate Munzee, luckily there are plenty of events to fuel your summer! (Or winter!) There will also be a number of opportunities to hang out with Matt, who will be attending the following Munzee events in July. He’ll also have exclusive Traveling Team Badges for each of his trips, so be sure to say hi!

Midwest Munzee Bash 2019 

Munzee Meets Djursland and DK – Aarhus M8

Minnesota “CRAZY 8” Events¬†

  • CRAZY 8¬†(morning event) on Saturday, July 13
  • CRAZY 8¬†(evening event) on Saturday, July 13
  • CRAZY 8 Bee Walla Crazy on Saturday, July 13

We can’t wait to see how players celebrate Munzee in their best 80s attire! Whether you’re able to make it out to California or any of the events over the next 8 weeks, be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use #8zees so that we can see and share your images!

Munzee on!

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June 14, 2019

Introducing Our TWO Latest Places Munzees!

Oh the places you’ll go, and the places you’ve been… where has Munzee taken you?! Hopefully on plenty of adventures! And there are many more fun Munzee trips in store for you with our latest Places Munzees, Transportation Places and Play Park Places, available in the Freeze Tag Online Store today at 15:00 MHQ time!

You can shop our latest Places Munzees today, in addition to our existing Places Munzees, including Cinema, Unique Attractions, Historical, and many more! Places Munzees are positioned at locations of interest around the world in order to offer players the ability to capture them once per MHQ day. For more details about Places Munzees, check out the help manual.

Transportation Places Munzees can be deployed at mass transit stations around the world. These include train and bus stations, as well as subway or rail line stops. Play Park Places Munzees can be deployed at smaller parks and playgrounds around the world. National Parks, Amusement Parks and school playgrounds will not be accepted. (See disclaimers below.)

Like other Places, our latest additions will NOT be blastable. The Transportation and Play Park Places Munzees will both have a 1,000 foot capture radius around them.


  • Deploy: 40
  • Capture: 20
  • CapOn: 10

Capturing the Transportation or Play Park Places will count towards the Places capture badges and the Places streak badges. We hope our latest Places are an asset to your Munzee adventures! We will continue to add new categories of Places Munzees in the future, as our line continues to expand!

Munzee on!

Transportation Disclaimer: Please note that any stations should be easily identifiable from Google Maps. Please bear with our support staff and if they decline your submission please work with them to locate the area for confirmation.

Play Park Disclaimer: Please note that any play parks should be easily identifiable from Google Maps. Please bear with our support staff and if they decline your submission please work with them to locate the area for confirmation.

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June 13, 2019

July Flat Friends and QRewsdays Schedules!

We know that many players like to plan out their Munzee activity, so we decided to release the July Flat Friends and QRewsdays schedules early enough to give you ample time to plan your capping adventures!

July Flat Schedule

July is a special month for Munzee, as this year marks Munzee’s 8th birthday! While there will be eight weeks of birthday event celebrations, there will also be ample opportunity for Flat Friends captures. That’s because all four Flat Friends will be on the map ALL month long to celebrate the birth of everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt!!!

July QRewsday Schedule

If you’re ready to earn some extra points while cleaning up the map, we have just the schedule for you!

Our July QRewsday schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, July 1st at 00:01 MHQ time through Tuesday, July 2nd at 23:59 MHQ time
  • Sunday, July 7th at 00:01 MHQ time through Wednesday, July 10th at 23:59 MHQ time
  • Tuesday, July 16th at 00:01 MHQ time through Saturday, July 20th at 23:59 MHQ time
  • Wednesday, July 24th at 00:01 MHQ time through Monday, July 29th at 23:59 MHQ time

Remember that QRew (and ZeeQRew) status can be earned or revoked at 00:01 MHQ time on the 1st and 15th, so plan accordingly if you want to achieve or retain either title!

Munzee on!

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June 12, 2019

Munzee Birthday Events Prepare to Commence!

Munzee is turning 8 next month, which means there are 8 weeks of birthday events to be enjoyed starting Friday! The 8zee’s (80’s) themed events will run from June 14 all the way through August 11 in order to offer plenty of opportunity to celebrate Munzee with your best retro attire!

While custom artwork is no longer available for the early birthday events (players booked it up fast!), we have awesome generic artwork packages available! Generic artwork packages cost $50 for an icon and $50 for a badge. Badges can be customized to include the event name, place and date. These retro designs are a great addition for your event attendees to earn! If your event is late July or August custom artwork is still a possibility.

We encourage players to keep adding events to the calendar, as there are plenty more chances to host over the next 8 weeks! There are 4 available packages for hosts to choose from, along with a unique host badge for each package!

There will also be an Attendee Badge to earn, as well as plenty of extras to scoop up during the celebrations!

Magic 8 Attendee – attend one of the 8zees birthday bash celebrations to earn this badge!

With birthday events kicking off this weekend, we can’t wait to see how players celebrate the 8zee’s! Remember the event host will choose a winner at each event based on best 80s attire. In order to earn the special badge for winning this costume contest, the event host must send the player name and photo taken at the event of the winning look to Louise. Unfortunately we will not be able to award any Best Dressed badges without those two pieces of information, so be sure to get them in!

Best Dressed 8zees badge- start planning your 80s outfits now for the chance to win!

Although Best Dressed winners will be chosen by event hosts, we want to see ALL OF YOU in your retro 80s attire! So share images to social media of your coolest throwback threads and be sure to use #8zees and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Two more great bits of news for event hosts! In the next few days you will notice new tools available for you to control your events more through the calendar admin section. You will be able to slightly tweak the coordinates for your pink pin, set cohosts, AND control your go live time. All of this is to allow event hosts the ability to adjust final details as needed. You will also be able to archive your event when it is over.

Also we are preparing to move your event communications to a new email address. Louise will be moving over the next few days to work from — Current hosts will hear from her with details on events and future hosts will begin their communications at the new address. Thanks for your patience while we move her systems!

Munzee on!

Remember that the Official Birthday Bash will be held with the California team this year in Tustin, CA! There’s still plenty of time to RSVP and join the California Team, Matt, Dylan, and Emma in the Golden State!

**You must login on the calendar page to indicate you are going to an event now**

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June 7, 2019

Munzee’s Next Update is Ready to Download!

Today we’re happy to announce our latest app update, a build on version 4.1.18, that is meant to improve several aspects of gameplay! In order to reap the benefits of our latest update, you will need to go to your app store and download the latest version of the Munzee app. Please keep in mind that it may take a little bit of time for the latest app version to arrive in your store, so be patient in the meantime!

Many will likely find the most exciting part of the app update to be the improvements to the test scan tool. The test scan tool has been updated as follows:

  • The test scan tool has been updated to show more helpful information. No more confusion about which stickers are what!
    • Each scan now shows the pin image and munzee type name
    • Munzee state is now displayed as: Never Deployed, Undeployed, Deployed by, Archived or Has Been Replaced

Additionally we have went through a number of glitches and common issues and are happy to provide the following fixes:

  • Fix for the “White Screen of Death” issue, which would cause the screen to randomly turn white and require an app restart
  • Fix for scrolling issues on Android, which include the quick deploy list, history list, captured/deployed, etc. lists and the munzee details screen
  • Fix to show owned magnetized munzees on the map again, even if the owned filter is disabled
  • Fix to show correct pin images for rovers that sit on virtual munzees that are owned or have been captured

Lastly, we have made the following two updates to facilitate easier gameplay:

  • Restored landscape mode for iPads
  • Red radius circles remain visible when zooming out far in deploy mode

We hope these updates make your gameplay experience better than ever! Remember that in order to reap the benefits of our latest update, you will need to download the latest version of the app from your app store. Also keep in mind that you can check up on Known Issues and the Version 4.x Update Log on the Help Guide at anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements! There are many exciting projects on the horizon that we can’t wait to share!

Munzee on!

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June 6, 2019

Coupe du Munzee Specials Cross onto the Map!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Women’s World Cup in France, a monumental competition featuring many of the top female athletes in the world. This massive sporting event means something in the world of Munzee as well, as our Coupe du Munzee Specials will begin bouncing around on June 7 at 00:01 MHQ time all the way until July 7 at 23:59 MHQ time to cheer these female athletes on, the Munzee way!

Earn this badge by capturing at least one Coupe du Munzee special!

Fierce Females

The Coupe du Munzee specials will hit the map in support of the Women’s World Cup, a competition that allows female football stars to demonstrate their immense athletic talent in a showcasing of some of the most skilled athletes in the world. As you cheer on your home country in the World Cup, be sure to take a moment to recognize the dedication these women have put into their training to make it to such a prestigious level of professional competition!

Unfortunately not all sports give female athletes adequate opportunity to compete on professional levels.¬†Alongside our sponsorship of the InternationElles, a female cycling team that includes our own immeasurably talented Louise, Freeze Tag stands in support of all world athletes. We encourage equality in all professional sports, which is why we are thrilled to support the InternationElles as they demonstrate that female cyclists are every ounce as capable as men. You can support Louise and her team by picking up a Flat Lou from the Freeze Tag Online Store from 10:00 MHQ time on June 8 through 10:00 MHQ time on June 11, with a portion of all Flat Lou proceeds during this sale going towards Freeze Tag’s sponsorship of the InternationElles.

Coupe du Munzee

Ready to learn more about the specials that will be hitting the map in a number of hours?! To honor the 24 teams in the Women’s World Cup, we will have 1 physical icon per team and 11 of each team’s icons bouncing on the map every 6 hours or when captured to represent each player on the field. That means that we will be starting out with 264 specials up for grabs, featuring the following icons and many more!

Though the Coupe du Munzee specials will be on the map until July 7 at 23:59, not all team icons will last the duration of the run. While we will start out with 24 icons, one for each of the 24 teams, these numbers will slowly dwindle as teams fail to advance. With each passing the round the number of icons per team may increase as they remain in the competition. The following schedule will let you know how many icons will remain on the map throughout the World Cup:

  • All teams will join the map for the following days:
    • June 7 at 00:01 MHQ time through June 22
    • 24 team icons (11 bouncers per team)
  • Only teams advancing to the Round of 16 will remain on map for the following days:
    • June 22-25 (losing teams will be removed during this time period)
    • 16 team icons
  • Only teams advancing to the Quarterfinals will remain on map for the following days:
    • June 27-29 (losing teams will be removed during this time period)
    • 8 team icons
  • Only teams advancing to the Semifinals will remain on map for the following days:
    • July 2-3 (losing teams will be removed during this time period)
    • 4 team icons
  • Only teams playing for 3rd place will remain on map for the following day:
    • July 6
    • Losing 2 team icons
  • Only teams advancing to the Finals will remain on map for the following day:
    • July 7
    • Winning 2 team icons

The Coupe du Munzee specials can be captured on previously capped and owned munzees. These physical bouncing specials will be attracted to physical¬†Munzee Magnets and can be found by turning on the “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Edition Specials” filters. The point distribution is as follows:


  • Cap: 91 points
  • CapOn: 24 points

Badges & Ensembles

Players will be able to earn a badge for capturing one Coupe du Munzee special as well as a variety of other badges as well!

Teams are competing in groups of six, so our Coupe du Munzee specials are also grouped into six Ensembles of team icons, with four teams per ensemble. You will be able to earn a badge for capturing one of each team in an Ensemble, as well as a badge upon your first capture of any Coupe du Munzee special, for a total of seven new badges to earn with these specials. Remember that since the special icons will be eliminated along with their real world teams, you’ll want to capture these icons while you can to earn the badges!

Ensemble 1

  • France
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • South Korea

Ensemble 2

  • China PR
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Spain

Ensemble 3

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Jamaica

Ensemble 4

  • Argentina
  • Japan
  • England
  • Scotland

Ensemble 5

  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand

Ensemble 6

  • Chile
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • United States

Lastly, there will be special double points days for the Flat Friends and German Coupe du Munzee bonuses on select days. There will be double points on Flat Matts, Flat Robs, and Flat Hammocks when USA plays on June 11, June 16, and June 20. You can also enjoy double points on Flat Lous when England plays on June 9, June 14, and June 19. Lastly, look forward to double points on the German Coupe du Munzee specials when Germany plays on June 8, June 12, and June 17.

You may not be a pro athlete, but you can put your pro Munzee hunting skills to the test with these new specials!

Munzee on!

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